Star Kids, Dolphins and Whales 




To Dolphins and Whales, there is no difference between themselves and the water.  This is true of infants as well.   They do not perceive their environment as "separate" from themselves.  Neither shall we.  It has all been illusion.  And that illusion is passing. 

The Divine Feminine is re-entering the picture.  All over this universe, therefore, you will begin to see the embodiment of the World of the Unseen, the Magical, the Fantastic.  The Goddess has rule over such, they come always at her bidding.  In comes our psychic and spiritual awareness, in come our memories, and knowledge of unknown mysteries....held captive for oh, too many centuries.  Into us, flow our feelings.....which have been locked in a dungeon....buried deep down inside.

Dolphins and Whales have always been very involved with the adaptations and operations of Star Children upon the planet. The entity Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) once described, in detail, how the infant souls of Star Children mix and mingle with these marvelous water mammals during their early days in physical form. In this way, the newborns are easily able to adapt to this denser physical format while still being consciously connected to the Multiverse.

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Elle Fanning as young Allie Keys in Steven Spielberg's "Taken"

 "I remember the first time I saw Dolphins.  I was three."

"It was the first time I ever thought  something was beautiful."

"It was also the first time I realized that there was something about me that was different from everybody else."

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