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Here are some additional services which we offer.  They meet a large spectrum of interests, needs, and budgets.  Some of them are free.
Readings and Online Tutoring in the Intuitive Arts
Those who wish to get a reading from myself, or a channeling session with The Reconnections can arrange that according to pricing schedules listed HERE.  This page also explains various formats for the sessions, what can be covered, and other items of interest. 

Other Interactive Services include:

Free Online Discussion Forums
Reconnections is a research organization.  We are continually seeking new perspectives on this magnificent ascension process.  We also like to deal with common areas of confusion or applications of the insights provided by the Guides.  Many of the people that participate on the Forum have been working with me for many years.  You can ask questions, post topics for elaboration and discussion, or share information coming through your own channel.  I am frequently moved to participate in the discussions, and those who are challenged in financial resources can gain some nice fellowship and insight through this process.  We offer two free forums for discussion:  "Reconnections" (also known as Club Recon) and "Star Child Awakening" which focuses on Children of the New Earth.  For more information on joining one or both of these groups, go to:  Follow the icons to join.  If you have trouble with this, please e-mail us, and we'll assist you.    

Teleconferences and Teleclasses

I connect to a Bridge Line, on the telephone, which makes it possible for me to have teleconferences with several interested individuals at a time. Costs vary, on a sliding scale, depending on the need and resources of the people involved.  When done as a series, these "Study Pods" can be powerful tools for growth.  The charges can be shared by all, to reduce individual expense.  E-mail me for details on how to set this up.  We may even be able to help you find study partners to share your expense.  I am also hooked up on Skype and Yahoo Computer Phones, which can further reduce costs--especially on International Calls.   
I regularly offer Teleclasses on various topics.  Some of them are free.  These are phone-in group sessions, using the Bridge Line, and they are 90 minutes in length.  The paid sessions vary in cost per class, which can be paid online through Pay Pal, or you can phone in your card number to the Reconnections Office.  Some people pay by check or money order as well.  For more info on teleclasses, go to:
Live Reconnections and Star Children Events
I occasionally offer live channeling and processing events, which are either held at my Seattle-area office, or in locations around the world.  To keep updated on these events, visit the Web Site regularly and we will list them prominently.  If you aren't on our Reconnections Mailing List---receiving regular updates on events, new transmissions, insights, etc., e-mail us and we'll add your name.   
Products, Books, and Other Resources
We are in process now to create informational resources, to assist people as they grow in spirit.  There is a small inspirational book, called "Reconnections: The Return to Oneness" that takes people through the basics of the Reconnections journey.  I wrote this in 1993, and many have found the poetic tones to be inspiring and comforting on their journey.  The book is priced at $11, and it is filled with phrases about the process of Reconnection, and what it means to be one with everything and everyone.  It's very poetic, yet simple.  To order this book, click HERE

There is also a 2-Part CD Presentation called "The Star Children," which tells people about the appearance and rise of Meta-Human Consciousness as it is being shown in Generations X, Y, and Z.  It is based on writings that came through about 1997. The CD cost is $15, plus tax (where applicable) and shipping.  It is not only filled with information about the New Kids, but it has lots of New Paradigm Teaching woven into it.  The tones on the CD are very activating.  It needs to be absorbed in small bites, as it tends to take people into Multidimensional Processing, and greatly enhances their process.  To hear streaming audio samples of this CD, click HERE.   To order it, click HERE.   

Payment Methods
I take Visa or Master Card over the phone, at the time of the session.  Or, I also have Pay Pal Icons that honor those and all other cards.  I will mail those to you on request.  If you wish to call my office to phone for more info, or to make an appointment, you can do so by calling Nina Florenz at (425) 889-7447.   Checks or Money Orders can be sent to:  Reconnections, 826 6th Street S., Ste 100 Kirkland, Wa 98033  

Questions?  Appointments? 

Or Call Nina Florenz, (425) 889-7447