Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"From Small Self to Expanded Self"

Hello, My Dear Friends,

We thank you for your love of the process.........and for the sincerity and depth of your desire to explore ALL the possibilities which stand before you now.  With the verbalization of the desire to transform, you place yourself at a PIVOTAL POINT in your life journey.  And we are happy to meet you there. 

We are the Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self which you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been very far from you, just far enough.  Your historical reference to the "Holy Spirit" in many of your sacred writings gives a sense of warmth and we join hands with those energies and concepts, to form a WHOLLY SPIRIT........more and more and more amplifications of who you are, at many levels of being.

We describe this as if you were to take a sheet of paper and cut the figure of a man.  A "paper doll" if you will.  As you hold the doll in one hand, you notice what remains of that original sheet of paper, held in the other hand.  It has a "doll shaped hole" taken out of it.  This is who we represent----the "rest" of what's left over after you removed yourself from the paper.  As we come together, we move towards being WHOLE again.  When it is time to do this.....we are attracted to you, even as you are also attracted to us. 

In truth, the entire process..........the cutting, the removal, the HOLE within the WHOLE..........and our return to merely perceptual.  It is a trick of the eyes, and of the mind.  It is a dance of the VEILS, and you are both the dancer and also the audience who are we!  We are NOT separate from you, though it may appear that way in certain contexts of being.  And when our messages are "channeled" to you, in this current incarnation........know that there are contexts of reality where YOUR messages are also "channeled" to us.  There is a Law of Reciprocity in the Multiverse, which can be suspended for a time........but only perceptually.  Beneath the veneer.....the facade......everything is reciprocal.  What is good for the goose is also good for the gander!  And so on, and so forth.......

At this time in your Collective Journey, you are like a bird........busy about the task of pecking your way out of an ancient shell.........and not just YOU ONLY.....but each universe you represent.  Every person, place, situation, or object you perceive in your daily journey reflects and represents a part of yourself.  They each have life contexts of their own as well---though they have lent their images to YOU, in this time and place, so your special process can be accomplished.  Your JOURNEY into the World of Form.  In other life contexts, you also return that favor for them.


And so.....this moves us on to MULTIDIMENSIONALITY.  You are not one of many.  You are really MANY of ONE.  And this universe.......which we call "The Reconnection Universe" (you may call it what you will!) your "gathering-in place" for these alternative selves......these "other" lives.  Each person you meet here reflects a life you have lived, at some frequency of vibration.  They are like radio shows, playing at different "channels" on the radio dial. And every show is an aspect of YOU.  This knowledge is something that you will learn to acknowledge.........first, by FAITH......and then, ever so slowly and will begin to acknowledge it through personal experience. But be careful!  That process or remembering can be powerful and intoxicating!  We refer to this process as The Soul Train.

Though each person has a mind and destiny all their own, they are like MIRRORS for you.  When you look at them (their appearance, their actions, their energy), you see yourself...........functioning within a life context that is focused solely on concerns, goals, and energies they symbolize.  The PIVOT POINT in your life today is not WHAT you experience but HOW you experience it.  Do you see it as separate from intruder.......a competitor, an idol, or a thief?   Or do you embrace what is seen as a bona fide LEVEL OF YOURSELF which you had forgotten until now?

The MULTIVERSE is a compilation of possible-probable universes, ALL OF WHICH represent levels of you.   Within it, there are reality contexts which honor and explore every concept imaginable (and then some!)   Within each universe, there is a version of YOU that is every bit as real as the one sitting in front of your computer here. Everything is REAL, but not everything is perceived. A 3D Universe is formed by taking a collection of "liquid" concepts and slowing down their vibration to a point where they become solidified. In this way, you can explore various ideas in an up-close and personal way.  The difference between "idealized" concepts and a physical concepts is quite similar to the difference between vapor, water, and ice.  Essentially, all three elements are the SAME ELEMENT, simply vibrating at different frequencies. This is how it is with your various universes and alternative selves as well.


