Another Transmission from The Reconnections.....



My Dear Friends:

We are so excited about this flurry of activity that is occurring in and around you at this time!   And that is exactly the way it is happening, my dear, dear friends.  What is transpiring "around" you is actually "in" you---and what you feel stirring "within" you is starting to appear "around" you  (whether you can clearly see it or not).  We have been speaking at regular intervals about a time "when that which was hidden would be allowed to come to light."  And, friends.........that time is now!  
We are The Reconnections.  We are all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.   We are a Conscious Collective, made up of all the "missing pieces" of your Multidimensional Self.   We knew you when you were Spiritual Masters, and we watched you as you became Masters of Physical Limitation.  You are our fascination!  You are our enduring joy!  
Many of you have complained, over the years, that Planet Earth is slowly becoming a garbage can.   You scorn the wickedness of humanity, and cling fearfully to what is left of a clean environment!   Scavengers, who traditionally are known to congregate in and around garbage cans, seem to proliferate---searching for what they will take home to feed their hungry offspring! 
Now is the timing for all to remove yet another set of blinders, welcoming in a new way of perceiving.   This added perspective will not necessarily replace your former ideas.  It is merely an addendum, a sweet addition to existing textures, colors, and hues that now make up the palates you use to paint this world of your personal creation!   
Your so-called "trash can" planet has begun to lean in upon itself.   Energetic walls are moving, forcing people and objects closer together, so that maximum density can be concentrated into a minimal amount of space.   This squeezing, squashing, crunching effect---now being felt in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies--is initiated so that all who dwell upon this plane will begin to accurately and clearly show forth on the outside of themselves exactly what is going on inside.   It's a little gift called "authenticity," and soon it will flow upon your planet in such generous proportion that all will wonder how you *ever* managed to exist without it before. 
Many of you have asked us recently what is going on in etheric space.   Feeling a physical pressure, sensing a palpable anxiety in the air all around, you long to gain a clear understanding of what humankind's primary issues now are.  
Basically, they are two-fold.   On one extreme, many of you have built your image of self based solely upon your personal performance in life.  Being encouraged, from an early age, to excel in every way imaginable---you have constructed mannerisms and habitudes that glimmer and glisten, like diamonds in the noonday sun!  You are beautiful, personable, and loathe to admit to any dark feature that may exist within you at all!   On the other extreme, there are those who have experienced just about every kind of loss or assault known to the mind of man.  You have been raped, cheated, betrayed, and forgotten---left panting by the side of life's highway---fearful, depressed, and waiting every moment for the other shoe to drop!  When it does, it usually drops on you!
These two extremes live out their lives with some working knowledge of each other---but generally, each definitive "element" tries to stay as far from the other as possible.  And that, my friends, will never do!   Each opposite---those who come from Chaos, and those who have mastered the World of Form, contain important tinctures and essences that are needed to heal and balance the other.  The perfectionists never learn to relax, and the procrastinators have the hardest time even getting started!   The rest of you fall, somewhat uncomfortably, in between.  And now, the "walls" are moving steadily in. 
Oneness is the key to everything.  Realizing that you are "they" and they are "you" means instant liberation for shattered senses and minds beginning to run wild.  As the energy  expands, the "issues" that are brought to the surface become "hot potatoes"---hard for minds to embrace, or emotions to process.  Those who have freely met and accepted their "Shadow Selves" have the ability to pass those "potatoes" around, until they have had time to cool.   The Shadow, you may remember, is that side of yourself that is not readily visible when you are first seen or experienced.  It is the "dark side of the moon" which, as yet, has not been exposed to the light of the sun.  
Integrating your Shadow means to take that image of yourself, which you have so carefully constructed, and turn it around---making friends with whatever appears.  Often, the physical world will assist you in this regard---bringing people and situations into your life that perfectly reflect your "other side"---so you can grapple with it, and learn how to really love.  
