Transmission Excerpt from The Reconnections.......

"Self Doubt"

My Dear Friends:

The physical body which you have come to think of as "self," is simply a tool----a visual aid---which enables you to perceive things, to make distinctions, and experience the world around you.  It is a temple, to be sure.  But then, the whole world is your Temple.  Your microcosmic body is like an arrow that is printed on the directory in a local shopping mall. The arrow says: "You are here."  Knowing that, the Oneself able to experience spatial relationship.  Are you afraid of losing that body? Well......keep it, then.  Or, try on a few others.  It's all your body.  The only thing we shall ever lose is Separation.

Sometimes it's hard to grasp how easy things can be understood when they are interpreted at face value---adding or subtracting nothing.   This is a principle that is so light and easy that those who are "conditioned for struggle" may find that they have trampled down the flowers in their path even before they realized they had returned to the Garden.

The practice of "second guessing" oneself concerning relationships or physical occurrences creates a "short" in the circuit of your understanding.  In order to avoid making "mistakes" or to "to appear normal," many of you force yourself to be (or to remain) in contact with people who do not interest you, and with whose vibration you do not resonate.   Or, at other times, you actually prevent yourselves---in the name of loyalty or "commitment," from reaching out to someone who does.  You cannot continue in this way if you are to maintain the velocity which will be required to complete this awesome transition. Your physical energy will become dissipated---bogged down in willfulness, and irrelevant detail.

Whenever a person abdicates his absolute trust and confidence in his own intuition and abilities, he loses.  So do the individuals with whom he relates.   Make no mistake about it---when the simple spirit of self-trust departs, though we may appear to win a few "battles," we have already lost the war.

All relationships can be seen as "flashcards," designed for testing and retesting yourselves concerning one crucial issue:   Do I trust myself, or not?  Whether or not the individual or situation under consideration is right or wrong for you is truly irrelevant in the light of this crucial, continual query.

The questions of "How do I stay healthy?" or "Which diet or activity is right for me?" are no longer relevant, once a person has understood the basic operation of energetic attraction and repulsion.   Under the watchful guidance of honest, unbridled, organic knowingness---an individual will automatically find those situations that match his need for personal development.  It's natural, and it operates from its own kind of logic.

About the time "What would be best for me?" becomes a crucial focus, it is plain that a person HAS already lost credibility with himself.  At that point, it is clear that his remaining motivation for direction comes from a need to please others.   After all, if a person has already disrespected himself---the only option he has is to try to win the approval of others. And so it goes.  We refer to individuals who live in this way as "ought-istic."  They are so concerned about doing what they ought, that they totally lose touch with what it is that they actually want.

DESIRE is the activation key, which places you in the driver's seat of your Multidimensional Vehicle.  Lose touch with your desire, your inner passion, and your vehicle skids right into a ditch. To be sure, it will take time for society to begin adapting to patterns of inner guidance, rather than blind adherence to traditions, or the advice of "experts."  Your own intuition and personal viewpoint is the windshield through which you watch the road ahead.  Doubt or hesitation splashes mud on your window and you cannot see out.