Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Spirituality and Sex, Pt. 7"

 My Dear Friends,

The planetary rumblings continue, as your collective Dance of Awakening becomes more focused and intense.  The Winds of Destruction---which shattered your Gulf Coast in America are simply one of many powerful ramifications that will flow from your recent decision to shine light into those dark corners of your consciousness, finally exploring what has been hidden within you for so long.  The Solar Flares which preceded this turbulence also symbolize this.  Little by little, you are dropping the Veil--exposing, on many levels, the YOU that has existed since the very foundations of time.   

In Oneness, there is no such thing as "evil" or "malevolence."  There are simply varying degrees of unconsciousness.  What appears as cruelty or heartlessness, in the heat of the moment, often reveals itself to simply be the product of an emotional disconnect, created through times of early childhood trauma.  Emotional disconnect......cradled by an overwhelming drive to discover and recover that which was stolen, so long ago.


Let us speak now about Demons, Scapegoats, Sacrificial Lambs, and other storage receptacles for Supernatural Power, whether they be deemed Light or Dark.  We build our commentary here on certain knowledge that was previously set forth in transmissions such as "Dealing With Psychic Disturbances" and commentaries such as "In the Cleft of the Rock."  If you haven't had a chance to review those yet, you may want to do so now.   

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been very far from you, just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all those necessary Bridge Concepts that will connect you to what is called The Multiverse, the infinite storehouse of possible/probable realities, all of which represent levels of YOU. 

You are so much more than you think you are.  But you have forgotten it.  And, in your restless thrashing about--tossing and turning in your third dimensional dream--you have cast off many of your powers, giving them separate form and function, according to your individual need for emotional and/or mental stimulation. 

Included among those disowned energies, which so many have laid aside and abandoned, are raw emotional states which are essential building blocks for personal passion, and key components for your soon-to-be-expanded Spirituality and Sex Interface.  To deny the intensity of these raw emotional states is to deny yourself the power they are here to deliver.  They stand as both Inquisitor and Deliverer for those who are ready to invoke their presence. 

The terms INCUBUS and SUCCUBUS, for example, have been used to to describe DEMONS, who invade the space of those who sleep and form a sexual union with them.  They are sometimes referred to as Demon Lovers. The seed essence of this blending is said to be used for the conception of Demon Children, whose purpose is to assist in the ongoing process of Planetary "Endarkenment."╣

From a Oneness Point-of-View, these are detached (or disowned) aspects of your own human desire--which have been locked away or denied for so long that they develop personalities all their own. Since all aspects of creation are holographic in nature--we are each able, at any level, to exercise our birthright as creators--formulating and establishing our own personalized universes--made up of images, sounds, beliefs, and realities that remain unique to us.

A Demon, therefore....(or an Angel, for that matter) is a storage-space for your own power, which you choose to lay aside for awhile.  It is not separate from you, even as WE are not separate from you.  It only appears that way.  That is the gift of 3D.  Do you see?  The "shock value" which a Demon carries is meant to be used as a tool, for breaking through denial of your connections to everything and everyone.  Where "walls of denial" exist, a Demon can sometimes be like a "diamond drill," boring through layers of forgetfulness, so you can remember more of who and what you are.  (Note from the Channel, click here)

A sexual journey or relationship can become a catalyst for intensive transformational processes.  The raw emotions that are aroused, coupled with unique personality mixtures that can occur, bend a person's mind and emotions into configurations and postures that could never be attained within everyday "working" consciousness.  Indeed, a sexual connection has power to become a cauldron of instant alchemical change--a hotbed for transformative power--whether that be for good or ill (terms which are quite subjective, anyway). 

It is for this reason that we encourage you to consider ordaining a proper (and honorable) place, within your societal structure, wherein sexuality can be recognized as the healing force that it can be.  Of course, as it is with all healing forces, there is also the potential in sexuality to destroy as well as heal.  And therein dwells the concern. 

To be totally effective, Sexual Healing needs to be in the hands of someone who understands its power, and knows how to wield it.  That does not eliminate more casual, informal sexual encounters--nor does it mean that someone would reach a stage where he or she becomes immune to the healing effects of Sex.  Rather, it would simply be helpful for humanity to create this healing space, wherein the mantle of control can be passed--back and forth--among those who respect and honor it--thereby creating it so that all participants can enjoy times of receiving as well as giving.

