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"The Search for Justice"

My Dear Friends,

It seems fitting now, at this crucial time, for us to expound upon an idea which is being referred to as The Search for Justice.  When we speak of this, we will be using what looks like a time line---a sequencing---where humanity appears to move from one state of awareness to another.  Realize that this model is not related to a chronology found in some book of reference.  Neither is it claimed to be superior (or inferior) to any other path which a person may choose.  It simply discusses a fairly common evolutionary process being shared by many who are moving in consciousness from 3rd to 4th Density at this timing. 
Realize, therefore, exactly what a person who seeks JUSTICE is really saying, as he stands before the great BAR which exists at the center of All That Is.   The "plaintiff" approaches the Court and argues:  "Just as" this person has perpetrated *this* upon me, so should I be entitled to give *that* to him in return."   It's simple, straight-forward, and confines itself neatly to one segment of time. 
Some of the roots of this mode of thinking were formed in a time when men also believed that the Earth was flat.  It exemplifies a reality base which we call LINEARITY...........the belief in a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Though these concepts still permeate your language, history, religion, and politics at present---they exist along side concepts which serve as gateways to other paradigms as well.  
Beyond the linear, "story plot" method of thinking, there exist other concepts of reality that are more CIRCULAR in nature.  They are typified by the expression "What goes around comes around."  When Linearity and Circularity merge, one of their offspring becomes REINCARNATION.  The "Just as" Scenerio still gets played out, but it might take awhile before the wheel comes full circle, and the piper gets paid.  When it does, the result is called KARMIC JUSTICE.  In this way, humanity enjoys the development of a beginning, a middle, and an end---which, when it is completed, reforms itself into a new story (a sequel, if you will)---which builds upon that original plot.  A series of lifetimes will introduce new conflicts, taking the plot in many directions, until such time as the divergent themes are resolved.
It's worthwhile, at this time, to speak about that word "resolve."   It appears alot in your newspapers today.  People say to themselves:  "This attack has strengthened our resolve."  The recent events have created a dissonant tone that is hanging over your land.  That sound has shattered illusions, opened hearts, and brought up many strong emotions. For a huge section of the populace, the experience of feeling this deeply has been distracted by re-runs of "All in the Family," bowling tournaments, graduations, family quarrels, love affairs, and the daily battle for bread.  But now, a dinosaur is sitting on the front lawn.  He is too big to ignore.
Linearity can be very myopic.  It imagines that the beginning, the middle, and the end of every story can be seen FROM HERE.  Where there is no apparent resolution to your pain in sight, a linear mind will invent one.  Most people call this process "jumping to conclusions."  Understand, my friends, that in the Multiverse, there are no conclusions.  Everything is eternal and infinite.  It goes on and on, even after those who are left behind have put up a gravestone and the flowers lose their bloom.  Everything is also completely balanced, in every direction.  For every death, there is a birth.  For every up there is a down.  For every blackness, there is incredible light---and vice versa.  It goes out in all directions. 
The reason the scales of balance might appear tilted, in any one reality context, is that the aspects of the Oneself that exist therein have said to themselves:  "It cannot happen here."  Or, perhaps, they have stated:  "I could not stand it, if it were to happen."  That attitude, My Friends, is the very heart of HELL.  You live your lives as if suspended over a deep chasm.  You quiet yourselves with activities, thinking that they will somehow keep you from looking down into that fateful yawn.  While, at every moment, your peripheral vision suggests to you (consciously or unconsciously) what terrors await you if you were to simply LET GO.
The physical universe centers itself within the art of *hanging on.*  If someone appears to be dying, and you want them to live........what do you say them?  You say, "Hang on!"  The very density of your flesh is created by the decelleration of vibration that comes with resistance to energy (vapor becomes water, water becomes ice).  It's all about fighting to live.  And yet, deep in the psyche, there is also an urge to *let go.*   It is a crying need, a push/pull that lasts your whole lifetime.  