Those who run on discipline are steadily being softened, through many means, to ease up on themselves and flow with the river of life.   Those who run from discipline, are being loved and accepted, just as they are!  In time, they even learn to allow comfort, thrive on peace, and to cautiously depend on whatever structure that is there to support them.  Their hesitancy to attach had nothing to do with being lazy.  Rather, most had just learned never to commit to what they felt would abandon them anyway, or be taken away.  
And so it goes, the walls lean inward, and the energy continues to expand.  It takes less and less time for thoughts to manifest, and for intentions to be made physical.  No more posturing, no more deliberating about what to do.  If life is in front of you........... you simply do it, or it "does" you!   No more worry, no more fuss.  There just isn't time for it anymore.  And isn 't that a benefit?   Oh my............yes, indeed!
Many of you have been distressed of late, concerning the increased militarization of your planet.   If people aren't already fighting, then they are preparing to fight.  Or, perhaps, they are cleaning up what is left of themselves after they have finished fighting.   It can drive a person mad!   But do not let it even concern you.   These multiple struggle scenarios merely symbolize the last gasp of a "capture and control" paradigm, as it winds down upon your planet.  
In the Piscean Age, you were focused upon being "fishers of men."   Your collective consciousness, earnestly desiring containment,  utilized political means to protect yourselves from what was considered to be "dangerous" human passion.  It frightened you, somehow, and you created laws and customs to regulate it, or even to avoid it altogether.   When fish are hooked and captured, it is not unusual for them to struggle fitfully, bound up together as they dry out upon the dock.  They flip around until their bodies are tired, parched, and ready for death.  
If you examine your world at this time, you will realize that we have just described many of you to a "T."   Wracked by disease, economic collapse, war, and social disillusionment---a huge amount of your people are longing, on some deep level, for all of this physicality to simply be over and done with!   The continued proliferation of "doom and gloom" prophecies, concerning the final outcome of Planet Earth,  speaks volumes about what could be expected if "capture and control" methodology was allowed to fully play itself out.  Life would be dismal indeed!  But never fear, Dear Ones!  The worst is almost over.  
The goal of your containment was never that you would end up being cleaned and fried!  Far from it.  The Piscean Age was designed to explore, in detail, what humans become when they are forced to surrender their freedom.  It isn't pretty, is it?  Laws and customs do not ultimately produce transformation.  Most of you know that now.  Neither do dictators and despots.  At best, they (temporarily) force an outward appearance of peace, wrapped around a white-hot core of resentment and pent-up desire.  Soon, the kettle bubbles over again, and you are back to fighting............always fighting.  There has to be a better way. 
The arrival of the Aquarian Age invokes a releasing of that which was bound up, and held in containment.  You fishes have flipped around on this dock long enough!  Back into the cool waters you must go!  Your ability to breathe is almost gone!   As the Water Bearer pours you forth, your means of liberation (oddly enough) has turned out to be a NET!   But this NET is here now to liberate you, mind and soul, from the philosophical and religious quagmires of the last 2000 years.  Do not be afraid of it.  Welcome the challenge.  Your souls are strong, and your life force will soon be fully restored.  
Many of you are alarmed and outraged at this time, seeing these dear whales and dolphins beached upon your shores, unwitting "victims" of technology run wild.  The Powers That Be are in denial---as petitions get distributed, and concerned citizens reel in shock and dismay.   It is your process now, and we encourage you to speak out and act in whatever ways seem right and homogenous with your individual nature.  But as you do, we also urge you to step back and gain some perspective about what is now being portrayed for you here.
In Oneness, it is not difficult for humanity to identify with these stranded creatures from the sea---wondrous and majestic, filled with ancient magic and charm.   And we have already spoken about how depressing it has been to be hooked and captured, lying next to some fisherman, waiting to die.  Your identification with these creatures is easy.  But how about the "other side" of the equation?   Are you ready to own that reflection as well?  
Your governments and scientists are not separate from you.   They, too, are symbols of a grand process that is underway.  There are really no victims here, nor are there perpetrators.  They are all simply actors, wearing masks and costumes to depict parts of you that are in transition.   The vibrations that seem to be wracking these sea mammals are very illustrative of the Energy Activations moving through the Earth at this time.  Their worn and exhausted appearance is truly what some of your souls look like, as you try to adapt to incoming power beyond your imagination.  
