Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Spirituality and Sex, Pt. 4"


My Dear Friends,

Let us temporarily change our emphasis from the natural, pure expression of Spiritual Sexuality in Children to healing some difficulties that are confronting the adults in society today.  Even though there are many souls who still feel quite energized and excited by "Sex Games" that are being played all over the planet, there are many more who have grown tired of all those manipulations and ploys--seeking to infuse their lives with a new kind of joy.....a place in consciousness where Spirituality and Sexuality meet and mingle, sharing powers and gifts that will take humanity to a new place altogether.             

When committed couples, in your current culture, go in for "Sex Therapy," it is often because one or both of them feels that sex has become "dull and flat." The frequency of their lovemaking has, perhaps, dwindled down to almost nothing, in comparison to the beginning of the relationship. 

It is not unusual for a Sex Therapist, beginning work with just such a couple, to actually require that they cease, for a time, any practice of " normal sexual relations," in favor of softening the nature and quality of their interactions together.  We are speaking here about simple touch, staring into each other's eyes, being together in romantic settings.  Simple touching, no "sex" by your present standards.  In this way, a couple learns to de-emphasize the issue of "performance" or the repetition of certain "acts," in favor of expanding and adjusting their overall sexual attitude towards each other. 

In a more liberal and non-traditional environment, a Sex Therapist may be replaced by a Priest or Priestess of the Goddess Traditions, seeking to install a new viewpoint about making love (which is also a very old one).  As mentioned in Part 1, the newest evolution of sexual expression and appreciation will be to expand localized focus and sensitivity from specified "sexual areas" in yourselves and diffuse it throughout the whole body. 

Those who are "Tantric" in their orientation, will seek to use sexual arousal to produce Kundalini Activation in the root chakra and carry that energy up the spinal canal to the heart, throat, and intuitive areas, rather than ejaculate it into another person.  In this way, one's overall spiritual connection can be enhanced and amplified, creating a clear channel of unfettered communication between the intuitive and primal levels of human energy.   


What we will speak about now may be quite alarming to some of the 3D cultures in which you live.  In fact, there are some cultures in which what we will describe might be considered illegal and immoral.  So be it. We do not mention these things as an initiative to make political changes to the world(s) you inhabit, or to break the law. Instead, we are seeking to open another window into the Multiverse, so that you may become aware of alternative universes, where things are handled differently than here. These universes are REAL, right now.  If you want to visit them, all you have to do is believe, and you'll be there.  

Let the Old Paradigm of Separation and Control move away from you.  Drop it, like a butterfly sheds its cocoon, or a human spirit lets go of a body whose life cycle has run its course.  You are more than those attitudes, and you are far more than one single body.  Unlike the "sexual revolution" that was attempted in the 60s, and then moved back again into fear and judgment--this current shift will be meaningful and fruitful, because it is sourced in each human heart, rather than legislated in books of law, or part of some outward revolution.    

We speak now about Sexual Surrogates¹, Therapists, Priests, Priestesses and the like--and, as we do, we are paying homage to an ancient order of healing which may now be of great use to humankind.  For lack of a more specified term (which will come in time), let us refer to this process as Oneself Sexual Integration.  It is designed to uncover and explore shadow aspects, hidden desires, and repressed urges--buried deep within the Mass Consciousness--and re-admit them into the light of conscious awareness. 

Though a small proportion of society may now be living out these shadow issues, the whole of humankind is involved.  This is why these situations keep popping up, over and over.  And, we might add, there are "golden shadows" and there are "dark shadows."   What these actions or desires may encompass could range from flying a kite on a spring day (instead of working), or writing that novel that never had a chance to come forth.....all the way to cross-dressing, or acting out various fetishes.  We do understand that physical intimacy is a big "hot zone" right now, but it will not always be the central focus. 

 In all these processes, it is never useful to bring harm to someone else, or force them to engage in various activities against their will.  Some of the more violent secret desires will find release through admission and simulation, in the presence of a Witness or Officiant, coupled with a inquiry into where these destructive urges originated, and why.

There are many religious traditions that feature a whole host of commandments, "rules and regs," that someone must follow in order to establish himself a member in good standing.  In the Old Religion, there were only two:  Harm No One.  Do what thou wilt."  In those traditions, the only reason one person might have occasion to comment on his neighbor's actions or lifestyle would be if they have impact on his own freedom or wellbeing. In such a society, there are no "vice" cops.  There are only Ministers of AD-VICE, who specialize in helping neighbors negotiate mutual lifestyle blending--by suggesting ways to maintain and promote freedom, while minimizing inconvenience and stress for those around you.  After all, they are also mirrors of YOU, are they not?   

