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"Shadow Wandering and Wondering"

B Y   L U C Y   L O V E

I’ve been wondering through thoughts of ‘shadows’ lately…shadows and the shadows that live within the shadows and the further shadows that exist within those shadows and onward into the “infinite shadows”.  Just as there is “Infinite Light”….there is “Infinite Dark”…and between the two, therein lies the “Infinite Shadows”…but within it ALL there is the “Infinite Love” flowing freely for One & All, from One end of the spectrum to the Other…for Us to continuously explore and travel between the veils of which We wish to explore…the “Exploration of Love”….to “Explore with Love” , All of the facets of Love, Colors of Love, rRces of Love, Light of Love, Dark of Love, sensations of Love as well as ‘sin’sations of Love.
LOVE is free. It is Us as ‘humankind’ that has made Love ‘cost’ or make Love ‘pay’. It is Us as ‘humankind’ that has laid a ‘price’ on Love….not Love ItSelf…Love knows not of “cost”…Love only knows Love. And I Am not speaking from a ‘monetary’ level of ‘cost or price’, but all of the other ways that humanity has learned to ‘make others pay’.




We have set so many standards and labels and expectations and definitions on “Love” that it has forced many into the ‘shadows’, and then labeled those shadows as ‘taboo’, ‘sinful’, ‘evil’, ‘abusive’ and onward into the realm of infinite shadows. Within the infinite shadows exist many good and light hearted souls that have either been driven there by one situation or another, there are many dark hearted souls as well that entered the shadows seeking healing on one level or another, and yes, there are simply those that ‘prey’ on the lost souls of the shadows also. Again, it is as Infinite as Infinity Is.

But as long as We overlook the shadows, the shadows continue to create a prison, the same prison that they essentially sought out the shadows to escape from, continuing to believe in their ‘taboo’ or ‘sin’, or ‘evil nature’, hence building not on a Dream, but on a ‘NightMare’ instead…unable to imagine Love’s Loving Embrace could embrace them.



Yes, ALL exists on one Level or another.  We have a Bridge that continuously travels across these Levels, Lights, Darks, Shadows, Colors, Races and Realms.  A Bridge that continuously travels across All Beings, Dimensions, Realms and Infinity and it is Our Choice where We get off to play or wonder or visit and We are Our only “Judge” that ultimately matters.  We can say it depends on the thought or intent or or or whether it be ‘labled’ this or that…good or bad…light or evil…taboo or ‘society worthy’.  But We should also not forget this when faced with others that we don't resonate with or ‘approve of’ for our own style of life or living. Again.......Love is Free.  I Believe this is probably one of ‘mankinds’ greatest challenges or struggles, is the constant question We are asking OurSelf in what Is Our Own Belief and how do We set that forth in a manner that will ‘suit society’ as We perceive society today.  Again, asking what Our own perception of ‘what is Society?’…where does it come to the place that Society Itself exist within these same shadows...hence building a society of prisons?  Oh My what a rabbit hole that could be!!



I, myself, would prefer to ‘shed a little light’ on the shadows and bring them back into the “good graces”.  I don’t mean “make them light”, but simply allowing the shadows to Be the shadows that they are. Not ‘make them darker’ or ‘make them lighter’ or ‘make them’ anything but what they already are and came to the shadows for.  To also experience “The Freedom and Infinity of Love” in their own perception.  Not to destroy or bring destruction, We have tried that, not to drive them further away into the shadows, We have tried that also, not to imprison them to keep them contained in what We may term “proper”, but for the discovery of the Infinite Flow of Love and everything It has to offer. Allowing Love to wash away the fear, the shame, the blame, the taboo’s the titles and labels and definitions that create the prisons We are trying to do away with for the Self, One and All. 

We each can only do this beginning with the Self. Many have and are working hard to achieve this exact Freedom of Love and some have been Blessed enough to even get to experience it, it DOES exist and it IS possible!! This is NOT “The Impossible Dream” and the nightmare CAN be over…for those that choose for it to be over.  Let it Begin with US! Let it begin with You…Let it begin with Self….Self Freedom and Self Love…The Love of God/dess!!

Just some wondering thoughts!

Infinite Love,



Copyright, 2010, by Lucy Love.  All Rights Reserved