Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......



My Dear Friends:

Not long ago, there appeared within your science fiction films, a motion picture which holds great symbolic significance for today's transmission.   In this story, there was the depiction of a race of beings who were the result of the cross-breeding of humans with jungle cats.  These mutations were known as "The Cat People."  (1942, 1982).  And, throughout the cultures of the world, this type of person is not new or unusual.  


In the movies, The Cat People had some peculiar characteristics.  First, they have the curious habit of shape-shifting into panthers when they were aroused or angry.  Second, they were unable to mate or marry with anyone other than a sibling.   This was because, when joining with a "normal human," they would go through certain "changes."  Within a short time, they would tear apart the one-time object of their love.  Of course, the movie is full of many gory scenes as the half human/half feline beings sought---over and over---to deny their basic essence.  This made the movie exciting and allowed the authors to portray (somewhat subliminally) a Multiversal concept which we now wish to explore.




It is clear by now that the "past" exists only as a frame around a particular now moment---giving it color, texture, purpose and context.  With this in mind, we shall assume, since you are HERE and listening to this teaching, that the reality base you are moving into is your Reconnection with All That Is.   If this be so, then realize that you also are a "cross-breed," containing certain characteristics and needs that would be considered quite peculiar to this 3D Plane of Existence.   Like "the Cat People," you are a hybrid being.  You are half human and half divine---an archetypal presence on the game board who comes with a specific purpose in mind.  


To understand this further, let us take a look at your personal "history" with relationships.   Do you come from a home that encouraged you, by word and example, to OPEN UP AND BOND with others in a meaningful way?   As you grew, did those beings assigned to train and teach you offer advice and counsel that was directed toward a life of openness and trust?   Even before there was spiritual awakening in your journey, were you affirmed and made to feel generally safe here in this World of Form?  


If so, then realize that you are probably ON YOUR WAY INTO the Limitation Plane---and there is literally no harm in bonding fully with whoever or whatever seems to attract you.   Remember, that it is you who enlisted those parents and teachers to "train" you for what it ahead.   And what's ahead of you will probably be life, love, and reasonable normalcy. 


If, however, you look almost "cross-eyed" when we describe the above scenario---if you were purposefully programmed to distrust, block-out, and generally forsake the idea of bonding closely with other humans---then LISTEN CAREFULLY.   YOU ARE NOT DYSFUNCTIONAL.  Listen to that again:   YOU ARE NOT DYSFUNCTIONAL.   The feelings, sensitivities, tendencies to sabotage "intimacy," your needs for "space," and numerous other (seemingly) "contra-normal" manifestations may just  mean something else altogether.  And we are here to speak about who you really are and why you are that way. 




If, as we have shown, you are truly inhabiting your Reconnection with All That is, then your needs are very special indeed.   There will be, internally, the noticeable manifestation of a Hermetic Oneself Essence, which is the ability to STAND IN THE MIDDLE and interpret the thought processes of both the 3D Plane and the Multiverse.   You are what we call a "Bridge Person." 


Your continued deep commitment within ANY POLARITY RELATIONSHIP will eventually fail and, in some cases, make you feel rather ill.   If occurring during the early stages of the Reconnection, a "normal, monogamous relationship'---or, what has been called " RELATIONSHIP COMMITMENT"---may endure for a time.   As Reconnection approaches, however, you (like the Cat People in the movie) will mentally and spiritually begin TEARING your "partner" to pieces.  Although you may not do it physically---you will find yourself tearing them apart spiritually and emotionally, leaving your relationship in shreds. 


Why would this be?  Is it because you are internally vicious and wounded?   Counselors may have told you this.  Is it because you are irresponsible and self-centered?   Parents or friends may tell you this as well.   But, somehow, there is no sense of resolution in their words.   Why, then, do you tear apart anything to which you are tied?   It is because you are NOT OF THIS EARTH.  


My Dear Friends, being "taken apart" (in a Limitation Sense) is what the Reconnection is all about.   The loosening of attachments to time and physical possessions is the very heart of your work here.   You are "of the air"---which carries with it a picture of infinite communion with Spirit.  


Within all your dreams of home, family, a house in the country, and a dog at your feet exist a huge potential for BONDAGE TO THE WORLD OF FORM.   Though this is not always the case, there is a huge tendency for a person to become attached to this peaceful, harmonious lifestyle.  And that is well and good, until the Earth's vibration reaches a certain "pitch." At that point, all those things to which you have become attached will seem like ropes, tying your hands.  And the "feral, independent aspect" of you will not stand for this.   


We speak specifically about certain qualities that are OF THE EARTH.  Jesus, during his own Christing, described the only relationship format that he could have within the World of Form and still remain balanced.  He said:  "Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests---but the Son of Man hath not where to lay his head....." (Matt. 8:20).  This is not necessarily a call to a nomadic lifestyle---or to poverty for that matter.   Rather, it is a call to release from ATTACHMENT to people, places, and things---leaving space for you to be "about your Father's business."


