Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"The Soul Train"

My Dear Friends,

The analogy of "The Soul Train" pictures for you, in simple fashion, the inner workings of consciousness.  Just as there are Three Levels of Self, made manifest in 3D life---so are there Three Inner Dynamics at work, busily processing the realities encountered by your Form Entity as you move through life.

The ENGINE on the train is your MIND, ever moving forward through spirit potentialities, alternative realities, and adjunct selves.

The FUEL CAR on the train represents your WILL, choosing from various alternative routes and scenarios the exact paths you will travel.

The PASSENGER CARS on the train carry your various EMOTIONS, reacting and adapting to the path and the journey being made by the train. 

There is either consonance or dissonance experienced, at any given time, between the crew of the train and the passengers inside it.  If difficulties and disagreements among the primary participants cannot or will not be resolved, the whole matter moves into the PHYSICAL, where issues and themes in question become discreet entities all on their own.  They are then free to expand themselves into "realms," through which the entire train can travel.  When this happens, they will develop an appearance distinctive from the train, itself.  This is so full perception can be achieved. 

How Universes Are Formed (click here)

The TIME FACTOR for processing activities in the will and emotions is far slower than with the mind.  Just like an engine on a physical train, the mind has a limited ability to detach itself from the rest of the cars and wander off in search of new possibilities.  And it can do so, literally, in the blink of an eye.  When it finds somewhere interesting, the mind will plant a flag in that new reality, declaring the fact that "we are here now."  Meanwhile, the will and the emotions have not yet arrived at that location (moving at a slower speed), so a kind void is experienced........a PERCEPTUAL SPLIT........between what the mind knows about that new reality and what the will and emotions experience.  Perceptual Splits give a person the impression that either the mind is "wrong" or the will and emotions are.  But this is illusion.   

In the Multiverse, there is no such thing as "right" and "wrong."  There's just what is.  And there is a multitude of "is-ness" out there to visit!   If engines can wander, so can passengers.  They can literally get off the train and go sight-seeing in some adjunct realm.  Or, in some cases, they can climb aboard another train altogether.  This is often referred to as "losing, changing, or transforming your mind!"  (or should we say "trains-forming?")   In regards to mental activity, it is referred to as getting "carried away." 

Aspects of Self that tend to "wander off" create new and interesting energy paths during their journeys.  They are like lightning, striking the earth during a rain storm.  First comes the flash, then comes the thunder afterwards.  This is how the Soul Train works, during life transitions.  If a wandering engine and/or passenger finds a new locale........the best thing to do is stand firm and wait, until the "rest" of the vehicle arrives.  Then it's possible for ALL CONCERNED to determine where to visit next.  


<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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