By Daniel Jacob


I would like to take a moment here to add some thoughts about the shadow work that is being done while we all heat up in this noonday "sun" of Energy Acceleration. 

If you are new to Reconnections, you may want to review the Creative Shadow Work sector on the Recon Web Site:

In summary, it speaks about the origins of the term "shadow," via the work of Recon Carl Gustav Jung.  Basically, a shadow is a projection that comes out from the creator of a universe--an image that displays some part of him that he is unable to integrate or acknowledge as self.  We know that something is our "shadow," because it produces some kind of emotional "charge" in us when we see it. 

Basically, there are two kinds of shadows.  One is called a "dark shadow," which would symbolize a part of The Oneself that we would just as soon leave in the dark....something we have a very hard time seeing and accepting.  The other is called a "golden shadow," which symbolizes those parts of The Oneself which we love and admire, but cannot imagine we could ever be.  

For more specific definitions of these distinctions, as well as several other ideas on shadow, go to:

The primary usefulness of the third density is to work through shadow stuff.  Some have gone so far as to equate 3D with the "purgatory" of the ancient religious texts---and still others think of 3D as pure heaven or hell.  It all depends upon perspective, doesn't it? 

For a complete description of the crystalization of energy into physical density, you may like to review the transmission called "How Universes Are Formed."  This also gives us a great view of shadow work.

The insights I bring today are lessons that we learned recently, within the Recon Discussion Forum.  Ever since I have been doing Group Work around these concepts, back in 1992, we have regularly cycled through what the Guides call "Oneness Wars," wherein folks will take the concepts that are set forth in THE BASICS OF ONENESS, and clobber each other over the head with them. 

To review the Basics, go to:

The above cycles, which have also been called "shadow boxing," include confrontations that are leveled at each other, supposedly under the guise of "telling the truth," and "bringing things out in the open." 

Over the years........I, too, have involved myself in confrontation at times...........either as a recipient or an initiator.  We live in 3D, and it is not unusual for people occupying the same space to bump up against each other, and need to settle disputes in verbal release and/or negotiation. 

The interesting factor about engaging in this activity in a Oneness-Based Community is the tendency for individuals to deflect or reflect the confrontation back at the initiator, with questions such as "Well......what does that say about YOU?  After all, I am your mirror." 

In the olden days, back in the late 80s, it was all quite amusing.  Transpersonal Psychology was in its heyday, and the art of verbal aikido was totally in style.  For a person (especially a Oneness "Newbie") to free him or herself up from unwanted initiatives by shining a mirror in someone's face is pure delight, until we realize that the face we're seeking to deflect is our own.  As the Recons said in their first transmission to us:  "Take DE-FENCE down.  There's no one here but YOU, God." 

The whole mirror issue takes me back to my studies in the Art of Feng Shui, and the artful use of mirrors for modulating and re-channeling energy as it moves through a physical living or workspace.  As you may know, Feng Shui is big on mirrors, and I have had some remarkable results with re-channeling disruptive energies through the strategic placing of mirrors at my Clinic in Kirkland. 

In China, the belief in mirrors and Feng Shui is so widespread that people have what are called "Mirror Wars" in their local neighborhoods.  One neighbor will feel slighted by another neighbor, and he will put a mirror in his window, directed at that person's house.  The neighbor will see the mirror, and put a mirror up to counteract it.  This inflames the situation, and the first neighbor puts up another mirror.  The second one follows suit, and mirrors go up all over the place--until the police come out and talk through the issues, and resolve the conflict.  Then, when the police car leaves, the mirrors start going up again.  It's really quite a hoot, until we realize how deep some of these Shadow Issues can be allowed to go. 

For some more applications of shadow work in world politics, you may want to review the article called:  "Shadow Dancing 2004."


Though fragments of us live in 3D and beyond, we also live in a state of continual, blissful communion.  The Reconnections described this wondrous state beautifully in their transmission called "The Grand Game."  The passage reads as follows: 

"There is a level of being in which the ALL THAT IS truly is all there is. You have no need of anything--because you are everything! You have no boundaries because, when you are All That Is, there is nothing left to be outside of you.

This is the level which we will now refer to as The Gathering of the One. This level of consciousness would be likened to PURE BLISS. There is complete diffusion of focus and a truly porous consistency to all things. Literally, everything and everyone can exist within the same space at once!  If this concept sounds somewhat fantastic to you, then realize also that even the words we speak to describe this level of Being are grossly inadequate and incredibly dense in comparison to this level of infinite harmony and love."


The Guides have referred to this blissful state as ABSOLUTE ONENESS, which is the level of being where ALL truly is.........ONE.  It is a state where conscious differentiation is NOT in play, and everything and everyone is simply content to BE......and let the rest of us BE as well. 

Vibrating just below that state, there are varying levels of what the Guides call RESOLUTE ONENESS, which is an archived compilation of alternative realities, forms, and locales..... all of which represent US (unless we say otherwise). 

