Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Spirituality and Sex, Pt. 5"

My Dear Friends,

Adults represent those who claim to know things.  Children admit that they don't know, but are open to discover.  A child's genius is found, not in what he knows, but in the way he learns and why. We will cover this at length in a future transmission. Young people focus primarily on what interests them, or seems relevant to their Now.  Adults spend time trying to "master" subjects, gathering and collating knowledge in order to establish themselves as "experts," usually to gain respect and influence.  And, indeed, they may gain some respect, but many of them trade their childlike openness in order to sustain it.            

An adult who is pretending to know is really just a child who is hiding behind a facade.  The effort that is taken to conceal his naivetÚ not only blocks him from enjoying the inner child, but it also keeps him from truly becoming an adult.  After all, one of the primary steps for becoming enlightened is a realization that one is in the dark, is it not?   

The Return to Oneness is a dance of trading places between positions on these Universal Game Boards.  Sometimes, you are this, and sometimes you are that.  Moving from 3D to 4D, the Game continues, albeit at a more expanded level.  As you break away from dependence on time, chronological age, or human personality to define and contain you, you begin "phase shifting" up and down the time continuum.  You can be anywhere, anywhen, or anyone......because, deep in your core, you know that you are EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE. 


That which has been termed "abuse" in your society, particularly sexual abuse, stems from a Soul Contract, between two or more individuals--designed to assist them as they sustain whatever energy essence is required to complete their Journeys here. 

Were it not for the presence of these "Soul Contracts," what you think of as "abuse" could never take place.  Regardless of age, you are far more sovereign in planning and executing your life that most of you realize.  In the most expanded sense, there are no "victims."  There are only participants and volunteers, every step of the way!   This may be hard to believe, and if you like, it is okay to remain skeptical about it for as long as you need to do so.   

Most Soul Contracts are designed to take wide-open souls and cover them with scar(e) tissue, for a time, so that they can develop a "victim" mindset and enjoy a complete Limitation Vacation.  Their forgetfulness will continue until just prior to the full awakening of their Meta-Human traits and powers.  This will especially apply to those whose Spiritual Gifts demand high sensitivity and/or deep empathic connection.  Suffer now, so you can play later.  That's how things often work out.     

There are many children who enter the Earth Plane like beautiful flowers, full of love and oneness.  Their Veils are thin, and they carry a remembrance of what life was like, on the Other Side.  The environment in which they live cannot (or will not) endure such radiance, so a "hit man (or woman)" is designated to go in and "mess them up" a little bit.  As heavy feet come, and trample down these flowers, a protective covering develops around their sensitive consciousness.  They shut down, to some degree, so they don't burn out, or open fully before their appointed time.  This is not meant to be an excuse for cruelty.  We are simply telling you this as a means of harmonizing something that may have seemed random and without purpose.  

The memory of an abuse can toughen a soul, and temporarily de-activate a child's giftedness, so that more intensive identification with 3D can be attained.  Those who wear the masks of perpetrators receive even more "toughening" yet!  But it is just a memory.  Later, when the time comes to be awakened from the Limitation Dream, most of the relevance and sting of those memories will be neutralized by the remembrance of the vastness of the Multiverse, and the purity of each person's infinite power.  Eventually, the whole process will become harmonized into a single Expanded Viewpoint.  And all memories of hardship will simply be seen as something that was meant to be.

Abuses and Scars of the Soul come in all sizes, shapes, and forms.  The determination of what damage they do, or what Gifts that they bring exists entirely in the eye of the beholder.  There are those who have an ability to take the most heinous experiences and turn them into stepping stones for Multiversal Expansion.  And there are also those who can take a relatively mild trauma and turn it into a "passion pit" of depression and despair that lasts for decades.  There is no judgment in it.  How could there be?  No one can know the full extent of one's personal need for "covering" until his or her time of awakening has arrived.  

If your thoughts and attitudes are still being shaped by something that has happened in the past, there is a reason for it.  Your memories are a necessary component for who you are.  The big picture may not become apparent for many years.  Each of you are encouraged to simply trust your process.  Do not demean your current state by comparing your journey to others.  That is Separation Mindset.  In your universe, there are no "others."  There is only you and your mirrors.  What you are experiencing in First Person Consciousness is just one piece of the puzzle. You are much bigger than that.  Relax into that belief, even if you cannot fully understand it at the time.  More will be revealed, we assure you!     


