The Orientation Toward:


"The Christ-Self Interface"


This Spiritual Orientation is regularly available to all who seek the touchstone of Universal Oneness, and allow its pure energy to resonate through them completely. This place in consciousness is equivalent to finding "The Holy Grail," or hitting on the formula for "The Philosopher's Stone," in the World of Alchemy.

The person who moves from the motivation is adaptable and versatile.  As Apostle Paul (Master Hilarion) once wrote:  "I am willing to become all things to all people........that I may save some" and be of maximum service to the Body of Christ.  Those with the Gift of Conciliation do exactly that.  As the energy moves through them, they are said to have a "coat of many colors".....(like Joseph, in the Bible).....which qualifies them to perform just about any function in the Whole.  It all seems to depend upon the needs of the moment.  

While all Orientations seek to provide peace and meaning within the Oneself Body on Earth, this energy IS peace........and SAFETY, for all who enter therein.  This gift comes and goes in a person's life.  After all, we came here to play in Limitation, did we not?   And then occasionally, we need to realize where "home" is.  People who are illumined with this energy feel like "Home" to the Planetary Oneself Body.     

The energy of the "Christ" is an energy of "the annointed."   In Matrix terminology, it is the place within each of us where we KNOW we are "The One."  Every perceptual You-niverse has a ONE. But do we recognize this, and access it? 

This place in consciousness is not necessarily religious....but not opposed to it, either.  It is highly ecumenical in its nature, where religion is involved.  Conciliators no longer fight for right, because their presence makes EVERYTHING right.  They have the power to say to raging seas:  "Peace, be still."  They can feed the hungry, and heal the sick. 

This Gift is the fulfillment of Jesus' prayer, before the Father, which is found in John 17. It is a singing of the Spirit of the One, which asks:  "That they may be One, even as WE are One."  And that Oneness resonates through all, and in all. 

This Orientation is a state that has been beautifully described in "The Grand Game" Transmission, where the Guides lay out what this level of integration can be like, and what it would be like to eventually find our way "home."  People with the Gift of Conciliation demonstrate HOME to everyone they meet. 

Spiritual Travelers regularly move in and out of this space.  Those who are truly adept may even realize when they are there.  Most often, however, they may need to be told when they are manifesting the Christ Self Interface.  When any of us hears that, we just relax and smile.  In due time, we know we will return to the "world below" and continue living out our other Motivations and Gifts, in service to the One.  But regularly, happily, we also allow ourselves to drink from a Well that never runs dry, and never says "No." 

Motivation + Integration leads to CONCILIATION.  Selah.  So let it be.  



Do you resonate with this Gift, and have more insights, traits, or characteristics to contribute to this research? 

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