America's Education System Under Fire


By Daniel Jacob




I’m having a wonderful time in my life right now.  Spirit has brought several school teachers into close company with me, of various grade levels and interests, as well as a powerful and wise Education Specialist, who works with Principals and Faculties around the country.  I am gaining scads of new insights, in regards to the world of our dear Star Kids.   


As some of you know, the Education Crisis in America today is stirring the hearts of millions---both young and old.  It seems that the idea of “No Child Left Behind” has deteriorated into massive cuts in education spending.  As more and more funds are transferred to the Military Industrial Complex, more children are being “left behind” today than ever before.


Last week, Bill and Melinda Gates were interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on this very topic.  As Trustees for a huge philanthropic effort, Bill and Melinda are hurting terribly about the deprivation that is being experienced in education---especially the education that is being given to Inner City kids. 



Marilyn, my Education Specialist friend, was very happy to hear that attention is being drawn to the problem, but she had some serious doubts about the way the subject is being handled by Bill and Melinda and and promoted by Oprah.  Having been through countless political revisions for Education, Marilyn is well aware that these surges of interest, such as will inevitably follow this program, are inevitably followed by lots and lots of political grandstanding.........from both parties.......some new legislation, which often tends to clog up an already over-burdened teaching system………followed by a time where everything is allowed to sink back into its “usual” state of disarray. 


Apparently, many of the mainstream educational materials and methods being used in schools today were originally geared to the prevailing mindset of 1956.  Not much has been added since then.  And, although there are schools and school systems that are in the process of updating things…………the process is moving far too slowly to capture the Space Age Interest of kids whose minds are tuned into 2006.  Furthermore, those teachers who do tend to be innovative are often “punished” or ostracized by fellow teachers and administration……because their results tends to make the rest look bad.


My recent conversations with my teaching buddies have allowed me to share the frustration that is being felt by ALL true teachers………who accepting a “calling” into their careers………a calling that was not based on financial reward, but on expansions of the mind, heart, and soul!   There are scads of wonderful teachers in our midst.  We cannot let them down!  And, most of all……we cannot let our children down either.  Truly…… many cases……..they have far more to share with us than we could ever offer in return.  If we ignore the gifts they bring…… will be at our own peril. 




One day, when Marilyn and I were talking…………I began channeling Merlin, who began to illuminate us on the Art of Teaching.  As most of you know, Merlin was King Arthur’s teacher and guide……and a Master Magician/Druid in his own right.  When he came through, Merlin began talking about the analogy of the “sword in the stone,” which has become quite famous. 


The image of a SWORD has always been symbolic of MIND………for example, in the Tarot.  The CUP is a symbol for the HEART, or emotions.   The idea of having a sword that is stuck in stone………Merlin said……….speaks of an attachment to CONCRETE IDEAS---dogmas, techniques, systems, and bias.   In order to pull the sword from the stone, Arthur had to carry within him an energy that could QUICKEN the energy of both the sword and the stone so that one could be extracted from the other.  This requires a person to be open to change, flexible in his attitudes, and willing to move at a moment’s notice if the vibrancy of the moment is in jeopardy. 



When Arthur took charge of England………he became a Bridge Person between two powerful traditions:  The Christian Heritage of Glastonbury and the Ancient Magical Tradition of Avalon.  He was son of an Earthly King (Pendragon) and also a Priestess of Avalon.  Under Merlin’s tutelage, he was able to change ideas and ways of doing things, creating the Camelot that we all learned to love and admire.  One great example of this was his initiation of a ROUND TABLE of equal sharing, rather than a hierarchical rectangle, with a “master” position at its head.    


Over time, Arthur’s ability to integrate Logic (Tradition) and Magic (Intuition) became dulled, and he drifted away from his Avalon roots.  This disturbed Merlin, the Priestesses of Avalon, and others.  He was overly influenced by the morality of his day, and bogged down with the structural demands of Society and Morality.  The downfall of Camelot APPEARED TO BE an illicit affair between Arthur’s wife, Guinevere, and his most trusted friend, Lancelot.  His son Mordred (by his sister, Morgaine) had been forgotten and rejected, because of the unusual conditions of his birth (laid out by the ancient Goddess Traditions of Avalon succession).  Because Arthur had failed to integrate both traditions, his Kingdom failed. 


What really toppled Camelot is also what seems to threaten America, and other parts of the world today.  I am speaking about RIGID THINKING, EXCLUSIONARY THINKING, that appears to have a religious or “spiritual” edge to it……but lacks the love, tolerance, and wisdom that true religion is supposed to impart.  Once again, our SWORD has been placed in STONE…………concretized, rigid attitudes……..and we are awaiting Merlin’s and Arthur’s return……… pull it forth and QUICKEN our energy for new growth. 


The Star Kids, Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows are here………..just as Arthur was back then.  They are here to Quicken and Inspire us……… question and to put a fire under us……….and I, for one, am hopeful………and expectant that Camelot is not dead…….and Magic is definitely afoot! 


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