"Soul Contracts"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


Basically, we are speaking here about agreements that have made between two or more participants in a Game of Life - so as to determine what roles each person is meant to play out as a story plot develops. Soul Contracts are pre-incarnate, though they can be altered or aborted at any time, if that fits the needs of all concerned. And really, time means nothing in the final equation. In the Multiverse, all time is NOW, and all "pre-incarnate" Contracts are being signed at some level of Eternal NOW. Still, for purposes of linear discussion, it does seem fitting to lay things out in a sequential fashion, so long as the reader understands the greater ramifications of what is involved.

The Reconnections often use the analogy of producing a stage play, when speaking about the development of a Life Game here in the World of Form. There is a Director, a Stage Designer, Actors, Prop Masters, an Audience, and multitudinous lines that need to be read. In other transmissions, they use the analogy of motion pictures, paintings, or novels. They do this to illustrate the dynamic of what is involved as we become human, laying aside the rest of our vast spiritual heritage and abilities as we do.

I think it was Wayne Dyer who said: "We are not human beings who have spiritual experiences. We are really spiritual beings having a human experience." Soul Contracts are necessary for the implementation of such experiences. Watching someone become physical is like watching the CEO of a powerful Business Conglomerate take a couple of weeks off from his decision-making role so he can visit a Dude Ranch, somewhere in Texas, and shovel horse manure to attain rest and rejuvenation. He rides the trails, bails hay, eats a hearty breakfast, breathes free, watches the sun rise and set, and lives out someone else's journey for a week or two. It's wonderful, is it not?





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