Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Rising Up, Dipping Down, Rising Up Again"

My Dear Friends,

Your Multiversal Explorations have begun.  Even before some of you fully realize that you're airborne, your "shuttle craft" has already completed several stops and starts along the way.  The appearance that you are stationary, within a single "objective" universe, is a visual effect-- supplied by internal perceptual software---so your emotional body does not get overly agitated.  But if you pay attention, and allow yourself to expand focus a bit, you will feel the accelerations, as you move through this tunnel, and that portal.........speeding up and down the 4D Corridor.     

We are the Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self which you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been very far from you, just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all those various "bridge concepts" which can connect you with what is known as "The Multiverse," a vast compilation of alternative realities ALL OF WHICH represent levels of YOU.

We speak in metaphor again, using "Star Trek" analogies--Space Ships, Shuttle Crafts, and so on---to illustrate a process that is truly universal in nature. And now you are beginning to survey and explore your very own "Undiscovered Country."  There are strange and wonderful sights ahead!   As was explained in our previous transmission, linked above:  YOU are that Undiscovered Country.  YOU are that "missing link" which has power to join any and all opposing forces within any reality base. 

And, as you move through certain exercises, presented to you in these next several Earth years, you will familiarize yourself fully with this catalytic power you carry within yourself.  The power to heal as you learn to feel once again.  

If we continue using our analogy of the Multidimensional Ship, we would portray Planet Earth as a vast "Mother Ship," supporting and directing a multitude of smaller "shuttles".......traveling to and fro.....performing specified functions that are meant to assist your overall mission.  And what is that mission?  It is to KNOW THYSELF, as one famous writer once enjoined, in every way possible.


In essence, your personal "shuttle" symbolizes your First Person perceptual field.  As you look through the windshield of this craft, you are able to explore energy dynamics existing within and between component parts of the Unified Oneself.  Any reference to the ALL, or to THE PLANET returns you to your identification with The Mother Ship.  Any sense of perspective and comprehensive understanding of the macrocosm depends on your ability to Phase Shift your definition of self, between the shuttle craft (microcosm) and that which symbolizes the Big Picture.  And, Dear Ones, we must remind you once again that you are ALL OF IT, which is a thunderous realization, indeed.   

There are shuttle crafts which travel on VISUAL pathways, and those who use them tend to  experience the Multiverse like someone who is watching TV.  There are crafts that travel on SOUND, and their pilots process Multiversal journeys TONALLY, at first, and then down-step the tones into images and feelings when the opportunity presents itself.     

Those who travel in SENTIENT VEHICLES have learned to explore the Multiverse on pathways of FEELING, interpreting what happens around them like a blind person experiences 3D without the use of his eyes.  Of course, the confusing part of a sentient person's life dwells in the fact that he DOES have physical eyes........but, for whatever reason, his vision does not always extend itself into astral space.   

Do not question the type of vehicle your Expanded Self has selected for your journeys.  It's all perfect.  Simply stay in your seat and enjoy the ride.  It is the role of the Ego Aspect to be a witness, a learner, a Watcher of life's events. The "seat belts" employed will generally be threefold.  They serve as bindings, keeping each traveler firmly centered in his or her universal NOW.  They are: physical health, finances, and human relationships.  We have spoken about them many times before---explaining how they tether you back into the Limitation Game, if it seems that you're about to prematurely disembark from your craft.


The COMPREHENSIVE VIEW of life is what helps your human shuttle RISE ABOVE whatever limitation programming has been installed so you can rise up again, when your visit has concluded.  When you reason from a Oneness Space, you recognize everything and everyone as an aspect of yourself.  You are calm, compassionate, at peace. This is what it's like to be aboard the Mother Ship. To look down, as it were, and you embrace your world as a human mother would nurture an infant child.

And then, for set period of time, you may elect to climb aboard your shuttle craft and DROP DOWN into Earthly business, experiencing what life is like among the mortals. As a Citizen of the Multiverse you are IMMORTAL (always have been, always will be), and those shuttle crafts (bodies) you inhabit in your journeys will remain as they are FOREVER....efficiently archived within the memory banks of All That Is.  But here and now, they have learned to perfectly match the vibration of 3D reality---installing appropriate pasts (memory implants) and futures (anticipations of projected outcome)---so you can fully identify with what it's like to be in 3D.


