Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish"

Hello, My Dear Friends,

What would you do if that still, small voice inside you whispered to your Soul:  "Game over........time to come on home......"  

You'd GO, would you not?

Now is a time of grand departure from the Earth Plane.  It is very difficult for some of you to remain physical, as these transformative energies rise.  Each new "wave" of energy feels like a flood--threatening to overtake and consume everything you are and have.  For some, the rising tides of emotion and personal, physical hardship are just too big of a challenge.  The "waters" break through and they are suddenly swept away, leaving many loved ones behind them, in states of grief and shock. 

What happens when someone you love dies?  Where do they go?  What is your connection to them now?  Will you ever see each other again? 

The Mythology of Death is a major part of localized Dogma that flows freely, from culture to culture. Even as these tides of transformative energy rise and fall, so is there a continuing flow of stories about what happens on "the Other Side" and the ultimate fate of those who leave this world.   


The passing over of a loved one signifies an investment you are making in eternity.  Whereas your attention may have been solely focused upon the World of the Seen, prior to this there is a portion of your consciousness peering out, beyond the Veil.......watching and wondering about those who are no longer present with you, in physical form.  You wonder where they have gone to, and what they must think and feel in their new estate.

And so we will tell you.  Your recently departed loved one is thinking and feeling EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE.........but no less than he or she was feeling one minute before this departure, from your perceived universe.  And no less so than YOU are, at some level of yourself, at this very moment.  

Your loved one, and you, are Citizens of the Multiverse.  The Omni-Sensory Perceptual Complex that is available to you there could be likened to a huge Director's Booth at a TV station, or a multi-screen console that one might notice upon visiting the main security station at a huge office complex.  You have access, through this technology, to a multitude of viewpoints (cameras).....which you can access at any time.

It has been said, friend to expressions of devotion........"If you could see you the way that I see you......." and this is meant to convey a sense of personal esteem, a way of viewing reality through some special lens--some filter, which blows away pettiness or foolishness and sees only that which is noble and true.  We call this viewpoint "Soft Eyes"...........eyes that see things in their noblest light.  In days to come, you will utilize these "Soft Eyes" as you look back over your times of interaction with that particular fragment of self.  This Multiversal Sensory Console has this filter and to collate images according to your need and your desire. 

The experience of your loved one IN TIME is to be distinguished from his presence IN ETERNITY.  Both versions exist NOW, have always existed, and they always will.  But they do serve different purposes.  Your temporal "fragments" are designed for experience, while your Overself exists to collate and harmonize the data that comes in from those various realities. 

The Watcher Self eyes which survey your birth experience are the very same eyes that look upon you as you take (what appears to be) your last breath. 

This World is not conclusion,
A Species stands beyond
Invisible, as Music
But positive, as Sound
It beckons, and it baffles
Philosophies don't know
And through a Riddle, at the last
Sagacity, must go
to guess it, puzzles scholars
To gain it, Men have shown
Contempt of Generations
and Crucifixion, known
Faith slips and laughs, and rallies
Blushes, if any see
Plucks at a twig of Evidence
And asks a Vane, the way
Much Gesture, from the pulpit
Strong Hallelujahs roll
Narcotics cannot still the tooth
that nibbles at the soul

~Emily Dickinson


Each person in your universe lives now, and always has... in your very own heart.  And the version of you that is HIM lives on in his perceptual universe as well.  The situation wherein you find a body lying there in front of you, in a funeral home, feels quite sad.......because you have been programmed with certain beliefs about 3D life......attitudes and expectations that are deeply ingrained.  But that loved one NEVER lived in that body even when he appeared to be "alive."  In your perceptual universe, NOTHING is separate.  It only appears to be so.

When someone dies, he suddenly REMEMBERS HIMSELF as one with everything and everyone.  So can you, if you are ready to try.  More will be shared about this in days to come.  In the meantime, allow yourself to fully experience every bit of this life process:  the laughter, the memories, the tears.............because you came here, and inhabited this body, to accomplish that. 

Those you have loved are always with you..........even as they have been all along.  Everything and everyone is WITH YOU........WITHIN YOU, actually........and that makes you pretty vast, indeed!  

Are you ready for it?  The big SWIM towards HOME?    Well all right, then.........sing it along with us now!!!!!


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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