"Something Wicked. . . . . and Wonderful. . . .This Way Comes"

                              B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


I  haven't seen "Cloverfield" yet, but this poster from the movie certainly embodies what a LOT of people are expecting to see happen in the next few years.  Wicked, Wicked, Wicked!  Corrupt Politicians.  Greedy Bankers.  Military Madmen.  They're carrying us away to HELL in a hand basket!  Or so we're told.  That now-famous statement from the "X-Files" resounds in the background:  "The truth is out there."  Ah yes!   It's out there and it's coming to get us!  AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............

While all this is going on, the "Light Side" is busy extrapolating on the wonder and awe that is arriving daily from the Other Side of the Veil.  All that's needed (we are told) are the eyes to see it.   If we look inward, upward, BEYOND 3D, we will find dimensions of incredible love and splendor.  Or so we're told. 

When one hears all this, it brings to mind Sheldon Kopp's famous book "If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him."   In other words, anyone OUT THERE who tries to tell you what it's going to be like IN HERE is full of monkey ca-ca.       


Yes, there's a conspiracy underway.   And yes, all the elements necessary to bring it to pass are gathering, unchecked, right under our very noses!   There are "holding camps" being constructed, toxic fumes being dispersed, and a whole new monetary system that's about to be activated to rule our world.   But the "truth" about all this is NOT "out there."   In each created universe, there is only ONE conspirator.  The ONE who is creating that universe.  

For many, those "holding camps" are called DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.  And toxic "chemtrails" are delivered by MARLBORO LIGHTS. And our new monetary system? Perhaps it consists of a gigantic SHIFT IN VALUES that will probably be necessary if we wish to start living our lives rather than simply enduring them.  

Oh.......were we expecting something else?   Why?  Because someone TOLD US it was going to happen?   Are we creating from FAITH or FEAR?   In the Multiverse, EVERYTHING is going to happen.  The Fourth Dimension is a huge corridor, with many doors, many choices.  Which "door" are we going to choose?  And when we enter, what experiences are we EXPECTIING to have? 

It would be very easy to become callous to everything going on right now.  To forsake the 3D world and all that it stands for.  After all, the Promised Land is just a breath away.  That's what I sense when I look at a picture of Lady Liberty with her head chopped off.  Or an empty space where the Twin Towers used to be.   Awe and Wonder seem to be giving way to Resignation and Despair.   Anger rumbles inside.  We get earthquakes.  Ideas fly around the globe.  We get thunder and lightning.  Sadness pervades everything.  All we get is rain.............




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