We have purposely avoided addressing the topic of sexual "preferences" (gay, straight) which seem to carry so much importance in your societal structures at this time.  The stating of a "preference" for how or who one loves is a CONTROL STANCE that is designed to prevent a person from encountering and integrating shadow material.  It is a present-moment decision (or act of will) that is allowed to dictate future actions.  In the same ways that marriage tends to be unrealistic and suppressive in its expectations and declarations about what is to come, so also are advance expressions of "sexual preference." 

Love is a powerful cohesive force that expresses itself dynamically, and in the moment.  It cannot be calculated or promised, beyond a basic human dignity that is built into the Primal Law:  "Harm no one.  Do what thou wilt."  

If you love each other AS CHILDREN LOVE, you do not pay attention to rules or roles that have been designated to direct your attention in certain ways. If you are attracted to someone, you will want explore the attraction.  If you are not, that is the end of the story.  No analysis is necessary, unless you have accidentally ingested some attitudes and beliefs from adults that block your natural flow of personal intuition. 

There are no "hetero" or "homosexual" distinctions in children, save those attitudes and impressions they pick up from societal or adult sources.  And the minute they pick them up, they cease being children in those particular areas of life and practice.  There may be some karmic pre-settings towards certain goals or behavior, however, which will manifest clearly as each child grows and interacts with the world. 

From our read on the issue, sexual preference is a choice, on either side of the spectrum.  Loving someone of the opposite sex is not the "right" choice, and loving someone of the same sex is not "evil."   We are aware that some nice Limitation Dramas have grown up around this, and that also is fine.  After all, you're here to have experiences, aren't you?  Everything you experience is your own creation.  You don't need rules, politics, or police to protect you, once that knowledge clicks in.       

For physical and emotional well-being, during these upcoming days of high-energy transformation, we suggest that you begin viewing "sex" and "sexuality" as all expressions of initiation and response that occur in your perceptual field.  The shift this creates in your energy field will bring in many gifts and new points of awareness. 

When the bagboy at the supermarket asks if you want help taking groceries to your car, we invite you to realize that he is having a form of "sex" with you, in regards to the nourishing and support of your physical body.  He's giving and you're receiving.  As you LET IN HIS LOVE, by allowing his ACTIVE SUPPORT to dance with your NEED for same, a wonderful sense of warmth and connection can fill you.   

"What!??!!" might ask.  "ME having sex with a bagboy?"  

Oh, my yes.  Your entire society is having sex with itself all day, every day.  You simply fail to realize it, because many of you have shut down your energy fields in certain parts of your life and relationships.  The result is a form of spiritual deadness, which cannot be re-activated until you learn to get over your separation prejudices and programmed control issues.  

In such a situation, work becomes drudgery, because it stays focused within a narrow boundary called:  "What needs to be done."  How boring!   Your real "work" is rebuilding and upgrading your perceptual grids so they SHINE FORTH with an abundance of Kundalini Fire!   If you can do this, life energy begins to attract "beginnings," instead of "things that get done."  My is NEVER done!  It goes on and on, and so do you!  What manifests in 3D is just a tiny piece of who you are.     

When you buy a bouquet from a woman at the shopping mall, she is trading part of her "flower" in exchange for your talents and energy resource.  Instead of brushing past her, and grabbing the bouquet---why not allow yourself to drink in the fullness of the person who is your source for these flowers?  A flower is NOT separate from the person providing it (this can apply to positive attraction as well as negative traits)

Your Sexual Centers are meant to be used for discernment, as well as for making love.  If you are so turned off to this flower person that you can't even leave your "love light" on, why are you shopping at that mall in the first place?  Go where you feel alive and open, and lovingly let in what your feel is there.       

As you begin to explore your world in this way, using an upgraded Spiritual/Sexual Interface, physical touching may not need to occur in order for deep contacts to be made.  Your energetic aura goes out in all directions, for several feet.  If you don't have perceptual "armor" on, there is much that can be gleaned about where you are and with whom you are doing business. It changes your daily contacts from being "closed" and numb to being "open" and ready for experience.  And who knows what form love will take?  