The imminence of Oneself Sexual Integration, at this time, is very frightening to those who are of a more conservative nature.  Their primary desire is to focus on outward appearances, and maintain societal order.  The inward realms run secondary to this, if they are considered at all. Consequently, religious zealots tend to seize political power and influence, hoping to stem the tide of personal freedom and legislate protocols for living that forbid expression of certain desires--preaching a new emphasis on moral turpitude, the nuclear family, responsibility, and duty.  Meanwhile, it is often these very same folks who are participants in all manner of secret "sins"--indulging private urges with one hand, while wagging a holy finger of judgment with the other.  And they, too, are mirrors of Aspects of the Whole.  They, too, need understanding and love.

Sexual Integration works to roll aside the heavy stones that stand in front of your "Tombs of the Unknown Smolders," inviting what is buried there to come forth.  It is these very same stones which many have been feeling, deep within your collective heart, up until now.  They are the primary source for generalized depression that is now being medicated in your populace at this time. And they are also symbolized by the Earth Mother's internal rumblings, and Her threats to explode, spewing them forth with violent intensity.         

The role of the Priest/Priestess/Counselor would be, first and foremost, to bear witness to the presence of these buried feelings--and to welcome them back into the Body of the Oneself--as simple evidence of the infinite variance that exists there. As each Supplicant admits: "These things are me--this is what I am, this is what I do".........the Officiate at the Ceremony responds:  "These things are ALL OF US, this is what we are and this is what WE ALL do.  We are this, and we are so much more."  We will, henceforth, refer to this as THE DECLARATION OF COMMON CREATION.   

In a very real sense, a person is not simply defined by what he does.  He is also defined by what he wants to do, deep down inside.  Will Power (or should we say "Won't Power") is not the issue here!  It only covers up the problem.  And eventually, even the strongest moral intention can be eclipsed by (seemingly) the teeniest desire, wreaking havoc in the lives of those who are not expanded enough to embrace it and understanding the balancing energy that it brings to humanity as a whole.       

The Declaration of Common Creation will be your personal and societal key to release from all obsession and shame. Your deep and abiding belief in Universal Oneness can and will be your salvation, if that is what you desire.  Everyone's sin is no one's sin. Judgment and Guilt are simply Demon Children of a Separation Mindset. Once the walls of division are removed.....all stench of denial, rejection, shame, and concealment will begin to dissipate. You are only as sick as you are separate. 

Soon, all humanity will begin to realize that this Oneself Confession, and your sincere belief in same, is the only Police Force you will ever need.  What is sourced by Us and embraced, at any level, can be directed by Us, from any level. This applies, not just to the deeds of individual "sinners" but also to renegade Gods, Goddesses, Principalities, and Powers--those who deny and project their self-judgment onto the children they bring forth. A microcosm can rule the macrocosm--as long as there is simple alignment with the Oneness of All That Is. It is the most powerful force imaginable.                   

In some cases, Shadow Material may need to become manifest in public view.  You made that choice when you began to hide things from yourself.  It is your way of breaking down walls that have held you captive.  You once told yourselves:  "If I don't (physically) act it out, then it doesn't exist."  Not true.  Everything exists. Your illusion of separation is passing away.  And it will be replaced by something infinitely more valuable. 

That which was hidden will eventually come to Light. Certain obsessions or practices may need to be acted out, or walked through and discussed--so the emotional "charge" can be removed from them. You saw this happen during the public scandal involving President Clinton.  What once were considered highly "secret" practices were being talked about, in detail, throughout the Mass Consciousness.  Children began going to their parents and asking:  "Mommy.....what's Oral Sex?"  On and on it went.  What's more, many of those who began prosecuting that President, from across the political aisle, were forced to resign their positions of responsibility because they were, too, were doing the very same things.   

On and on it went, and on and on it will go!  Pop Singers and Priests, accused of fondling little boys.  School Teachers, having intimate connections with 13 or 14 year old students, some of them having children with them. Governors, who resign their office because they have been found to be leading double lives. Homosexual, Heterosexual....judgment, judgment, judgment.   It is very much like taking a tour of a movie studio, where your most famous horror movies were filmed. Using the simple tools of Sexual Integration, you see the props, you notice the tools of illusion that were used in the film, and you begin to realize how simple and graceful everything is, and always was.    

Having already awakened from most of his or her 3D Dreams (though not entirely!), a Priest/Priestess/Counselor may serve as Facilitator or Guide for entrance into your own Realms of Deep Passion and Desire. He holds the light while you dig.  Once the deepest issues have been opened up--in their own perfect time--you will be amazed at how many diverse fears and depressions will fall away!  This is not something that can be forced or simulated. It happens on its own, through the faithful ministrations and assistance of midwives, chosen by Spirit to be present at your rebirth into innocence.   