That which you have learned to identify as "mood swings" or "perceptual shifts" are actually journeys through time and space, taken aboard shuttle crafts which are designed specifically for each assignment.  Some travelers refer to these journeys as "falling to Earth" because the experience of moving from Oneness Mindset to Separation can be a bit of a shock.  First you're WAY UP THERE, and suddenly, down you go........AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......SPLAT!!  You've landed on solid ground.  That cut on your lip is real, Neo.  But your "fall" will is never fatal.  It's only a birthday smack, reminding you that you've entered another "reality construct," which has rules, regulations, and its very own (sovereign) Game Format. 

As you go, you take your entire personal universe with you.  Everything and everyone you perceive on a journey is a mirror of some internal dynamic you are wanting to study.  To the degree that you are able, you attempt to retain "perspective" which is your birthright as a Citizen of the Multiverse.  But occasionally, you too will forget---and the normal resiliency and grace of your immortal soul will frag out a mortal "affect".......what some might call an "evil twin," who only sees and experiences life from a limited, separationist viewpoint. 

When activated by life's dramas, your "twin" can really ink up the water---like an octopus who senses danger.  In Oneness, the term "evil" is defined as that which opposes you---what seems to sabotage what you say you want to accomplish.  Both good and evil reside, not in a person or thing, but in the eye of the beholder---a "scapegoat" which has been elected to carry your shadow so it can be noticed and integrated.   

Finding an internal "split" which has occurred can be very painful and embarrassing for some. Others have learned to take it all in stride.  Such drama and pain it can produce!   YOU, an Immortal Oneself Dreamer, allowing yourself to be seduced in, chopped up, and narrowed down into a hateful, sniveling, quivering, raging, beastial consciousness!  Such indignity!  Such shame and degradation of soul!  This especially applies to those occasions when you find yourself ENJOYING being hateful and combative with aspects of self who once stood fondly at your side, aboard the Mother Ship. 

There is something about this "rising up and dipping down" journey that has power to produce the most comprehensive remembrances of all.  You are ALIVE (Master of a Universe), then you FALL (dipping suddenly down into separation), only to be resurrected once more.....returning in triumph, renewed faith, and personal joy. 

And what will you have lost in the process? Not a thing. In Oneness, there's no such thing as "out."  There's no such place as "gone."  There are only FILTERS, blocking remembrance of what is, what always was, and what always will be.  So go on.  Take a shot!   You can do it.  The pains you will feel are a product of resistance.  You feel yourself dipping down, and you try to avoid the journey.......part of you pulling this way, part of you pulling that way.  If this goes on for any length of time, a SPASM of soul can occur.  At that point, you'll need to decide to LET GO, or to abort the mission and try again later.  Either way, there is no judgment.  There is only learning.   


There are those among you who have been questioning why we haven't been sending more messages, more directives, about how a person should move through this current transformative journey.  The answer to that is simple.  Within the archive of writings we have been sending over the years, there is contained a healthy sampling of ALL those "basics" a person would need to know as he or she wakes from spiritual sleep into active, waking Reconnection with All That Is. 

Some of the basics have even been restated several times, using different frames of reference and analogies.  Now it's YOUR turn to speak your truth---to outline the "basics," using your very own language and analogies.  In this way, you become channels to YOUR WORLD, to YOUR CIRCLES OF INFLUENCE.  

Though many will feel called to write transmissions and make illustrations, as the physical channel as done on his web site---many others will employ alternative Spiritual Gifts, making their contributions to the collective ascension in ways more suited to their own style and individual preponderance of joy.  So be it.             

We've enthusiastically supported our physical channel to regularly present his own 3D view of how these messages can be applied, using various contexts of subject matter. We wish to support each person reading this to do the same.  There are only so many blueprints a person can look over, dealing with the subject of "wings," before he finally chooses to sew on a pair and take to the skies.  When and if your time comes to do this, and you need help.......please ask....and we will be there! 

Now comes a time of great expansion and decision on Planet Earth.  Certain rules for living and believing which have long been held as "sacred cows" are about to become hamburger!  In decelerated universes, they remain as they are......but will not always wish to reside in decelerated universes.  As your shuttle moves here and there, a certain internal grace and joy will form within you.  The perspective and remembrance of the Mother Ship will break through, like morning sun after a long dark night.  And you will connect more with the journey than each destination along the way.  In fact, you will realize that you ARE the journey........and that realization will warm your hearts forevermore. 

My Dear Friends..........YOU are the HOME you've been looking for.  Selah.       


<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


Copyright, 2007, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.