"Star Trek:  The Next Re-Generation"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


"Space.  The Final Frontier."  It's so nice to hear those words again!  Especially when they are spoken by an aged, but nowhere-near-defunct Leonard Nimoy.  It's music to my own pointy ears, and lots more money in the bank for Paramount Pictures.  (to view Trailer, click HERE)

It seems that humanity is devoting loads of time and energy to exploring a host of "final frontiers"......such as time, expanded consciousness, multiple dimensional realities.  And this new incarnation of the 60s classic TV series leaves none of them out.  I frequently had tears in my eyes throughout the movie---especially when Future Spock meets a young, eager Jim Kirk and repeats his timeless vow:  "I am now and always shall be.....your friend." 

The casting for this movie was excellent.  One of my favorites was Karl Urban, who played Eomir of Rohan in "Lord of the Rings."   He now plays Dr. Leonard McCoy.  And.....excitement here......we get to find out how McCoy got his nickname "Bones."  Very fun, indeed. 

These types of movies are the MYTHOLOGY of our modern age.  I was quite pleased to find Director J.J. Abrams providing a considerable amount of back story for us Baby-Boomer Trekkies........far more than George Lucas provided with his prequels to "Star Wars." 


"Your own community of film-making has been a constant, yet unconscious, reminder of the fascinating process which both contains you and governs your experiences.  What they produce on celluloid is merely a shadow of what you have been, and are,  within the glorious Multiverse.  

We refer to these many gifts of media as "The Dreams of the Mass Mind."  We also use this term to describe various books, works of art, magazines, musical works, television, sculpture, jewelry and any other means of expression whereby a human dares to reach through the Veil and draw forth something terrifying, hysterical, or sublime.  

And the veracity of these portrayals is assured, since many of their motives for these productions involve a desire for commercial success and societal acceptance.  What society cannot resonate with, it will not support.  And so, with cool and focused precision, your directors, producers, authors, artists and musicians are regularly providing accurate reflections of who you now are, and who you also could be---a gift that brings great nourishment for personal expansion.  The magical and metaphysical interests abound at this time, in the world of motion pictures.  And this is truly indicative of where humanity's mind is moving as well.  The Dreams of the Mass Mind."    MORE ON THIS




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