In 3D reality, there must always be one who does and one who witnesses what is done. You scratch their backs and they will scratch yours!  It has been this way since the dawning of time. There is beauty in this.  Even though everyone will learn to regard what is happening as an Expression of the Oneness--there will still be a strong sense that everything going on is also about the person who is there to be healed--the Primary Celebrant, so to speak.

If you remain a Universal Entity only, your peace or peril is programmed by the rules of the "reality box" in which you have confined yourself.  Go ahead!  Play the Game.  Indulge.  We have no problem with it.  But if, at some point, you choose to open the doors and windows of your "box," and become a Citizen of the Multiverse, there is nothing you won't be able to do. Your prison will become a prism.  Neither is there anyone, apart from yourself, who will wish to condemn you for anything at all.


Before this type of healing can be brought to bear, societal shame and blame around these shadows must be released, or obsessions will continue around the world. That is a tall order, and the shift we are describing may not come to the Mass Consciousness for what seems like several years (linear time).  Meanwhile, many daring souls will begin to make these inner changes anyway.  The vibrations on your planet are assisting greatly in this regard. As energies rise, they literally squeeze the lies and facades out of you, requiring everyone to live more authentically, with open hearts, if only to remain functional in this world.      

Not all  "shadows" are meant to be experienced first-person.  Some are best simulated and integrated through mass identification with mythical or iconic figures, portrayed by "sex symbols" who naturally replicate traits and characteristics with widespread connotations. One of the reasons they were born is to stimulate the retrieval of highly-charged material from humanity's sub and unconscious mind.  There is no shame in this. And it is already being accomplished nicely in the arts--through sculpting, movie-making, books, theater, and many other forms of mass media.  More will be shared about this Healing Method in other transmissions.  As you can see, the labyrinth goes very deep!  All explorations come in their own perfect time.

On a more individuated level, there are universes which you may choose to visit where all condemnation has been removed from the career option known as "prostitution."  Through sensible examination of already existent societal structures, you may begin to notice that ALL forms of work are seen in the same light as this, the oldest profession.  What is the definition of "work" anyway?  Is it not the performance of some duty, some service in order to gain money, when you might rather be doing something else?  Do you do it for love, or do you do it primarily for money?  If you are really honest with yourself, you will begin to realize how pervasive the practice of "prostitution" has become in your society.     

It is this method of "trade," or bartering of talents and abilities, that binds society together, and grounds your personality into physical form.  It "hooks" you, with inter-dependent joy and enthusiasm.  You get what you want by trading with others for what they want, or need. In this regard, you are all "hookers," are you not?  

As we said in Part One, Sexuality does not merely involve the touching or stimulation of certain areas of the body, in certain ways, so as to produce pleasure.  It is so much more than that!  It is a celebration of ALL LIFE, involving the entire being.  And yet, as you segue out of Old, Separation-Based Attitudes about Sex, there will be many shadows and hidden material that will surface, which must be embraced and re-framed in your minds and hearts--so that the burden of guilt and shame may be removed. 

Those individuals who possess certain physical traits, and personality skills, will naturally be able to stimulate and activate those who do not possess them.  In fact, there will come a time when you realize that the deeper purpose of Sexual Integration during this time is the alchemical blending of those who are "haves" in certain elements of life, and those who believe they are "have-nots."  We speak now of "Beauty and the Beast." 

In everyone's life, there are things about yourself that you, personally, consider to be "bestial" and unworthy.  This is true, no matter how physically beautiful or virtuous you may seem to those around you. There are hidden pockets of energy, down deep, that long to be brought to the surface, and healed in the LIGHT of who you would consider someone of "beauty."  When these areas of secret shame are laid bare--it is only the Oneself Integration, loving embrace, and attention of someone you respect, someone you consider beautiful, that has power to remove the "splinter" that has kept you prisoners in the dark.      

As the "Beauty" aspect encounters the "Beast" aspect (which are truly flip sides of the same coin), a remarkable transmutation takes place in both sides of the transaction. That which once seemed horrid and unacceptable becomes vulnerable, beautiful, and sweet.  And truly, it all exists in the eye of the beholder.  After all......"ugliness," in your society, is simply a class of traits and character essence that have been arbitrarily reviled and repressed.  The idea of "ugliness" merely means a lack of love and understanding of the real values, which underlie actions and appearances that have been rejected. Once these elements are brought to Light, and reframed with the love and acceptance they deserve (as true members of the Oneself)-- they will begin to blossom and transform, right before your eyes!  