For the time being, it is best to refer to these talented individuals simply as "Healers," and let it go at that.  To advertise more is to risk degrading something that is ageless, something that defies definition.  Many there are who attempt to apply the term "Sacred Prostitute," making a business out of something that is very personal, we have said......very reciprocal. The "business" part consists of the physical skill and science of Healing.......with all the proper boundaries and form that have proven to be helpful in the dispatch of same.  The other parts of the dance must be allowed to happen in their own special ways........sacred ways........and no price can be fixed upon them! 


We spoke a bit in Chapter 4 about the work and purpose of this process known as "Sexual Integration Facilitation."  We wish now to continue the discussion.  Having had discussions with you about transforming daily interactions, allowing light sexual activation to upgrade the energy of everyday life--we moved on to sharing understanding about the essentially androgynous nature of humanity, at its core.     

We want to visualize with you what a healthy transition for society might be like in regards to these new ways of being.  There are many who sample this energy and then allow it to go right to their heads!  Believing they have somehow been "blessed" with a certain amount of charisma and vibrancy, they step forward to volunteer their "services" as Sexual Integration Facilitators for those who come their way. 

Though individual motives for doing this may be genuine, the positive results that flow from such activity usually tend to be less than one might imagine.  It becomes its own kind of Limitation Game.  Sexual Integration Facilitation is not a "volunteer" kind of activity, nor is it a one-sided affair.  Any activation for one side of the dance is also an activation for the other. 

For the most part, it is not up to one person to determine, ahead of time, when or with whom he might perform such a service.  That usually originates in the heart and energy field of those who require the assistance.  For the most part, you don't choose to go into this work.  You are chosen.  And we say this for good reason.

The key component to activations that come through Sexual Integration is the element of surprise that is associated with them.  They literally sneak up on you, so that the energy produced can enter deeply into your Oneself Core. This happens on both sides of the dance.  If it happens any other way, those who are involved tend to become numbed to the potential, or (conversely) they become attached to the persons who are involved, rather than the energy that is doing the work.

From this point on, if you are a Child of the Oneness, your "love affair" is truly going to be with the energy, not with those you encounter.  They will be dear to you, and that is perfectly fine.  But your true "lover," if you now the energy, itself.    

By using phrases like "it sneaks up on you" and "the element of surprise," we do not mean to imply that you would be coerced or assaulted in anyway.  That is not the point.  Rather, we are simply saying that some of your most profound connections, in days to come, will come about in unexpected and spontaneous ways.  They will open before you, like portals to infinity, and invite you to step in.  Once inside the "gate," you will be invited to participate in the dance as long as it lasts, and then you will exit the portal.  Whatever happens after that will be a process unto itself. 


In our transmission entitled "Relationships:  A Time for Healing," we had the following message to give to you: 

"All relationships can be seen as "flashcards," designed for testing and retesting yourselves concerning one crucial issue:   Do you trust yourself, or not?  Whether or not an individual or situation under consideration is right or wrong for you is truly irrelevant in the light of this crucial, continual query.

The questions of "How do I find the right mate?" or "Which job best suits me?" are no longer relevant, once a person has understood the basic operation of energy attraction and repulsion.   Under the watchful guidance of honest, unbridled, organic knowingness---an individual will automatically find those situations that match his need for personal development.  It's natural, its wholesome, and it operates from its own kind of logic.

DESIRE is the activation key, placing you securely into the driver's seat of your Multidimensional Vehicle.  Lose touch with your desire, your inner passion, and the vehicle skids right into a ditch. To be sure, it will take time for society to begin adapting to patterns of inner guidance, rather than blind adherence to traditions, or social mores.  Nevertheless, it must be done. You all must begin to understand that inner motivation is both reflective and reciprocal.   If you don't accurately own your inner feelings in the presence of others, how will they get an accurate picture of their own reflection in the pool of Oneness?

The principles that we share with you now are high ones, indeed.   The pitch of your reality is only now reaching a sufficient tone to begin integrating these "new" viewpoints.  However, you must be patient with yourself.  Take it one step at a time.  You can expect to weave, in and out, between Oneness and Separation, for some time to come.  Both viewpoints are valid.  However, each exists at a different "speed" in the vibratory spectrum.