If you wish to "amp up" the energy even more, look upon the people who surround you and imagine them in what you would consider an "ideal" state.  Throw a glamour over them, so that you see every facet in its best and most flattering light.  By so doing, you are bestowing GRACE on their life, whether or not you even say a word to one another.  Imagination is the "work" of the Magical Child Essence on the planet at this time.  It is also your Gateway into the Multiverse.   

As we said, the Mass Consensus (which also includes you, by the way) is NOT ready for much of this to be admitted in 3D just yet. And there are only a few of you who would be ready to run this energy all the time anyway.  The changes we speak about are largely internal, and they have their own timing, and focus of intensity.  They represent universes that are already alive and formed, but may never have contact with this one unless YOU build a bridge between what you consider to be "here" and "there."   

The "flowers" we speak of are delicate.  If your gaze becomes too intensive, you can burn them out.  Some plants thrive in strong "sunlight" while others wither in the heat.  A lustful LEER in someone's direction, implying some level of intimacy that has not yet been attained, tramples on the Inner Child........calling in an armored, ADULT ENERGY to take its place.  The ONENESS CONNECTION is broken, and everything slides back into lower densities of self-protection, suspicion, or shame. In fact, this is how your current 3D universes were formed.    

When trying out these beginning exercises, we advise you to use SOFT EYES--which views everything and everyone as an aspect of self.  When intensity goes out HERE, your Oneself Perceptors will  immediately feel the effects of what is happening THERE.  Honor that, and use the information you receive.  It's called "The Intimate Interface," and it speaks volumes about what is happening, or could be happening in every Now Moment. 

When you look at someone, with warmth and loving invitation, does he look back at you with the same vibe? If so, you may want to tentatively move forward, into deeper connection and sharing.  If not, realize that what you SEE IN HIM, when you face each other, is actually a reflection of YOURSELF---a shadow essence, which he wears for you as a service.  At the same time, what you FEEL INSIDE YOURSELF, when you encounter someone, is actually a sensory snapshot of HIM, in that moment--a part of him which he may or may not have been aware of, until you "logged on" to his universe.

Admittedly, there are those of you who will have severe reactions to hearing what we are telling you.  Red lights will flash, and you will experience immediate BLOCKAGE about expanding into this energy.  If this is the case, we advise you NOT TO FIGHT what we are saying, but simply get as far away from it as you can.  Go back to what feels easy and right to you.  Stay in love, stay in gentleness, and honor your inner voice--for it is often a great indicator of what you need, or what is right for you. 


By (slowly) expanding your definition of "Sex" to encompass more of your daily interactions---giving and receiving---you bring new power and excitement to your 3D Journey.  In some ways, this viewpoint warms and softens the energy of human interactions, and moves them from numbed-out sleepwalking and combat to a world of omnisexual, sensory delight.  It also makes room for you to recognize the distinction between playful, exploratory "sex" and MATING........which we will discuss shortly.  

Living from the above viewpoint, Sexuality includes all points of universal contact. People do what they feel, when they feel it--and a worldwide audience gets to notice the effects that flow from those choices.      

Spirituality and Sexuality involves dedicating oneself to passionate exploration, and it needs to be a dance of shared intention.  When one side of the dance says "No, thank you," that answer really applies to both sides.  It may not feel that way, but it's true.  All expressions of interaction are automatically reciprocal, because there is only ONE of you there. Additionally, the "No" still needs to be given precedence.  A "No" that is honored this time may become a "Yes" at some future time.  It's all about shared space, upgraded sensitivity, and expanded love.     

Sex can also take place between an individual and nature as well.  In this sense, your whole world becomes your "partner," if you can allow yourself to see it.  The feel of gentle rain on your face, the warmth of sand between your toes, tall grass covered with morning mist--all these (and more) can be "lovers" for those who think and feel in these expanded ways.  As we said in an earlier segment, the "hyper male dominance" will tend to scoff at such gentle ecstasy, because it focuses on "in and out" intensity, followed by a return to that "emotional armoring" that has been created over the centuries. 

