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"Spirituality and Sex"

My Dear Friends,

As the vibrations of earthquakes and tsunamis resonate all around your world, we must now take some time to share with you certain insights concerning the emotional core of your Planetary Oneself.  It is these issues, being suppressed on the Inner Planes of Consciousness, that are causing most of the trembling down below. 

The topic of Sexuality has always been a stormy one--particularly in cultures whose religious traditions gather themselves around a Masculine Deity.  Ever since the Temples of the Goddess were toppled, way back when-- a wedge has been placed between your spiritual nature and various core levels of innate sexuality that dwell within each of you.  

Granted, there has always been a strong religious emphases placed upon the holiness and beauty of sex in marriage, and the blessing that comes with a house that is filled with children.  But the rest of the energy, sourced within your sexual nature (the sensorial and erotic aspects) has oft been relegated either to the subconscious, or to houses of "ill repute"--presided over by those who are openly reviled by members of "decent society" in the light of day--yet earnestly sought after when sunlight fades into a twilight of secret desire.

What people are saying they've been doing, sexually, does not always match what they are doing.  And even when it does, there is often a divergence between what folks are experiencing and what they long to be experiencing.  The evidence for this is everywhere--in your television, movies, print media, and even in lively conversation at the office or factory.  You are fixated.... OBSEX-ED (if you will), and many of you do not even realize it, or acknowledge it.  Therefore, nature must sometimes take up that task, bringing forth rumblings from the Earth that correspond to dark rumblings going on inside many of you. 

The "as above, so below" dictum is now applying itself to your physical body.  It is reconstructing your human vehicle, from the inside out.  "As in the greater, so in the lesser."  The micro is entraining itself with the macro.  The Earth Mother and Her Human Family are now becoming ONE.  

Not everyone will experience this transformation at the same time or in the same way.  But all will experience it.  If they don't feel it in themselves, they will see it in their wives, their husbands, their children, friends, neighbors, and so on.  It will soon be going on all around you.  What has been hidden for centuries........for millennia, even.......must now be brought to light.  It must be unsealed, and healed in the sunlight of conscious awareness.  The pressure inside you has become too great.  And yet, what we will share with you, about this process, may be far from what you'd expect. 


The Goddess Religions were founded upon many of these hidden elements of which we speak. The power of the Goddess rests, not merely in her mastery over nature, but also in her deep knowledge of what  motivates and stimulates the heart of humanity--what makes it glow, and what keeps it healthy and strong.  Is it any wonder that heart disease is a major killer in your world today?  When the pillars of Her Temples were knocked down, a good deal more than a religion was lost. 

We speak now.....ultimately..... of the Divine Feminine, as she re-establishes Her relationship to the Masculine Dominance that currently fills your planet.  What will shine forth in humans, on a small scale, is but a faint glimmer of the bigger picture, which is now playing itself out in a whole host of ways. 

A grand SPLIT once occurred, between two guiding concepts, within the Pantheon of Archetypal Being--a split that has affected humanity in grave ways.  The God/Goddess Rift is reaching its crescendo, and resolution of these conflicts is now close at hand.  The Power of RECONNECTION is upon you!  Meanwhile, all can see the resistance to it playing out in wars, monetary struggles, religious clashes, and many other arenas in your modern culture.  You can also feel a growing heaviness within, accompanied by a spinning sensation that begins at the crest of your brow, and moves down to the very root of your being.

You are TIRED, My Dear Friends............bitterly tired, down to your roots.  You have struggled, and warred, and cursed yourselves into a whirlwind of confusion.  Soon, your innate being will bid you all to lay down and rest.  In those days, Cosmic and Devic Forces will come and attend you--to wipe away the blood lust and frustrated desire--so humanity can begin again.    

The Temples of the Goddess, which some historians oft referred to as "Houses of Prostitution," were designed as hospitals for the body and soul.  They were a place where men and women could retire--set in elegant and holy energy--to explore the depths of who and what they were. In Pagan Society, there was no rift between Spirituality and Sex.  Both were seen as true and vital forces, dancing in beautiful symmetry around the Pranic Core of Human Source Anatomy.    

Wives and mothers, in this ancient society, were regularly given leave to go and serve in these Temples, with no repercussions from husband or family.  Many unmarried individuals served there full time.  Those who came to worship--both men and women--would pay alms to the Goddess, as they gathered with Priests and Priestesses, in many forms of personal worship designed to reconnect mind, body, and emotion. Soldiers, returning from war, half-crazed from the blood and terrors of the battlefield, would enter the Temples to be carefully and lovingly bathed, anointed, and coaxed back into natural hearts and minds, so they could live peacefully in society once again. 

Many (though not all) of these healing rituals had sexual components attached to them.  If children were born of such unions, they became sons and daughters of the Temple, raised in the nurture, instruction and protection of the Goddess, Herself. 

It is impossible for mainstream society, as it exists today, to truly comprehend the purity and sanity that was reflected in this way of looking at things.  You have slowly and systematically been taught to vilify certain bodily processes, certain desires--while emphasis has been placed on other functions and agenda involving the intellect, which overshadowed all else.  And there was nothing wrong in this process--save that it has given you an imbalanced and biased view of what human health and life can be.

Your religions teach holy restraint, and your health care communities strive, at all costs, to maintain a sense of the "norm."  Though beauty and love has not been completely lost in this bias, some powerful VOIDS have been left that cannot be filled unless you all learn to return that which was taken away from you so long ago.      

Our purpose in contacting you now is to stimulate and awaken certain parts of your subconscious--giving them notice--that attention is beginning to be paid to these important topics somewhere within the Mass Consciousness.  You will be surprised how effective this can be in stabilizing the inner grumblings of your planet. 

Do we imagine that Temples of Goddess Worship will begin to be established all across the land?  Not really, save within those communities that have been already prepared to receive them.  For the most part, humanity's first contact with Goddess Remembrance will resemble the Return of Christ Consciousness to the planet.  It is something that will happen WITHIN, which will also produce results (reflections) in the physical world as well.  

When Goddess Integration doesn't really have to manifest as a physical relationship (although we know that many of you wish that it would!).  Nor is it an invocation to what some of you may consider "wanton living." You can expect all things to happen in your own perfect timing, and in a very natural and wholesome way.  In a sense, you will experience a RETURN TO FEELING where only numbness had existed.  Some of this will be pleasurable, and some of it will bring up a certain measure of pain.  So be it.  Everything has a place in the Reconnection Universe.  

So get ready.  The time for your remembrance might be now.  And be may not look the way you imagined it would.  Your Imagination has many facets to it.  We, therefore, invite you to be open, be discerning, be honest with yourself, and........most of PRESENT!   Chehala Selah!

<end transmission>


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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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