We like to refer to this transformation process as THE DANCE.   Acceptance is the heart, and the art of this process.  You must learn to see the perfection in everything and everyone around you.   In this way, you will ultimately learn to love yourself.  In a holistic sense, the word "perfection" does not refer to some specified list of "mandatory" traits or characteristics.  Neither does it represent some unattainable ideal about how a person should feel or behave.  Rather, it stands for COMPLETION.  When you begin to embrace the infinite styles, types, kinds, and classifications for ALL THAT IS---and you become willing to own them all, AS SELF........then your anxious, critical minds will begin to relax.  Then, the strangle hold they've had upon you will begin to be released."  <snip>

The various social mores that have always been invoked to control and manipulate romantic and sexual connections, including child-bearing, were more focused upon the inheritance of physical property, than on genuine foundations for love.  The origin of "marriage" rituals, and all the social and religious regulations that have been downloaded into them, allow ancestors and governmental agencies to properly legislate control over lands, houses, and physical relics as they are passed to family members when parents or grandparents die. 

In some situations, marriages are arranged by the families involved, and not by those who actually participate in them.  This is done so that precious heirlooms and property can be distributed logically and in orderly fashion between one generation and another.  So be it.  We are not here to interrupt that which has worked for centuries.

And yet.....while all this is going on, within the depths of your collective being....there are memories and connections being stirred.......awakenings and remembrances, coming and going through "chance" encounters, or other such intersections between desire and opportunity.  And when these occur, there have always been those who find themselves entering into (seemingly) illicit relationships, which are truly genuine and beautiful--though operating entirely outside the loop of societal regulation and tradition. 

Invoking, if need be, tirades of disapproval and pain within those who learn about them--unspeakable horror, in the minds of some.....these dances they form the very heart of Spiritual/Sexual Integration.  They keep alive the very roots of true love that have spread, throughout the generations, across your planet!


Agony, Ecstasy, Tragedy...... and all the levels in-between!  That is what we're speaking about, as you move into these next stages of evolution for your planet and for your individual souls.  It won't be easy, nor will it be quick.  But, rest assured, the energy produced will be incredible, so long as you don't try to control or manipulate it at the ego levels. 

At the social wise!  You are not just the ones who choose, you are also they who are chosen!  Let the energy flow.  Let the Oneself have its way!  If you feel desire, have the courage to act on it, in whatever ways seem appropriate for you.  If you do not have desire, have the authenticity to respond accordingly......lovingly, and with joy.  You do not always have to be the recipient of joy.  Sometimes, you will simply find yourselves to be the dispenser of it.  There is nothing wrong with it.       

The Law of Reciprocity states that it is energetically impossible for one person to desire something of another that does not have a significant meaning for both.  After all, there is only one of you there!  At the same time, a statement of "No, thank you.......," coming from one side of an interaction is automatically reflective of both sides.  What you tend to think of as a "conflict of opinion" will eventually be recognized for what it truly is---an opportunity for two beings in physical space to experience and celebrate their multidimensional nature. 

In some situations, the entire purpose of Sexual Integration is simply for one "side" of an interaction to say to another:  "I want to be with you."  In many ways, the very ACT of doing so is the whole extent of the interaction.  What happens after that may be irrelevant. 

Be clear, yet be gentle.  Be infinitely loving, as if you are dealing with your very own heart!  Indeed.......YOU ARE!  Each of you is but a faint glimmer of reflection for ONE HEART that beats, all across eternity.  Let Beauty have her dance with the Beast!  Let the Handsome Prince romance his Cinderella. 

Each of you is kissing your "others" awake......during this time of Planetary Transformation.  And yet, the principle of "monogamy" is also in play.  There is only ONE, and there always has been only ONE.  That ONE may have many faces, or its face may remain the same.  Those who you really LOVE, and who are loved by you, will always return, when it time to integrate........time to process these new energies.  For them, you will be a safe harbour........a place of gentle repose, amid the storms of life.  It matters not who they have loved, or who they will love in days to come.  What matters most is HERE, and NOW, and the fact that they keep choosing to make YOU their "home." 

   ╣For more on this, please see our transmission called "Dark Forces and the Coming Transformation")  

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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