Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"The Roots of Perception

My Dear Friends,

"Now that we have spoken clearly about the Oneness of All That Is, let us delve more deeply into the ALLNESS of the One That Is. You cannot embrace Oneness--and maintain any sense of sanity--if you do not fully comprehend Multiplicity as well. You are not ONE of Many. You are really MANY of One. And MANY you must be, if the Oneself is meant to fully utilize this fabulous optical miracle known as 3D Consciousness.

We are The Reconnections. We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human. We have never been very far from you--just far enough. We cannot and will not leave you. But you are free to leave us, if you'd like. All you need do is tuck yourself neatly inside that Veil of Forgetfulness, and we will seem to disappear. You might say that it's a "red pill/blue pill" kind of thing. In fact, if you take the "blue pill," everything you really don't prefer will seem to disappear as well. And then, you can experiment with life in 3D to your hearts desire.

You did not create your universe from nothing. You created it from the everything that is already there--installing perceptual filters to help you overlook certain details, so you could be free to focus upon others. As we have pointed out in other transmissions, its very much like putting blinders on a horse, as it gallops through a busy city. It keeps you from being distracted. Except, in your case, a human sees what he wants to see. A horse sees only what his master wants him to see.

If you'd can command one of your Inner Selves to leap across time and space, so that you can drop in on some game that is already in motion within another, adjoining dimension. You can play there for if in a dream........and then that Self can leap back, never even letting the Form Egos in either life context know that a journey has been made. Or, if you do let them know, you can screen the memories of your visit so it appears that they have encountered something "alien," or "ghost-like." But it's all YOU, however you choose to name it. And that can be quite a comfort indeed, if you will allow it.

Moving towards simplicity (the small story) is what gives a person power. If it's all YOU, then it can all be commanded. Understanding complexity (the big picture) is what brings perspective to that usage of power. At this time on your planet, many are a relative few are able to exercise a considerable amount of power over millions of people worldwide. Those millions are fragments of the few who govern them. And the few who govern are simply fragments of the One who views these events as they occur. Each Oneself Viewpoint is its own universe--its own facet of that Multidimensional Crystal which is this dimension.

The ONE gives birth to the few, and the few give birth to the multitude. No one has room to judge, at any level.....yet many do. When that happens, he is simply naming and claiming his own reflection, across the spectrum of human experience, and all get to watch this take place. Planet Earth is not a prison. It is a PRISM, and you are its many facets.

What keeps you all from noticing this is a trick of the mind that is called "linear congruity." It is this mindset that brings forth, in its season, such famous questions as "Who Am I?" "Why Am I Here?" and "What is My Purpose?" Such concerns arise when an creator remains shielded from knowledge of the rest of who and what he is, believing himself to be a pawn in "someone else's game." He asks the question: "Who Am I?" We respond to that question with another one: "Who Aren't You?"


<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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