Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Spirituality and Sex,  Part 6"


My Dear Friends,

All across the land, there are those who will continue, for a season, to wear a stern and reckoning gaze of rejection and condemnation, especially in regard to various liberties and social practices that arise from  life styles built on the concepts of innocence and freedom. 

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never really been far from you......just far enough.  Within our ranks are included all of those necessary Bridge Concepts that will connect you with what is known as The Multiverse, that compilation of possible/probable realities ALL OF WHICH represent levels of YOU, the Oneself Dreamer.  

In regards to Spirituality and Sex, there are trends afoot, which seek to lead humanity to return to its "traditional" FAMILY VALUES and SOCIAL ORDER--which certain individuals equate with narrowly defined ways of living and being........RULES, that embody whatever divine qualities are revered in the minds of those who currently hold power.  However, as humanity's vain attempts at personal "brainwashing" continue, the awakenings of primal energy (primary life force) are also in motion--nurtured, in no small part, by a continuing bombardment of LIGHT ENERGY which is arriving into your physical space via Soul-ar Rain, originating from both your Central Sun and also from that 3D symbol of Universal Light and Heat.  (For more imagery around this, please see our transmission "Aids and Planetary Healing.")     

In Part Two, we demonstrated that whatever is focused upon, yet held at a distance, becomes an object of obsession.  And, what's becomes fixated most clearly on the minds and hearts of those who are attempting to restrain that focus.  Even though their intention clearly states:  "We want to put an end to this practice," their Magical Manifesting Mind will not recognize the command line "put an end to it," since they are words of negativity and exclusion.  Your mind was not created to operate in that way.  That which is denied will always be multiplied. What you resist will always persist.  As Obi-Wan Kenobe put it, to Darth Vader:  "If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you could ever imagine."   This is equally true of what you call "Dark Forces" as it is of those you consider to be "Light." 

The current drama surrounding pedophilia in many of your cultures is proof of this.  Your stated concerns about the molestation of children has become your newest form of "Salem Witch Trials." As we demonstrated in Part Three of this series, ANY initiation into a child's space, with design to regulate or manipulate that person's life functions, is a form of ABUSE, and deserves close scrutiny.  Your current focuses on "keeping children safe" from predators are mere political screens--highlighting a statistical increase of illicit sexual contact or intercourse with minor children--while completely overlooking the manifold OTHER ways that children are MOLESTED and MANIPULATED to fit the needs of your "dominator" societal model.╣     

Whatever is popularly considered to be the height of shame and degradation will eventually metastasize into the mainstream because the only cure for SHAME is the realization of SAME that exists in all of you.   The proliferation of these "shameful acts," within popular media and knowledge, illustrates how any attempt to hush something up only adds gasoline to the firestorm surrounding it. 

The only way to resolve your concerns about "ruining the lives of children," through improper and premature contact with adults, would be to stop "screwing with them" on ALL LEVELS, not just the issue of forced (or coerced) sex.▓         

As people begin to let go of their walls of separation, they will go through some necessary rites of initiation that will return Goddess Energy to their specific "mix" of transformative energy.  The elements of "form" and "function" need not be lost, however.  All that is needed would be the addition of an element of FEELING to balance things out.  This necessary component moves beyond a mere hunger for orgasm, or titillation of the senses.  It will bring with it an expanded form of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY that always accompanies a truly compassionate ability to "love your neighbor as yourself." 


This return to Oneness, about which we have been speaking since the beginning, will take so many diverse forms that it cannot be contained in one set pattern or premise.  It is, quite literally, a Grand Central Station of Transformation, which mixes and mingles the Celestial Realms, the Underworld, and the 3D Experience into a single "Network" of internal access---very similar (in form) to your Internet in physical space.  Then, it hands over to each person an innate "sovereignty" that has always been the hallmark of society at its finest:  "Harm no one, do as thou wilt."    

Androgyny is your natural state.  Any statement of sexual preference constitutes a wall of focused separation that has been set up, in order to invoke certain life experiences, while filtering out others.  Some people NEED to experience relationships in these ways.  It is a Game......but it is a Game they wish to play, nonetheless........ in order that they might learn something. There is no harm in it, though it does exemplify the presence of a "reality box," which limits access to experience, rather than expanding consciousness.  As we have often stated, we are not here to take things away from you.  Our purpose is to expand your options.  How you use what is offered is entirely up to you. 

In truth, all beings are OMNISEXUAL in nature, as we have shared from the beginning of this series.  You are part of everything and everyone, unless you choose to forget about that, and believe otherwise. Those who fight for a right to be gay, are fighting with themselves.  Those who fight against homosexual expressions are also fighting within themselves.  Your entire You-niverse is simply a projection of your own inner dynamics, solidified and shone forth by the projector of your mind, so you can work through certain "issues" that are of importance within your individual soul's evolution. 

People don't make love with plumbing fixtures.  They make love with SOUL ESSENCE.  Male, Female, Child.  These are the three manifestations of BEING that are in motion today.  Children are beautiful, as we said, because they are OPEN to new experiences--whether or not they choose to continue in them.  They are undefined, and so they remain unconfined, and undefiled as well.  Every definition of self is simply a diversion away from whatever key issues seem to be at hand.  Curiosity aroused, around differences in male and female expression and function, is born of a Separation Mindset, nothing more.......and nothing less!  It is fun to learn new things. It's also fun to return to a place of comfort and familiarity as well.

Our point here is:  If you are fighting for your right to be who you are, in this Now Moment, it is because there are forces that still exist within you that have doubts about whatever it is that has captured your curiosity.  What you are feeling/wanting to become in this lifetime is usually a byproduct of what you refused to embody, within other levels of reality.  If you want to WIN in this process, let those doubts go!  Let them go!!!  Walk right past the battle lines within, and SIMPLY BE whatever it is you are wanting to be--allowing the rest of the world to take care of itself.