The Reconnection Universe is FULL of clues and specific guidance to assist you in the process of "pecking yourself" out of your perceptual "shell."  (Remember our analogy of the bird, giving birth to itself?)  Whether a clue manifests as a person, an object, or an OBJECT LESSON.........each of them are quite "alive."  The mindset of a person who is still enmeshed in Third Dimensional (3D) Thinking sees everything as SEPARATE from him or herself.  As you begin to expand your perceptions beyond your physical body and beyond your "reality box", you will slowly begin to see things differently.  This "shift of viewpoint" is similar to the experience of viewing a HOLOGRAPHIC PAINTING.  Have you ever done this?  You look at a picture from one angle, and it appears to be one thing. look at the same picture from another angle and it CHANGES.......and becomes something else. 

And you ask yourself:  "Which image is real?"   And our answer to you is:  THEY BOTH ARE.  Everything is real, everywhere it appears.  The MAGIC KEY for leaping beyond your 3D "box" is found in the statement:  "It's all real."  After that, another Key is the realization that "Everything is also ME."  Though everything is real, not everything is relevant to your journey here.  Some things must be left out of the picture if other things are going to be highlighted, viewed and studied.  You must trust your Creative Aspect to judge which things are left in the picture and which things get filtered out.

You didn't create your universe from nothing.  You created it from the EVERYTHING that is already there, and you pared the images down (reduced them down) to simply include what you wish to examine.  It's like putting a small bit of life essence on a slide, and placing it under a microscope.  Your 3D universe is your microscope, and your physical senses are a HUGE EYE, examining the contents of the slide.

During the course of your journey......there will be Spirit Guides who come to be with you.  We who speak to you now represent some of these Guides.  We can take on many forms, including the life and personality of key HISTORIC FIGURES which embody (or have embodied) a special trait or idea that is of importance at some point in your life. At the time of their appearing, you may find yourself asking:  "Is this really Jesus who has come to me?  Or Napoleon?  Or John, the Baptist?"  And we say to you........."Yes, but only to the degree that this historic figure COINCIDES with your own life purpose and journey.  When a historic figure appears..........He or She is ALSO an aspect of YOU........a fragment of the multi-faceted jewel which you are.  This is an amazing fact, and it may take you quite awhile to fully assimilate it. 


As you begin to open to these ideas we are sharing, your mind will be tempted to leap back and forth between the 3D reality that stands before you and the Multi-D reality which flows through your mind and heart.  You may find yourself gazing upon a (physical) house, sitting by the side of a road.  As you see that house, your soul may coax you to LOOK BEYOND IT, and begin visualizing OTHER HOUSES which also exist, somewhere in the Multiverse.  When this happens, your 3D house becomes a PORTAL, through which your mind and heart can take a journey.........visiting many other "houses" and "castles" that have meaning for you. 

To accomplish this, your eyes must diffuse their focus from this physical NOW to another HOUSE, existing at some other level of vibration.  This is done by looking JUST BEYOND the 3D version and allowing your consciousness to concoct a IMAGINATION of what that other house would be like.  When we speak of Imagination, we are not suggesting that this VISIONARY HOUSE is not real.  We assure that it is VERY REAL.  But here, in this universe, it simply hasn't been physicalized yet. 

When you practice the art of LOOKING BEYOND your physical reality, you are practicing the art of "looking askance."  Rather than using the lens of your eye to FOCUS HERE, you are using peripheral vision to LOG IN to another "network" (if you will)......and focus somewhere else.  As we work with you, you will notice that we frequently use COMPUTER ANALOGIES to explain the shifts and changes in consciousness that can occur as a person spiritually expands.  This is not an accident.  Humanity didn't create computers out of nothing.  You actually REMEMBERED the idea of computers by considering how your own mind and consciousness operates.  

When you begin "looking askance" are DIALING UP other realities........and you are saying......."What else could exist here besides what I am seeing with my physical eyes."  In so doing, you are INVOKING alternative contacts between a 3D universe and the Multiverse.  You are BRIDGE BUILDING. 

These contacts are just a FEW methods whereby you are allowing yourself to gravitate beyond the boundaries of your 3D Self, and learn the wonder of the rest of who you are.  In time (as you create time to exist) we will share more.  The Three Commitments are your guidelines, keeping you stable and focused HERE, so you can journey out and appreciate all you are OUT THERE as well.  Indeed, you are ALL OF IT.  And that is a wondrous premise, indeed!   

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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