The Orientation Toward:


"The Gift of Teaching and Research"


People with this Life Orientation tend to be:

  • Dedicated.  They secretly believe that this gift is foundational to all others.

  • Expressive.  They have a deep love for words, and they are sticklers for exact meanings and definitions of terms used.

  • Discerning.  They have a tendency to test the knowledge and question the background and training of those who attempt to teach or lead them.

  • Devoted.  They have a full-on LOVE for research and exploration of all avenues of knowledge.

  • Empirical:  They tend to use already accepted or validated systems of truth to test new ones. 

  •  Systematic.  Logical by nature.

  •  Contextual:  Their appreciation of life principles tends to be very aware of the context in which the teachings are seen or shared.

  •  Hermit-Like: They enjoy preparing for a lesson more than teaching it. 

  •  Metaphorical:  Teachers have an uncanny ability to discover metaphoric life lessons in daily situations and human interaction. 

Compilation, Practiced to an Extreme

  • Emphasis on accuracy and thoroughness of study may appear to de-emphasize the practical aspects of applying truth to daily living.

  • Academic zeal may, at times, replace the work of the Oneself Spirit within.  If the message becomes "mind-heavy," it can be a turnoff to others, who move from a different Motivational Core.

  • The tendency to "test" those who also teach can often come across as arrogance or pride. 

  • Sharing of information may be laden with what appears to be extraneous detail, thereby turning off one's audience to the truths being explored.

  • Genuine attempts at objectivity in research may appear to lack warmth and love.  Teachers frequently get called down before living too much in their "Tower." 

  • Exploration of unusual metaphors around spirit principles may seem too "out there" for those whose feet are more connected to the ground.  Expressions of scorn around this can be hurtful to those with this gift.  

Character Defects are simply Charismation Attributes, being practiced to an extreme, unconsciously or without a sense of Oneself Integrity. 


Do you resonate with this Gift, and have more insights, traits, or characteristics to contribute to this research? 

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