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"Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves.  And it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them!"

-Antoine de Saint Exupery

Why Are They Called Star Children?



1-The Next Generation

"There are no new souls being born into this universe. However, old souls are returning in thundering hordes. Everyone upon the Earth at this time is involved in a historic unfoldment. Since 1973, there are really no children anymore. There are only "little people." They are old, old souls, masquerading as young innocent babes."

It has been predicted by many that, on or near December 22, 2012, our focus upon and preoccupation with time will stop. The Mayan Calendar will be complete, and something brand new will begin. Some folks are convinced that it will be eternity.  In these next 11 years (linear time), our people and our planet are making preparations for a Graduation Day, of sorts. Of course, everyone has been invited. By then, everyone will surely be here." 

This section speaks about what Star Children are like, ADHD Issues, Depression, An Intro to some new ideas on Education, and lays out some views about what the future will be like.  

2-Wandering in the Wilderness 

"What happened to the Children of Israel when they left the House of Pharaoh is also happening to the Baby Boomers today.  Because they doubted Spirit, and could only believe in their idols made of gold, a whole generation had to die off before the people were allowed to go into the Promised Land.

Soon the Baby Boomers will begin to die off.  Many of us are still wandering around in circles, trying to figure out who to obey and what to worship. Though we picked up on organized religion in the 70s and 80s to ground and focus us, we were lulled to sleep by the tendency of our clergy to spoon feed us, rather than encouraging us to go inside and discover the truth for ourselves."  

The Baby Boomers have lost touch with their Inner Magical Child.  When this happens, our children will pick up that "lost" energy and run with it.  There is still time.  We don't have to be wandering in circles.  We can go forward into remembrance if we do desire!


"In essence, a Changeling is the body of a child that no longer has the "kid" inside. The body walks, talks, and even goes to school - but the child essence lives somewhere else. The hearers of this legend took the whole matter so seriously that, once the legend was invoked, there was seldom a problem getting the children to sleep, ever again.

Tired and befuddled parents sometimes do cruel things. They invent monsters and then they must spend years trying to convince their frightened kiddies that monsters do not exist. Today's solution turns out to be tomorrow's problem. And so it has been with our dear slumbering Star Children."

This speaks about our forgotten Inner Child, and the relationship of Faeries, ETs, Devas, and Elves to the care and feeding of those "lost boys and girls."   

4 - A Tale of Two Comets 

The Comet Kohoutek symbolized, in the physical world, the opening of a Gate, which began a process of spiritual unfoldment for several overlapping generations. These parents and their children have aligned with the souls of countless ancestors and their civilizations to bring about nothing less than our Reconnection with All That Is.

The Comet Kohoutek and the Hale-Bopp Comet were two sides of the 'same event.' Just as Jesus was believed to have a first advent and is anticipated to come again, so the Energy Gate of Kohoutek/Hale-Bopp was also a singular occurrence that unfolded slowly, and over several years."

A clear explanation of why these kids are called "Star Children," and what they came here to teach and to do.  


5-Behaviorally Disordered? 

This whole idea of a disease process that is called a "disorder" was invented by men and women who make their living from defining and changing the attitudes and actions of others. Many of the basic premises and techniques for change used by these therapists and doctors are built from an extremely masculine (heavily logical) paradigm that holds a core belief that order equates with happiness. In such an out-of-balance society, everyone strives as much as possible to become or to remain "normal."  Star Children are anything but normal, and they will readily declare that order is not their highest priority in life.   

This chapter explains some of the false conclusions that have been held, about the awakening Star Kids--especially around the issues of depression, disorderly behavior, withdrawal, and hypersensitivity.

6-Riding the Waves of Transformation

As has been said, a total Transmutation Process will take around 30 years. This period has been generally divided into three fairly equal segments lasting about 10 years each: Preparation, Initiation, and Integration (or Blending). The Baby Boomers began to awaken, more or less, about 20 years into their cycle (1965-1977). The Second Wave SC began their conscious journey somewhere between 1988 and 1997. As we have said before, these dates are only approximations, based on the underlying patterns and assignments revealed by Spirit. As usual, exceptions to these patterns also abound.

Finally, the Third Wave Star Children will come online between 2008 and 2017, about the period where time (as a means of counting and organizing life) will cease. Many channels agree that the time frame for that shift is about December of 2012. The future is not set, however, and these estimations continue to remain reasonable guesses, based on the vibrations at hand.  

A full explanation of the various "waves" of Star Kids, as they come upon the planet.  Each aspect---Generations X, Y, and Z---have their own focus.  What are those distinctives, and what can we learn from them?  

7-The Only Begotten of the Father

We have spoken earlier in this series about a beam of energy that carried the souls of the second and third wave Star Children onto the planet - beginning with Comet Kohoutek and ending with the departure of Hale-Bopp. That beam of energy was the Golden Ray, the power of the Christ Consciousness, which was once again coming upon the planet with full force and eternal purpose.

The birthing of our Star Children is a process that is full of divine intent. Their lives and spiritual gifts may be varied, but their consciousness is united, and their collective soul essence is locked on target. They are here to lead us into the Fourth Dimension. And they are surely equipped to do this - energetically, intellectually, and emotionally - coming forth from a “Father/Mother” Energy that loves us all as though we were an “only child.” 

This chapter addresses organized religion, and speaks about how Star Children will be helping humankind to bridge some of the serious "gaps" in our understanding about God and each other.  

8-Tracking M.U.D. into the House

THE WORLD OF COMPUTERS AND THE INTERNET is now the playground of the Star Children. Where once they donned capes and cowboy hats, enthusiastically riding broomsticks around the barn, the youngsters of today are adopting a whole host of sub-personalities that dance in Cyberspace across a monitor in the family room at home.

The advent of MUDs, MOOs, MUCKs, and other such game formats is the beginning of our Next Generation's leap into the Multiverse (Simultaneous Parallel Reality). By way of introduction, we are referring to "Multiple User Dungeons," (MUDs) or "Multiple User Dimensions", as they are also called on the Net. Originally modeled after the historic Dungeons and Dragons, these online games are one of the fastest-growing pastimes in Cyberspace.

The games involve becoming, through active imagination, a great warrior or adventurer, and completing a fantastic Cyber-Quest. Experienced players may act out a half-dozen different personas during the course of a day. Between the chat names they adopt through America-On-Line, and the online personalities they assume in the Multiple User Dimensions, our dear Star Children seem to be exploring their Multidimensional Selves with wild and reckless abandon. 

9-The Incredible Planetary Oneself

The Bible speaks to us about entering the Kingdom of Heaven by becoming "as little children". When an infant is born, the crown chakra is quite open. Physically, this manifests as a softening of the skull at what is known as the Anterior Fontanel (the "soft spot" in a baby's head). During infancy, the etheric body of a child comes and goes during his or her sleep cycles - making regular visits to various parts of the planet. Many trade places with Dolphin and Whale Consciousness, as they swim in various oceans of the world.

Oneself Connection is something that we all brought in with us. However, over a course of years, the 3D World (parents, siblings, teachers, friends) entranced us into believing more in what was happening outside of us than what was going on inside. As our Internal Connection returns, humans will begin to feel an energy rise from the base of our spine. This vibration is known as "Kundalini Fire". Its appearance is one sign that an individual is truly ready to experience life fully, from a completely different place inside.   

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