Your Search for Justice is about hanging on tenaciously to some trauma, some memory of insult, so that you can ultimately find a reason (and a means) for letting it go.  It presupposes that your quest all be worth the effort, and that you will find a resolution for that dissonant tone, that awful cacophony that rings in your ears.  But the tone never really ends.  No tone ever ends.  It all goes on and on, forever:  Happy tones, sad tones, loud ones, soft ones.  Forever. 
What CAN end, however, is tone-deafness.  It *is* possible to teach an old dog new tricks.  The phrase "It can't happen here" can be replaced by........"Oh wow, I guess anything is possible."  That latter phrase, by the way, is the very heart of HEAVEN, do you see?   The problem is, a person usually has to go through Hell to get there.  And now you have. 
Look all around you.  Listen closely.  There are faces and voices that reflect every opinion on this subject.  Those faces are YOUR FACES, My Friends.  They are all you.  This universe, in which you read this message, is THE ONESELF.  As Creator of your entire reality, EVERYTHING THAT ENTERS YOUR FIELD OF AWARENESS IS YOU--the image of the Creator, manifested in all the ways that you can be. In order to be perceived, all images must pass through a perceptual grid in which you will use YOU as a standard of measurement to interpret what is seen here.  After all, what else do you really know? 
You cannot perceive terror unless there is a part of yourself that (you believe) is terrible.  You cannot recognize love unless there is love within you to mirror it.  Turn on the news.  They are talking about YOU.  Do you believe this?  Maybe......perhaps, in your mind.  But mind is not enough now.  Therefore, the beast moves closer........ever closer. 
Each "voice" that is speaking, during this fateful time on your planet, has a sacred viewpoint.  They are all YOU..........diverse fragments of the same, one Creator.  In the Multiverse, every viewpoint has a universe which honors it.  Everyone gets to be right.  In fact, the Multiverse is so expansive that the words "right" and "wrong" serve merely as locks on some of the prison cells.  In order to be free, each person must learn to pick his lock, step out of his perceptual "box"...........and begin to HOLD THE CENTER for each duality that is manifesting in front of him.  That is not an easy thing, we know. 
This CENTERING POINT consists of more than just ideas.  We are not speaking here of merely learning to be wise.  That has already been done, and it did not make your world complete.  It only produced an intellectualized, academic form of "understanding," with no real transformation in sight.  Very often, voices that cry for "restraint" and "peace," following a terrorist attack, have never looked upon the dying face of one they love most in the world---blown to bits by some stranger, for no apparent reason.  When they do, it means something. 
At the same time, all warriors KNOW that any talk of "peace," in the face of naked aggression, is universally regarded as a sign of weakness (or a trick)--and actually invokes more aggression.  It is only when a General's countenance has become STEEL---and his energy has turned to LIGHTNING, with no hint of hesitation---that white flags go up, and vicious thugs betray their leaders in exchange for their lives.  When their lives are spared, that also means something.    
The only way that the Lion will ever lie down with the Lamb is when each becomes fully ready to BE the other.  Only then could their energy endure.  Everything less than that will not meet your need at this time.  It will merely be a sweet homily to tell your children around the fire.  Meanwhile, that fire all around YOU is now growing.  Asking, ever so insistently.........WHO ARE YOU??  What are you made of? 
If you seek JUSTICE, you are buying into an illusion.  You are seeking a CONCLUSION where none really exists.  It will last for a time, but pales in the light of the bigger picture.  From which vantage point do you wish to formulate your future?    If you allow yourself to become fully aware, you can separate from all of these "sides" and learn to hold the tension of the Center.  See it, feel them all, bathe in that energy.  Then, when you leap back into polarity, and play out your can choose, based upon new perspective.  You can TAKE ACTION, instead of letting the action TAKE YOU. 
<end transmission>     

Copyright, 2001.  Daniel Jacob.  May be copied or shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any reproduction for profit requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc. 

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