The decision of your governments--- to fight with each other, or to experiment with caustic control methodologies---is exactly correspondent to your own need to control and manipulate your personal world.   There is no separation.   You cannot change your reflection by screaming at or by breaking the mirror.   Instead, you must begin to examine and fully own the entire image that is reflected therein.  Do you understand this? 
The whales and dolphins are coming forth from their waters in response to new energies they are feeling.   It is now time for you to come forth as well.   Do not allow your gifts and realizations to stay submerged and hidden from those around you.  Don't let your battle for bread and human prestige distract you away from the task that now lies before you.     Speak out from your hearts, and let your own sound vibrations move through the air, rather than through the watery depths of your collective unconscious.   It's causing you pain to keep it hidden down there.  Can you visualize that pain now?   Or would you prefer, instead, to have eagles and doves fall down from the sky to illustrate it for you?  They would gladly do it, you know.  You mean that much to them!    
As all relevant vibrations are owned and accepted (both the positive and the negative), the Oneself "You" is beginning to surface.   You are neither "this" nor "that."  You are so much more.  You are, as they say........... "something else again!"  In fact, you are ALL OF IT.   The wonder and awe of the Glorious Planetary Oneself is only now beginning to be known.   More will be added as you are enabled to integrate those vibrations.  Meanwhile, as the world around you creaks and moans with the travail of your Collective Rebirthing, allow *all* energies to have their way with you.  Release the need to "make a point" whenever you are communicating.   You always seem to end up sticking yourself with it, do you not?  
Share with enthusiasm, always being ready to lay back, watching intently and flowing easily with anything or anyone who opposes you.   At this point in history, the power of "no" has more authority than the power of "yes."  Its clear manifestation holds important keys for Planetary Ascension.   The best way to overpower the "opposition" is to own it completely, as self!   Climb inside your resistance, and walk in that other person's shoes.  Only then can full perspective come into view.  Only then can you understand what is best for the Whole You.        
Transformation cannot or will not be forced.   It is a gentle flower reaching up to the sun, recognizing that its time for unfoldment has arrived.  Only when a person is assured he can say "no" will the word "yes" ever appear on his lips.  Freedom is the foundation of the Multiverse.  Without it, your whales and dolphins end up stranded on the beach, and your high-flying birds come crashing down upon the ground!  
Your own relationship to Ascension is reflected by how "high" is your identification with everything, AS SELF.  Can you see your image reflected in the clouds?   In the stars?  In the sun and the moon?   If so, then you're on your way UP.   How about owning your Oneness with other planets, galaxies, or star clusters?   Up, up, you go.   Are you one with God?  Goddess?  The Oneness of All That Is?  How high can you fly, without ever leaving the ground? 
Indeed, what goes up must also go down.  For every universe, there is a corresponding antiverse.  Can you own all of that as well?   For every zig, there is a zag, and so on.   Can you own it, identify with it all?   If so, how nice! about the mirror of your world?   Are they all owning it, too?   Are your dogs and cats playing nice together?  
Now is the time for the surfacing of your Oneness Self.  Dazed, disillusioned, really doesn't matter.  It's just time to come forth and be seen, known, and experienced.  You are beautiful!  Save the make-up!  Come as you are!
Each of you are aspects of a very special Oneself Prototype for a New Way of Being.   This "way" is not about perfectionism, nor is it about obsession, or neglect.   It's about being "something else!"  And that's just what you are..........what you've always been.   Now is your time to own it with power.  You are, indeed, perfect.   And you are complete.  You are bigger than you can ever imagine, and so compact that you can fit on the head of a pin.
Come out!  Come forth and be seen!   Do not interfere or meddle with this world around you.   Neither allow it to force you into anything for which you don't feel ready.   That is your gift of Authenticity.  That is also your gift of simple being.  This is your time to KNOW and BE KNOWN
We are always here.    
<end transmission>