Taking Over the Family Business

(Star Children and Empathic Healing)


By Daniel Jacob



As humanity moves forward, into our next levels of global transformation—it now seems fitting for we Baby Boomers to let ourselves in on a “holy secret” we have been keeping since the time that we were small.  In fact, some of us are still keeping this secret even from ourselves!  I am speaking here about the gift and service of Empathic Healing. 


One basic definition of “Empathy” is as follows:  “the capacity for understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others without having them fully communicated in some explicit manner.”  I simply call it “The Art of Knowing.”  We explore this gift in depth whenever I offer Workshops on Conscious Channeling and Understanding the Multidimensional Self.   


Akin to this gift is the practice of “Telempathy,” which is the art of being able to project emotion at others, infusing them with feelings and powers that they normally would not have.  An Adept in this art actually has the ability to extract emotions from someone nearby, mix and mingle them with their own, and then return the whole package for re-integration and healing.   


Many people on the planet at this time have realized that they are “empathic.”  For some, it was a gift carried in at birth.  For others, it was a survival tool that we developed as we grew.  When it is misused, The Gift of Empathy can turn a normal human being into an emotional vampire.  But when it is applied in union with all other life, and used under the guidance of Expanded Spiritual Awareness, it can be a powerful tool for healing and transformation.


Most Empaths begin spontaneously using their gift when they are very young.  Society currently mandates that children remain captive within their families of origin until the age of 18, or until they run away and are classified as “emancipated minors.”  Many of these families might be considered highly dysfunctional, if they were evaluated according to the definitions of mental health set forth by modern psychology.  Because of the rampant insecurity that is present in these family settings, the Empath will use his or her powers to harmonize and homogenize the emotions around them, so things run more smoothly.  In a sense, they can be like “energetic tranquilizers” in the midst of chaos. 


Many Star Kids function under the rule and whim of parents whose intellect and capacity for understanding seem dwarfed in comparison to their own.  They learn very quickly that it is not safe to openly exercise certain abilities, if doing so would make parents or siblings feel afraid or stupid.  Therefore, many of our Children of the New Earth will retreat to the Inner Planes of Consciousness, and begin building a world of their own.  Few of them realize, at the outset, that their inner worlds will soon become design templates for Creating a New Heaven and a New Earth, right here in 3D!  All they know is that it makes the family function better, and their environment begins to feel safer.




I named this article “Taking Over the Family Business” because that phrase nicely encapsulates the role that Star Kids and Star Elders play in the environments in which they live.  The “business” I am referring to is the transaction of human emotions and desires as people live together in the same physical space.  Empathic Children often do for adults what we can’t seem to do for ourselves. 


Psychologists and Counselors use the expression “taking care of unfinished business” when they work with people towards the attainment of mental health.  They search for repressed feelings, regrets, and secret desires that have been carried over from youth into adulthood without being acknowledged or expressed. 


Star Children have a keen ability to pick up on these covert vibes, especially when they exist in parents or authority figures that are important to them.  If the kid is awake enough to realize who and what he is, he will find some way of consciously addressing the situation—so that resolutions can be made, and insights can be gained.  If he is not completely awake to his powers, yet senses dissonance within a person or situation, a Star Child will actually wear these covert emotions or desires (like a coat)—and act out what those around them have been unable or unwilling to face. 


In his extensive writings on the subject, the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung discussed secret human desires and unfinished business at length, referring to them as “the shadow aspect” of the human psyche.  He wrote volumes on the topic of “projection,” as a means of covering over one’s shadow self by heaping judgment and blame on someone else.  Those works are still being studied closely today. What we cannot or will not face in ourselves, we tend to project out upon other people or things.   


Said Jung:  Everyone carries a Shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions."  


Star Kids feel very this deeply, and they will not hesitate to dive right into the shadow, if it means that the adults around them will have an opportunity to work through their painful past, and clear away what no longer serves them. 

A.I. Allenby, in one of his commentaries on Jung’s writings, wrote:  “[Jung] told me that he once met a distinguished man, a Quaker, who could not imagine that he had ever done anything wrong in his life. ‘Do you know what happened to his children?’ Jung asked. ‘The son became a thief, and the daughter a prostitute. Because the father would not take on his shadow, his share in the imperfection of human nature, his children were compelled to live out the dark side which he had ignored.’"

Those who come for help, concerning a Star Child’s behavior, will often focus on how we can stop the kid from acting out in school or in public, or be able to sleep, or find relief from certain disruptive dreams and feelings.  There is talk about medication, or behavior modification programs that have been enlisted, all to no avail.  These parents are sincere, and many of them have obvious love for the child, and a deep desire to be of any help that they can.  Few of them realize, however, that it is the child who is doing the helping, through the shadow issues that he or she is processing for those around them.