There exist now, at other frequencies of vibration, levels of you that happily and comfortably enjoy those qualities.  In those contexts, fully enmeshed within dualism, you find no problem whatsoever in "settling down" with someone special.   But not, My Friends, AT THIS DENSITY.   This is a level of being that is focused upon RISING UP!   The Earth is changing---changing so fast that there will soon be NOTHING left that a person can "hold onto."   It is the mission of the Hermetic Oneself to lead all those who are on a transformation track toward a clear and certain knowledge of who they are and what they came here to do.  You're all here to RECONNECT AS ONE.  In relationships, it is no longer "you and me against the world."  Rather, it is "you and me AS the world."




There will, within your experience, be those who would seek to "convert" you back to the 3D mindset.......where men are men, and women are women.  And that would, indeed, be fine.  If they can do it, more power to you all.  But if you truly are a "hybrid," and if your personal history and internal make-up displays many of the attributes and traits we are discussing, the task of "conversion" has already begun!  But you are not going "back" to anything.  Indeed, you are moving forward to become something entirely new.


The rise of androgyny and personal freedom in society, art, and philosophy will be threatening enough---but when these qualities become more and more pronounced in YOU, there will be efforts, among your friends and loved ones, to convince you of the "error" of your "perverted" ways.  One of the arguments which shall doubtlessly be used has been called the "Fear of Intimacy."  


It will be explained, and plausibly shown (from a certain point of view) that the "training" you received in childhood was actually ABUSE---and that solid, concerted effort at overcoming "your injuries and your fears" will enable you to, once again, COMMIT and BE HAPPY HERE, as a "normal" person. 


Dear Friends, if you have been listening this far, you may have already gotten the clear understanding that, if there is "fear of intimacy"---it is a FEAR FOR OTHERS, not for yourself, that keeps you from becoming tied too closely to them.  Therefore, we speak in dualistic reference to "You" and "Them."   Another way of describing this concept would be to use the term "mortals" and "immortals." 


Does that sound a bit vampiric to you?  If so, that is good.  The "undead" are also "of the air," but their purpose within this universe is different than yours.  However, the effects of getting tied to you and getting "hitched" to one of them could be equally disastrous for someone who wants to remain a mere "mortal."  And, in the context of this discussion, we define "mortal" as being anyone who wishes to define himself merely by what is portrayed in a single human body, living out a single life in one 3D Plane of Existence.  Another word for them would be "normies."


You are anything but normal, and it is time that you realize this.  Then, as we go further in regards to Relationships, it will be important to take a long look at this element called "intimacy."  What is this term, and what does it mean?




Your language is ever so expressive of the true nature of any essence that it describes.  For example, "intimate" can be broken apart, and viewed as:   "IN, TO MATE."


Additionally, the word "intimacy" can be broken up to portray the idea of "into-me-see."  If you will thoroughly examine the feelings experienced when you have interface with someone who is "of the Earth," you will notice that they eagerly wish to LOOK INSIDE YOU and join with what is there.  One would think that this is harmless and "good."  But, is it really?


If this incarnation is truly your Reconnection Universe, then you must realize that everything that could be said of Christ can also be said of you.   One of those statements has been:  " Him dwelleth ALL OF THE FULLNESS OF THE GODHEAD, in bodily form...." 


The "Fullness of the Godhead" which is spoken of includes both positive and negative energy---balanced perfectly to facilitate your role as MEDIATOR between the worlds.  Negative Energy, which has historically been portrayed as The Dark Side, has all of the essential characteristics of THE GODDESS ENERGY,  the "hidden" side of the Godhead.


This energy has a distinctively DEPOLARIZING effect on someone.  If a person is not yet ready to move into Reconnection with it---if he or she seeks, rather, to HOLD ON (even if only to you)---then your lover will literally be PULLED APART (mentally, physically, or spiritually), by the frequency of vibration that dwells inside you. 


A suitable portrait of this procedure could be found in your motion picture "Raiders of the Lost Ark."  In this movie, many different groups of men are earnestly seeking for another symbol of God's fullness and power--the Ark of the Covenant (the receptacle where the stone tablets are stored).   When the Nazi criminals in that movie, having stolen the Ark from the movie's hero, seek to open it up and LOOK INSIDE---what happened to them?  They were fried.    


If you are truly in your own "Christ Incarnation," then your body is a kind of Ark of the Covenant, in which is hidden all the fullness of the Godhead . Remember Moses on Mount Sinai, as he was receiving those stone tablets from the Lord?  The written account says that "He hid in the cleft of a rock."  Why did He do this?  Because to look directly into God, and to see your own reflection looking back, would completely unravel you.   