Those who seek to hold others back, in regards to personal expression, are running away from those very same issues within themselves.  It may not seem so, in their minds, but it is true. Additionally, they get to participate in forbidden acts, vicariously, as they seek out "perpetrators" and attempt to bring them to "justice."  The only true "justice" in this world, as we have previously stated, is found in the expression:  "JUST AS you see something manifest in the world around you, so are you JUST AS much a part of it than anyone and everyone else."  

Adults who address young people, ripe with newly awakening sexual fervor and desire, and propagandize to them about abstaining from expressing it (in the name of morality) are covertly molesting them, are they not?  They may not be doing it physically, but they are truly attempting to practice BONDAGE to an awakening mind and physical senses.  Each "warning" is a stroke upon a young mind. Each imagining, about children's experimentations and development---and especially each recrimination for their "sins," is a cloaked attempt at having sex with them.  Do you not see this?

Granted, there are all kinds of societal results and ramifications that flow from children exploring their sexual nature.  There are ramifications when ANYONE explores this area of human experience.  So be it!  Those are the facts of life!  What brings this topic up on your societal radar screen are the (perceived) responsibilities that fall upon society if and when children become sexually activated.  Yet those (perceived) burdens stem from your current societal organization, with its delay in granting personal sovereignty until age 18.  Under your current system, children are OWNED by their parents until they are legally emancipated, or until they turn 18.  That situation is a two-edged sword, is it not?  You (supposedly) have control over your kids, which makes you responsible for them.  As this progresses, parental control is getting harder and harder to sustain, isn't it?  Look at your jails and prisons.  How well does a "control" system of governance seem to be working for you?


In the midst of all the controversy about "homo" and "hetero" preferences in society, and the controversial "One Man, One Woman" design for Marriage--an interesting wrinkle is beginning to develop in how males and females interact with each other in their dances of intimacy.  We refer to this as "Crossover Sexuality," which provides a means for "hetero" people to slowly make their way back towards Androgyny, while avoiding dealing with the societal backlash that comes with identification with homosexuality.

As has been implied throughout this series, and heavily underscored in our transmission "The Missed of Avalon," the mantle of power in society has been dutifully passed, back and forth, between the Masculine and Feminine (God/Goddess) Aspects...........thereby declaring and empowering your various "Ages" of human experience (Piscean, Aquarian, etc), and illustrating the many ways in which power can be focused and captured, and what results this can have upon human development. 

Now, as humanity teeters between Masculine Dominance and Androgynous Oneself Collaboration, various individuals are beginning to feel inclined to pass their traditional initiation and response roles back and forth as well--not only in the sharing of family responsibilities (for example, the invention of "Mr. Mom".....but also in certain activities that occur during lovemaking.  

For example, there are men who regularly experience a kind of "tingling" in the groin area of their bodies--in the exact position where a vagina would exist in a woman.  Women, on the other hand, are beginning to find themselves "gushing" during sexual intercourse, in ways quite similar to male ejaculation--sometimes sending body fluids sailing across the room.  And this is only the beginning.  The variance and shifts of emotion, during sexuality, is beginning to change are patterns of dress, practice of "dominant" and "submissive" sex play, and a number of other interesting trends. 

The recent popularization and public acceptance of oral and anal intercourse is probably the biggest "tell" regarding the shifting of internal attitudes (or atti-TIDES as the case may be)........having to do with "giving" and "receiving" roles in sex and/or marriage.  By adding additional forms of expression to the more traditional "Missionary" Position," is possible for a "One Man and One Woman" Relationship Model to fill their relationship with MANY MEN and MANY WOMEN....all of whom are mixed and blended from their own internal masculine and feminine selves.  And, as it has been written......."the marriage bed is undefiled," so far as any condemnation about alterations of form and function, so an integration of FEELING can be brought back into the Dance. 

Many of these shifts and changes are occurring, in some instances, without conscious recognition or admission by the participating parties.  In fact, there are some members of society who are practicing Crossover Sexuality, even as they are claiming (and encouraging) a return to more "traditional roles," where "men are men" and women are "barefoot, pregnant, and stay in the kitchen."

The appearance of all this TAKING TIME to develop in the lives of humans is ILLUSION.  At your Oneself Core, you are ALREADY THERE.  But in the 3D World of Form, there is the appearance of an unfolding process...........and sense of linear continuity, as the Dance of Remembrance unfolds. 

As we will share at a later time, the appearance of what you call "Venereal Diseases" or "STDs," is simply the embodiment of a full-on KUNDALINI AWAKENING that has been stopped, mid-stream, and kept from reaching its fruition.  The appearance of physical symptoms is evidence of that.  From our view, your whole lives in 3D could be described in this very same way.  Indeed, it would be entirely accurate, as has already been quoted, that ALL OF LIFE is just a "sexually transmitted disease" of grand proportions! 

We are always here.  As your awareness expands, the availability of new knowledge and abilities, with which to thrill and delight yourselves, will grow as well.  Simply reach out to us, and we will come to you--in whatever form and predominant energy that will best suit your particular evolutionary pattern and itinerary.  It's time for humanity to FLY UNITED!         

<end transmission>

╣Societal Models:  Dominator Model (either masculine or feminine) versus a Partnership Model, which proposes a collaboration of BOTH sides of the energy spectrum, for mutual benefit and prosperity.  For more info on this, see "The Chalice and the Blade" by Riane Eisler. 

▓Some sketches on the redesign of society, using a more collaborative model--focused upon bridging the age discrimination gap--is found in "The Imagine Nation," which is part of the archive at

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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