In a sense, it could be said that all ugliness and shame is merely a manifestation of beauty that has been put to sleep........ felled by the curse of someone who couldn't stand this shadow trait when it was first viewed in its original, innocent state.  And what is it that "Sleeping Beauty" needs, in order to be awakened from the dream?  She needs a HANDSOME PRINCE to come and kiss her.........which is just what these Sexual Integration Sessions provide.     

Indeed, there is far more electricity that is conducted between these types of blendings than there is in keeping "like" people always together (since Priests and Priestesses would have their own facillitators, too).  Though there is nothing wrong in keeping like with like, it does seem to be a waste of valuable reflective resource, does it not?  Attributes that might eventually bore someone who shares those same traits could mean new life to someone who lacks them, or feels that he lacks them.  

We might add, that these relationships are for the purposes of HEALING, and would not represent normal, daily companionship.  After all, familiarity tends to build contempt, does it not?  These activating relationships will work their magic, and probably fade away quickly, so "normal" life can be established.  Should something new emerge, the healing force may be something entirely different.   

These types of dances represent some of the deepest forms of healing the planet may ever know.  Up till now, they have been blocked by government and organized religion, because the legal exercise of these powers places Healers, Priests, Priestesses, and Shamans far beyond the control and influence of the "system."  They would and could become "stars" in the eyes of society, rather than being reviled as charlatans and whores.  

A good deal of the manifold types of physical illness that are appearing, on your planet, can be nullified and reversed if attention is paid to these deeper levels of consciousness, where all this hidden material is trapped and held.  Many of you are suffering (literally and organically) from a lack of love.  And there really is no shame in allowing yourself to fill those voids, and drain the wounds that once produced them. 

The fact that you are giving money or other considerations to those you consider to be "Beauty" or the "Prince" they come and kiss you more a function of practicality than an act of desperation.  What is that old saying:  "Most men live lives of quiet desperation?"  Therefore, do not stigmatize yourself for simply admitting:  "I have a need. And I want to fill it."  You ALL have needs.  Otherwise, you wouldn't be here in 3D.  Additionally, payment for this service gives the healing soul a sense of contributing to the process--since most Sleeping Beauties have little or no self-esteem before they are awakened.     

As we said, in a Sexual Integration Session, there is always one who tosses and turns in deep emotion and one who attends the process.  And, in many hidden areas of life, this attending requires a modicum of talent, intensive focus, and investment in creating a full-spectrum healing for the person involved.  Would you always trust your marriage partner to do brain surgery, even if he or she had not been gifted or trained in this regard?  How then, do you think the situation would be different, when it comes to reconstructive surgery for your soul?       

As we said earlier, if you are presently happy with societal standards, concerning the enjoyment and administration of "sexual favors," there is no need for you to adopt anything new.  And yes, most kinds of "favors" will be paid for, eventually.  The above process is just one more way of working with these issues.  If it's the right method for you, circumstances and feelings will congeal in such a way that you will arrive in these universes.  If not, there is no pressure to change anything that is still working. As we have often said, Reconnections is here to provide new and expanded options, not to take away old options that still work.        


The mythical symbology of the Garden of Eden, with all its beauty and splendour, carries with it an image of innocent children, playing happily in the presence of a loving Father/Mother God who dotes upon their every move, their every exploration.  Once a parent lets go of his or her "stuff" about certain acts or attitudes, an energy of beauty and grace fills all of creation.  And, even though certain Gods have been called "Almighty," "Omnibenevolent" or "Omnipresent," there has always been an underlying message given that they DO NOT PUT UP with certain things, while other actions or attitudes are quite desirable.  This would be a projection of a Fragmented 3D Humanity upon the face of the Holy ONE.  These ideas will soon pass away, as humanity begins to integrate what it is truly like to be WHOLLY One.         

Why would our All-Knowing Oneself choose to experience a Game called Fragmentation?  To create a version of Self who does not yet know the outcome of some current situation.  In this way, there can exist an element of consciousness that KNOWS, standing alongside a fragment that is in a process of DISCOVERING.  It is a perfect form of amusement, for the Multiversal Mind.  And it comes in all flavors:  Romance, Intrigue, Terror, Greed, Kindness, Sweetness, Bitterness, Hatred, Bliss, and all variations that go out from there.   

Each new "generation" becomes a fresh opportunity to re-discover beauty, diversity, and the symmetry of Life in Form.  We can ride their "ups" and we can slide back with them in the "downs."  We can go anywhere and be anything we wish.  This pleases Us greatly, as two sides of each equation begin to merge into ONE.  This is now the greatest journey of all.   

<end transmission>

¹Sexual Surrogate:  A person who creates a sexual connection with someone in place of a normal partner or spouse--in order to give training, and introduce new patterns of relationship, thereby strengthening the ability for both partners to love each other more fully. 


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