Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Spirituality and Sex, Pt. 3"


My Dear Friends,

If any of you are feeling disturbed about the connection we are building, between children and sex, it is probably because humanity has placed a corona of honor around that time in your lives when things were simple, and everything was about laughter, play, and sweet innocence.  Some of you may feel that those times were all too short in duration (so do we!), or worse..........they never really came around for you at all. 

Our purpose for offering this series of transmissions is not to encourage adults to have sex with children.  Rather, we are suggesting that you return to the beauty of having sex AS children......and see where that takes you.  It is possible, you know.........regardless of age.  Being an adult seems very much the art of putting on masks and facades, convincing yourself and society that you are: (a) worthy of their trust, and (b) able to live among them in a thoughtful and responsible way.  All the while, you are still grappling with the same fears, dreams, and repressed desires--left over from when you stood, steadying yourself at your father's knee.    

Before we can continue with our comparison of a child's view of sex and an adult's view, there is some clearing that must take place in your perceptions about adulthood. 


The oft-heard admonition: "Act like an ADULT, will you?" is very telling.  And your endless expositions on and descriptions of healthy adult sex, couched in terms of "sexual performance" is also quite interesting, is it not?  Is all of it an ACT?  A Performance? 

A wise man once expressed:  "Always BE what you wish to seem."  These words were never truer in history than they are now, My Friends!  The vibratory pulse of your planet has reached such a pitch that your bodies and minds can scarcely withstand the weight of your incoming awareness, let alone the burden of carrying facades and picture postcards concerning who you would like people to think you are.  What was once seen as an ideal (be what you wish to seem) is rapidly becoming a crucial skill for maintaining mental and emotional survival.

One of the primary meanings for your word "adulterated" is:  "To make impure by adding extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients."   And yet, your word "adult" is said to mean:  "To become mature. To grow up."  Even allowing for the fact that someone might be able to dive deep into ancient language derivatives to explain away the similarity of these two words, they seem to offer us all some powerful insights, do they not?

Up till now, there came a time in everyone's life when he was supposed to "put away childish things," stand up tall, and become something that he previously was not.  Authors and Song Writers have referred to this as "The End of Innocence."   It is a time when carefree turns into careful.  When dreams and fantasies become luxury, and taking care of others is considered more important than taking care of or pleasing yourself.

To be an adult, then, is to be partially "polluted by extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients."  But how could this be?  Isn't it vital that everyone eventually learns how to become an adult?  Not really.  We have shared, in another transmission, the dangers of letting the dis-ease of POLITICS dominate a person's life.  If you have not read that transmission, please follow the link and do so before continuing.

To be "political" curbs a society's natural, authentic desires and actions so they easily mesh with those of its neighbors.  Being an "adult" takes this same dynamic and applies it to the individual.  Even though it sounds very efficient and orderly, it also nullifies the whole purpose of relationships.  If you are curbing and hiding your true feelings and inclinations from your neighbor, how can he get an honest and clear reflection from you about the hidden elements of his own?  How can he do his Shadow Work?

Is it any wonder that the word "politician" has, for many, become synonymous with the words "liar and thief?"  The practice of politics is all about LYING.  How could it produce any other results than deception and disappointment?   By saying this, we are not  suggesting that everyone in society should have permission to attack, steal from, or molest another person.  We are simply underscoring the primary need for those who exist in common space to honestly express what they are needing and feeling in the moment, doing so in a loving and sincere manner.

It is POLITICAL BODIES that give themselves permission to molest and to attack, and many of them even do so in the Name of the Lord.  In the smaller (political) context of the nuclear family--it is parents and teachers of children who do the molesting, controlling, and yes.......ATTACKING of those little ones who are under their command--especially the Magical Child who still lives at the center of their very own being.   

My Dear Friends, this has to stop!  You are finished with this portion of your Limitation Experience.  And we are here to share with you a NEW WAY to get what you want and need.  And that "new way" is deeply intertwined with these two energies we have been speaking about: Spirituality and Sex.   