Remember, The Grand Game is built on illusion.  The act of pretending that you are separate from God is but a GAME.  So, incidentally, is your physical body, as it melts into Oneness with Source.

Therefore, subconsciously, a part of you knows that there can be no prolonged close communion with "people of the earth."  Should such a union occur, as in marriage between a "Cat Person" and a "Mortal"---you will soon find that there will be HEAVY WALLS ERECTED between the partners. 


Though they "make love,"  they can never be able to be "in love," unless the mortal decides to become a Cat Person, too.  But that is a matter of his or her choosing, not yours. But romance tends to block a person's perception--and that, too, holds its lessons.  The lesson of The Thorn Birds is a great example.


And it is more likely that a "mortal" will stay a "mortal," than it is that you will successful convert him or her to be a Cat Person.  Within a short time, there will be a steady erosion of any "bonds" which were once established.  For, in the mind of the "Cat," it will be ultimately be better to TEAR APART THE RELATIONSHIP than to TEAR APART THE BELOVED.  And this, my dear friends, is why so many marriages and "committed" relationships are falling apart today. 




Should a "creature of the Air" marry with a "creature of Earth," there will be signs of the misaligned union in any additional fragmentations that occur.  Children who are born to them may picture graphically the internal conflicts that caused each of them, though entirely different in habitat and origin, to seek union with the other. 


What you have referred to as "mental retardation" in its various forms, is nearly always based on those unions of which we speak.  In many such cases, those Cat People who are mating are still totally asleep to their basic essence.  They wonder what is happening, when things do not go their way.  Truly, all situations exist to instruct and learn lessons.  There is nothing really WRONG with going through such experiences.  It can merely be painful, that is all.  And pain is sometimes a part of life. 


In a sense, rather than what would be termed an "unholy union," it would be more accurate to refer to these marriages as "unwholly"---because neither partner is WHOLLY in sync with the other.  Therefore, a Being who is labeled "retarded" will physically portray a "life on the fence."  Graphically, he or she exemplifies beings who are half human/half divine.  Usually, these  (disabled?) beings are INCREDIBLY PSYCHIC and SPIRITUALLY GIFTED.  Many of these simply ooze with love and compassion! 


Though they may not even be able to move in the physical---they are TOTALLY FLUID in their relationship to the Multiverse.  They are some of the strongest Bridge People, though few there are who recognize this to be true. 


The Bible speaks of situations of old, "....when the Sons of God went in to the daughters of men....." (Gen. 6:4)  What does it say happened?   Physical Mutation.  And, Friends, we are here to expand on this passage by saying that such unions result in spiritual and emotional mutations as well.  But MUTATION IS NOT BAD.  In fact, YOU, YOURSELVES, ARE A MUTATION.  Therefore, we are presenting this material so that you may be informed, encouraged, and FREED (if it is time to be so) from your DREAM OF COUPLING WITH MORTALS.  You can now focus on your real Soul Mate---the Oneness of All That is. 


In today's world, people are looking all around for their "partner".........the ONE who they believe will "complete" them.  Isn't that what has been portrayed in many your motion pictures?  "You complete me."  Isn't that what they say?  My Dear Friends, in the Oneness Universe, there are no longer any "partners."  Everyone here is now a WHOLENER.................a Hermetic Oneself Being............who seeks union with his or her entire world.  It is to be a marriage of grand and glorious scale! 


Do you tend to fall in love with people who cannot love you back?   Are they unavailable, disinterested, or do they dodge deeper contact with you--unable to give you the depth of intimacy that you crave?  Then you must realize that you are continually attracting MIRRORS OF YOURSELF, into your world, to show you who and what you are.  And, in this transmission, we have tried to tell you why this is so.  We have further expanded upon this in our transmission "Neo-Shamans of the New Millenium."     


Do people tend to fall in love with you, people you cannot love back, in the same way they appear to love you?  Once again, you are seeing your own face in the mirror--except, this time, you are looking at the mirror from the inside out.  It's all YOU.  Can you see this, My Friends?  It's all ONE SELF, portrayed in all the ways that he or she needs to be.    

There are many, many more things to say in this area of relationships.  We will end here, for now, to give you opportunity to absorb the totality of the implications listed here. 


There will be readers or hearers who will surely be depressed by this news.  Faced with the surrender of "the dream" of coupling with one lover, they may even elect to walk away from their Reconnection.  If they can do so, we would support that decision.  You have all the time in the world!  If there is more polarity that you need, in order to feel complete, then you are encouraged to find it.


In the end, all roads lead back to Oneness.  And it is the knowledge of this that can tear a person apart.  And it is also the remembrance of this that can knit a person back together again.  So it is now, so has it always been.


More to come on this!  All you big kitties out there play nice now, won't you? 

<End Transmission>


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