Just as a person can RESOLVE to say:  "I am One with everything and everyone," so can he say:  "I am my own self, and I choose to be separate."  In fact, the aspects of the Oneself who choose to be alone (instead of ALL ONE)...........are given special dispensation to do so, in many cases, because their tight focus of individuation powerfully feeds the ONESELF Focus that vibrates beyond it.  After all, in order for "All That Is" to truly be ALL THAT IS, such manifestations must be allowed to exist......perceptually secure from any knowledge of SELF beyond what they choose to name as self. 

In a Oneness-Based Forum, there will be those who think of themselves as "separate," and there will be those whose resolve is aimed toward union.  The warmth of a Oneness Forum is very attractive, and many "moths" are drawn to the flame investigate what is there.  As they encounter the teachings, a particular radiance begins to move through them.  This light force is called "grace," and it moves through their system like a virus..........installing symbols and access keys to make it possible for them to reconnect to the INNER NET that we all are. 


The Radiance that is coming upon the Earth Plane at this time is powerful.  The anti-matter that is being sent out to match it is also incredible.  The Guides spoke about radiance at length in the transmission "Beyond Human Boundaries."  You may wish to review those words, as you study more about the Reconnection Process:

People come into Oneness Teachings with life orientations that tend towards a high respect for Form (structure and integrity) or Freedom (freeflow, in the moment).  With THEOS on one end of the dichotomy and CHAOS on the other.   Some folks fall somewhere in-between........ with an equal number of personality characteristics from both "sides" of the Family Tree.  Still others represent highlightings of one or the other.  

The appearance of primarily Theosian or Chaosian tendencies in a group is directly proportionate to the NEED in that group for doing shadow work around the issues that each "side" values and manifests.  Some groups need lots of "rules and regs" in order to function, while others detest the existence of same.  Who is right? isn't really a "right or wrong" issue.  It's more an issue of what position a group could take that would activate and empower that group to be all it can be. 

SEE "THE SHADOW CHALLENGE" for some interesting exercises to deal with bias in persons who are seeking integration and wholeness:

In our main Reconnections Discussion Forum lately, we had a contingency of folks who strongly felt that even the smallest exercise of power or authority (moderation of group discussions) was tantamount to a crash of the Oneness Principle.  Their reasoning was:  "If it's all in the Oneness, how can you limit it, or try and shut it up?"  The premise gathered momentum, to the degree that Spirit instructed me to open up all the doors, and pull all the stops, in order for folks to see what unbridled "freedom" looks like.  The experiment was quite interesting. 

Chaosians detest structure.  The Chaosian Manifesto for truth is:  "All structure is bad.  Structure requires leadership, leadership bestows power, and power always corrupts."  In the eyes of a polarized Chaosian, anarchy is the only thing that bears any integrity at all. 

Theosians believe differently.  Many of them honor freedom (even folks who are radically Theosian in orientation).........but they are willing to sacrifice some of that freedom for order and peace of mind.  The risks of power abuse are always present, and Theosians are quick to scan the assembly for evidence of same, while getting on with the business at hand.  But still, they know that some trust in authority is valid.  How much authority is needed is always open to debate.

Do people go too far on either side?  You bet they do!  After 13 years of dealing with these principles, 24/ definition for "freedom" now involves the ability to say "no" to my impulses and urges.........if doing so better serves myself or my mission (I get to be the one who decides when that is).  Meanwhile, my definition for "balance" has shifted from living life "in the middle" to living a life where I have equal ability to function from EITHER SIDE of the polarity spectrum........depending upon what serves my mission the most.  (Once again, I get to decide when that is).  I stay open to input, but I purpose in my heart to no longer be a prisoner of it.   

Once a person has identified with ONENESS as an orientation.........the GUARDIAN SPIRIT of Oneness insures that dominance by an extreme is allowed ONLY when said dominance has a gift to bring to the Oneself Presence in that locale.  This modulation of energy is clearly spelled out in the VORTEX MERKABA Transmission that went with the Harmonic Concordance.  To review this transmission, go to:


In Oneness, we are neither Chaosian or Theosian. We are One.  However, we can and will regress into our former identification, at times, if we feel threatened or if we are in a state of radiance poisoning (overcome by either enthusiasm or fear). 

When Chaosians feel cornered, they love to act out.  When they do, their form of ONENESS WAR is to say to the group:  "We are in Oneness, and I am an aspect of you.  If you reject me, you reject yourself, and are not living in integrity."   But is it integrity to leave (another form of banning) if things don't go your way? 

When the Theosian element is threatened, it seeks to THROW OUT that which is the dissenting factor.  But in Oneness, where would OUT be located?  Won't cutting off the head of that which opposes us simply result in that same element coming back to us, having grown a new head?  

The beat goes on.  And experimentation continues.  No one has all the answers, least of all ME.  I do have a few snappy questions, however. 