Only a generation that has reached its pinnacle of Separation would take a complicated skill like personal sovereignty, suspend its legal use for 18 years, and then drop the burden on a young person's shoulders just in time to recruit and send him off to fight older people's wars.  We speak in extremes here, because the situation is very extreme in your world at this time.  Not only are brave young people fighting and dying in political battlefields across the land, they are also fighting their own inner wars of "financial and sexual responsibility" back at home.  Having been considered "unworthy" of carrying these burdens as they grew, many of them simply cannot catch up to using these skills at all. 

Once again, society emphasizes form and function in regards to a person's status in society, and overlooks the FEELINGS that underlie each situation.  Is it any wonder that your more current generations are the most medicated of any generations that have come before?  And now, many of the drugs that control or affect their minds are legal, dispensed by family physicians who respond to their emotional distress signals as "disorders," rather than viewing them as an honest commentary on how POLITICS should no longer be the dominant force in this universe.

And all of this is SEX..........the whole lot of it.  The ability to make decisions and control the details of one's life is the effectual, natural functioning of a person's INNER MASCULINE.  The ability to freely express emotion and give feedback (response) about the initiations that come into one's space constitutes the natural functioning of his or her INNER FEMININE.  As the generations dance together, on the world stage, it turns your entire planet into a MARRIAGE BED of sorts, doesn't it?

The physical "equipment" that you have called "genitals" in either boys or girls, is very focused in its purpose, and loaded with emotional angst and concern.  This is primarily due to the fact that these body parts are also closely aligned with the human function of excretion.  Or, they are used to suckle and nurture babies after they born. 

From the time that a child can toddle and move around, a big agenda forms in the parents about controlling and sanitizing that process of elimination--and parents frequently view it as something "unclean" or disgusting.  After all, this is what their own parents did with them, and this is what happens in many, many households as baby grows beyond infancy.  Even though some of your children are coming in with the intellect of an Einstein, it doesn't take much intelligence to realize that certain areas of the body are a "hot zone" for adult human concern. 

Do you remember what we said in Part Two about subjects that carry a huge emotional charge, but are kept out of reach of some members of your society?  A fixation forms around them. And this is what has happened with your hyper-attentiveness to PLUMBING EQUIPMENT, in the body, and your confusion about what that means in regards to feelings and human emotion.

For many, the function of sexuality has become a "dumping point" for Kundalini Energy that is trying to make its way from the Root Chakra to the higher centers of Spiritual Perception.  By creating a "hot zone" around the genitals and excretory organs, humanity can design certain "rituals" which not only insure the (over) propagation of your species, but also distract you from spiritual realization that could come to you through a more generalized sensitivity, and a diffusion of spiritual-sexual energy throughout your entire being.  In other words, your Kundalini Fire gets projected outward, away from you, rather than upward, to inspire your dance with the Cosmic Oneself.   

The strong and distinctive "sexual hormones," which pulse through your bodies, from the time of puberty to the time of menopause were not always inherent in your species, in the ways that they appear now.  They developed as a result of genetic alterations that were made by "Higher Intelligence," whose business it was to retard human growth and development of wisdom, lest you assume more command of your planet and your existence than was desirable at that time. 

We have no problem with this, as all of life is a dance between Limitation and Reconnection.  And, in Oneness, that "Higher Intelligence" that so profoundly affected your existence was simply a fragmentation of YOU.  But NOW it is time for the rest of the story to be told!  Now is the time to awaken from your dream, your MATRIX of distraction and narrow allocation of Divine Substance.   


What makes children such divinely "sexual beings" is their essential openness to initial sexual  approaches made upon them by their universe.  Either they are passive in their response (open), or they are too weak to formulate the means to resist.  And yet, they DO have feelings about what is happening, and they don't waste much time taking a "position" about where they want things to go next.  It is their sense of PURITY, ALLOWING, and TRUST which gives rise to such intensity of emotion, within all levels of society, concerning the welfare of these young people. 