Your admiration of those who tend to be "cool and calm" in sexual interact, is merely one half of an emotional "split" that has occurred in your collective character--creating yet another side that longs to become "hot and bothered," and awestruck by life.  As you become more Multiversal in your nature, you will have the ability to toggle between these two extremes, or find any other middle ground you require to make your journey enjoyable and fine.           

And now a bit about MATING.  When it comes to making distinctions, we suggest that you DO make a clear distinction between the more superficial levels of contact and those that involve various types of physical penetration.  When saying this, we exclude anything making contact with the mouth, since your organs of taste, touch, and smell are so much a part of your body's exploratory process.   For reasons which we shall not enumerate now, vaginal and anal intercourse have become universal "hot buttons," activating and bringing forward all types of karmic and emotive material--for review, release, or to be used in THE MERGE.     

Physical contact, in these ways, offers the nearest experience to Oneness that can be achieved in 3D.  Therefore, THEY MEAN SOMETHING, and cannot be entered into lightly, lest you suffer the consequences (both internal or external).  You can try to shield yourself, make light of it, or deny the effects, and it doesn't downstep the connection one iota.  As we shall explain later, lack of regard for this is at the root of creating what many of you call "Sexually Transmitted Disease."  If you open a Portal, and then carelessly abandon it, many uncomfortable changes tend to occur.  For more information on that, click HERE.  

Having said all this, we will add that a complete merge does not always require a life-long marriage commitment in order to be meaningful.  An entire Mating Cycle can be completed in one afternoon, if that is what your Soul Contracts have arranged.  We simply remind you that such intimacy requires respect, and a certain sense of awe, regarding the lifelong connections that are formed. What you share in these deep embraces will stay with you for a long, long time.  Unfortunately, up to this point, you have had to learn this in a negative way--through investigations involving the transmissions of STDs.  But there are very positive sharings that can occur as well.   

The things we are speaking here are not merely meant to validate traditional Relationship Agendas ascribed to females. Males also need commitment, in order to live happily. If you don't believe this, just take a look at the way men feel when employers use their talents, but do not appear interested in them as individuals. From that vantage point, it is quite easy to switch places with the female, and see what being "used" feels like.   

Though each situation varies, according to personality and life purpose, we have identified three important commitments that can be made, to maximize success, during these current energy infusions. They apply equally to both males and females. Those who lapse in faithfulness to these THREE COMMITMENTS will eventually find themselves frustrated and confused.  If you seek to define your sense of self by using another person, a job, a bank account, or the accumulation of personal possessions--you will find your life getting seriously hung up until you can LET GO, and move into The Flow.     

Traditional ways of "hooking up" in society are beginning to fall apart. We described this in detail in our transmission "2004: Families of the Heart."   Modern marriage concepts emphasize security, fidelity, honesty, and stability.  Those are excellent qualities, but they must come from WITHIN, not from some binding promise that two people made  5, 10, or 20 years ago.  Each day, each moment, each HOUR.......your lives are changing, changing, changing.  It's beginning to go so fast that life has become a blur.  Admit that, and accordingly....... and things will go much easier for you.   

If you have been drawn to this material, and if it resonates, then you have found your home.  If not, we bless you on your way.  All paths are true in the Multiverse.  The viewpoints and principles that we are offering now are for your discernment.  Spirituality and Sexuality, when intelligently applied to a 3D life, can add warmth and wonder to human existence.  In a sense, they are spices that flavor your own distinctive "recipe" of life. What one person finds interesting could blow out another person's energy, entirely.   

This segment concludes our focused exploration of the links between Spirituality and Sex.╣  As you might imagine, we could go on and on--and perhaps we will, at some later time.  For now, we thank you for your attention, and we admire you for your courage.  Many who read this material will go on to forge new paths in the area of Spiritual Knowledge and Relationships.  Some will achieve enlightenment at no small cost to themselves. 

Call upon us.  We will be here.  We love you, we support you, and we stand by you.  Certain discussion forums will be made available shortly, so that application of the above concepts can be personalized for your own needs and life situation.  Until then, be well! 

<end transmission>     

╣As of the publication of this transmission, which was Fall of 2004.  Part Six is now in the works, and it doesn't feel like this project is over, by any means.


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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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