In 3D, there is a force which we call NATURAL ENTROPY.  If you've never encountered the term before, "entropy" is a law which states:  "everything in physical form will naturally tend to deteriorate (go directly to hell) unless definite steps are taken to preserve its form and maintain its purpose."  You might say that Entropy is out friend.  Recon Carion thinks so.  He is the Master of Physical Transformation, and his symbol is the Crow or Raven.  His primary focus, besides providing us with marvelous insight, is to supervise the transformation of things through physical deterioration and demise.  In one of his manifestations, he is the boatman that helps folks cross the mythological River Stix.

Entropy helps us remember (and continually restate) who we are.  We LEAN INTO existence, and entropy goes away for awhile.  But it will always be back!  Opponents continually question us about who we are and what we are doing.  They are a powerful gift that humankind is giving to ourselves, even as the Guardians of Form are also a gift. 

The thing that we must remember about Creative Shadow Work, during these powerful times of transformation is a SOLO PROJECT, that must be done from INSIDE a person.  It is not something that one person can do for another. 

In A.A., and other 12-step groups, they use a growth tool which is called an "Taking An Inventory."  This tool is a self-examination of all those aspects of life that have been other people and to ourselves.  It is a light that is shined into the closets of our existence.  In the group meetings, it is not unusual for one A.A. member to begin preaching to another member about his shortcomings.  This is called "taking another person's inventory."  It's a no-no.  When this type of activity begins, group effectiveness gets very shakey, and communication gets weird.   

The 70s and 80s brought with them a whole host of "New Thought" Movements that featured resources dealing with the Art of CONFRONT.  Many of these resources were facillitated by some of my current friends.  From the looks on their faces (singed eyebrows and scars on the cheeks).........these confronts could be quite draining after awhile.  What started out as an innovation for growth, eventually turned into a nightmare. 


The Reconnections tell us a lot about the process of our Return to Oneness.  It will happen in stages, it may occasionally be painful, and will eventually result in resounding JOY!  Most of all, they tell us that "the only change needed will be in your perception."  Everything OUTWARDLY may remain the same.  But INWARDLY, we will experience joy and an experience of connection that is beyond our wildest dreams. 

Though it is true that we are all part of the ABSOLUTE ONENESS that is described above, in this article, we are each living within our own RESOLUTE ONENESS that fits our needs and our process now.  Continually haranguing each other, through MIRROR WARS or ONENESS CONFRONT is usually an effort, by some extreme or polarized element, to FORCE THE ISSUE of our growth, rather than watching what happens, in the innocence of our Now Moment World.  Or, it is an effort to RETARD GROWTH because the kitchen is getting to "hot," and the rest of the folks in the village don't want the challenge.  

I cannot say that confront is all bad.  Neither are control mechanisms in society.  Both have their place.  Down through history, there has been incredible growth that came through both elements.  Freedom is incredible too.  And when it departs, the only people that are to blame are the ones who failed to stand up and confront the ones who have stolen it away. 

From our recent Discussion List experience, I saw things from several angles, even though I was also called upon to be part of the polarity dance.  When I opened up all the doors, and threw away the "rules," I watched people leave the forum......because they could "no longer identify with what was going on."  (i.e. confrontation, strife, nasty words, etc.)   When things got to a danger point........I put a few rudimentary stops on some of the most extreme behavior, and watched many more leave..........because the could "no longer identify with what was going on."  (authority or regulation in any form).

When will both sides---Chaosian and Theosian alike---realize that they each provide for the other a TRUE REFLECTION of the Shadow Aspect of the other side?   In other words:  The rebellious folk come to the Oneness so they can finally be CONTAINED (but not squashed).  The rule-makers come to the Oneness so their precious "structure" can get challenged, and upgraded, to go with the energy that is on the planet at this time.    

If we can truly say:  "I am confronting myself here.  I will do for me what I am urging this person to do......." we might have a case for our argument. 

For all of us, during this challenging time........I wish the very best.  The definition of that "best" I leave in each person's own hands.  One man's treasure is another man's trash, and vice versa.  So be it. 

As I go through my day, I deal with my ENTROPY whatever ways that I feel led to do so, by the spirit that lives in me.  Maybe it's reflective of a Oneness Ideal, and maybe it's not.  At the most expanded level, everything is ONE.  But the most expanded level.........WHO CARES?  

We are here, in 3D.........working through our stuff.  We get our enlightenment, and after that.........THE LAUNDRY.  I'll wash my undies and you wash yours.  When requested, however, I may come over and pick a few nits out of your backside.......because you just can't reach them.  I may ask you to do the same for me.  It's a wondrous thing, this separation.  It allows us to gain EXPERIENCE.................and that, my friends, is also quite a treasure! 

Who knows what POTENTIAL lurks in the hearts of men?   THE SHADOW KNOWS..............

Copyright, 2004, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research, providing they include the above URL and this copyright notice.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.