Adults who have trained themselves to be "politically correct" will usually take on the task of protecting and nurturing children in need, so long as their part in the equation does not last too long, and there are some designated "parent" types, who come along to take the child when their time of temporary assistance is complete.  Those who are NOT yet "socialized" may be far less attentive to taking on any roles at all.  In fact, some of them completely sidestep responsibility and they either ignore and abandon the child or use him/her for their own emotional needs and purposes.

ANY initiation into a child's space is SEXUAL in nature.  And any response that comes back is sexual as well.  We need to emphasize this now, and in this way, so that you can all get over the tremendous charge that you carry about the separation you have created between the concepts of "sexual" and "social."  There are none.  It also serves to emphasize, from the beginning, that a child's ENTIRE BODY is his "sexual organ," not simply his penis, vagina, breasts, or so-called "erogenous zones."  This is also true for humans of all ages.

We make this distinction in order to bring COVERT SEXUALITY, expressed towards children by people in authority, out into the sunlight of OVERT REALIZATION.  We want you to realize that there are really no "neutral zones" in a child's space.  They are fully alive, and fully expressive, unless they are overridden by someone bigger and stronger.

What do we mean by this?  It's very simple.  Any attempt by a person or group of persons to regulate, control, or manipulate the body or life functions of another person (regardless of age) an act of aggression--a sexual initiation (at best) or a sexual intrusion (at worst).....that is often experienced emotionally as a form of rape.  This is a concept that is only now coming to light, in some of your psychological circles.  Primarily, it is being expressed by individuals who are describing some intense interaction they had with some other person (in which no traditionally defined sexual contact occurred) that felt like they had been "raped."  Also, people use this type of conversation to describe failed business transactions and political ploys (i.e. "raping the economy" or "screwing with the system")

A child can be open and flowing forever---so long as he or she is allowed to respond freely to those who come into his/her space.  But once aggression and control techniques are allowed free reign ANYPLACE in his life, that child begins to withdraw, and a "changeling" takes his place.  Later, as the changeling grows in age and stature, he may turn into what appears to be a "socialized adult," complete with protocols, customs, and (especially) defense mechanisms, that are designed to hide and protect the (still existent) Magical Child within.  We speak firmly now, because many are quick to brush off their intrusions as "play" or "concern" for the child's welfare and development. 

Do you wish to safeguard your child's world in the most useful and effective way?  LISTEN TO HIM, and give him space to organize things in ways that work FOR HIM, not just for you.   

It is this forced adherence to political customs, protocols, and emotional defense mechanisms that constitute the extraneous, improper, and inferior ingredients that steal away your sense of adventure, spontaneity, curiosity, and willingness to become a "fool" for the sake of love, expansion, and individual growth.  Remember, a child's entire body is his sexual organ, not just touching that goes on "down there."  

Is it any wonder that there is such judgment and palpable rage that exists in your society, in regards to those who sexually "prey" upon children, crossing over "normal boundaries and barriers" that society has set forth as being "private and sacred?"  It makes these individuals SCAPEGOATS for society's inner angst--even while parents, educators, community government officials, and federal regulators continue "screwing with children's lives" in every other conceivable way.

Once again, we are NOT here to condone aggression, in any form.  Those you call "predators" are simply confused and hurting "changelings" who are looking for their own lost child, albeit outside of themselves.  They are usually repeating an intrusion that was forced upon them.  For now, their acts of aggression will not be completely stopped, but we still recommend that you try to control them, even as you take a long, hard the rest of what you are all doing. 

We have not yet offered you a suitable alternative to the way things are currently being handled.  And, up to this point, it has all been perfect--a part of the overall plan you have designed for this 3D itinerary.  The plan is soon to be changing, even as are you.  For now, we are simply offering some expanded awareness--which some may deem to be somewhat ridiculous or radical.  So be it.  But chew on it a little bit, will you?  Let not the lady protest too much.  There are greater insights in store.

Until then, we dance with you daily in the ethers--secure in the knowledge that, once your 3D Limitation Journey is completed, you will return to your original estate:  Being STARDUST, GOLDEN.........and you WILL CERTAINLY find your way back to the Garden.

<end transmission>


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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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