Those who wish to fully comprehend what part The Gift of Empathy plays in the lives of our Star Children would do well to get a copy of the motion picture “Powder,” and study it closely.  Even though the story line seems quite fantastic in its premise, as sci-fi movies tend to be—the emotional issues that are covered, and the statements about life that are made by the lead character, bring considerable insight into the private world of these gifted ones who now share the planet with us.  I have watched the movie in their presence, and I have heard them (tearfully) describe how clearly the story matches their inner experience at this time. 


In the introductory “Star Children” Article (CNE, Spring, 2004), I stated that conditions which medical science refers to as “behavioral disorders,” such as A.D.H.D¹., Bi-Polar Illness and Schizophrenia—just might not be DIS-orders at all, if you examine them from a metaphysical viewpoint, rather than merely an empirical one.  Indeed, if we step back and take long look—factoring in the Gift of Empathic Healing—there just might be a method to this madness that is appearing in families all over the land. 

Is it possible that society is giving birth to a new generation of humans (now being referred to as Homo Noeticus Mutandis), who literally have the skill and internal fortitude to act out for us (as a society) the primary shifts in consciousness that are coming upon us?   Though these changes are happening in everyone, to some degree, these kids (and many transformed adults) have learned to wear them with such intensity that it will be hard to keep denying them for much longer.    

In the above-mentioned article, I made the following statement, which alludes to the empathic component in the manifestation of A.D.H.D., as seen in our dear Star Children.  I’ll repeat it again here: 

The syndrome that has been called "A.D.H.D." (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) - a major bummer for some Star Children at this time - is simply an early manifestation of what is to come, born out of season. The "symptoms" of A.D.H.D. kids are merely corresponding themselves to the rapidly shifting energies of their parents, their immediate social environment, or their primary caretakers. They are mirror reflections of the shadow side (repressed inner issues) of those who have to deal with them, or of society as a whole.

To focus only upon the youngster is to miss the bigger picture. A society that contains children who act on everything that comes into their minds is an establishment that is failing to act on key issues that scream within their own minds. THAT, in fact, is the real attention deficit. To merely medicate the child nullifies an important picture lesson. It buys time, but are we adults using that time to our best advantage?   There is a red light flashing on the dashboard of our societal vehicle.  Do we stop the car, and take a look under the hood—or do we simply smash the red light and keep driving? 

There is a definite similarity between symptoms that are noted in patients suffering from Bi-Polar Illness and the emotional and behavioral earmarks that manifest in those who are called “Shamans” in the indigenous cultures of the world.  A Shaman, in those cultures, is looked upon as a blessed and sacred being.  It is his or her role to interface with “Great Spirit” on behalf of the people, and to bring back to them the lessons and guidance that divinity has to offer. 

The changes that go on in the bodies of Shamans, as they are called into service, are necessary components for someone who is about to interface with something or someone that is beyond the purview of normal human experience.  Moses was certainly changed, when he came down from Mount Sinai carrying those stone tablets.  As he continued to transform, it soon became necessary for him to speak to the people through his brother Aaron.  

The indigenous thought about the Other World, the Realm of the Gods, is that it is a realm of ONENESS.  The Gods or spirits are both masculine and feminine in one. Though a certain spirit might manifest before a human in either a masculine or feminine character, it is---at its core---BOTH genders. 

To transition from 3D Consciousness to Multidimensional Consciousness requires an intensive rearrangement of the senses, and a merging of polarities within the same consciousness.  A Shaman must become Bi-Polar during periods of his life, even while he continues to function within a dualistic world.  This can cause quite an upsurge of energy in his mind and body.  People in these types of cultures learn to take this in stride.  Rather than seeing it as disruptive, they have learned to honor it as a sign that divinity is functioning in their daily lives.  

The duration of a “Shamanic Illness,”—that is known to come upon a new candidate for service—can last, in some cases, for as long as 7 years.  During this time, the tribe will assume the responsibility of caring for this sacred individual (usually a young person), until the transmutation process is complete. Schizophrenia and MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), if studied from this perspective, could also be seen as a normal manifestation of the Multidimensional Nature that is growing within us all.


The shifts and changes that used to happen only to Shamans and Prophets are now beginning to happen all over the planet.  As the energy increases, and we come closer to our Spiritual and Emotional Core, as humans, we are beginning experience many “symptoms” of Global Energy Acceleration.  Among these are spaciness, fatigue, lethargy, loss of short-term memory, muscle aches and pains, transient numbness and tingling in the body, heightened intuitive skills, intense dreams, visions, telepathy, and many more.  What adults will not allow into their consciousness is readily picked up by the empathic offspring they bring forth.

My work with The Star Children facilitates my own re-discovery of the Magical Child who lives in me.  It’s a slow process, and I often feel rather clumsy about picking up my reflections.  However, I am not alone in this.  The integration of Oneness Technology (the belief that everything and everyone is connected, and we are all parts of the same One Being) is a shock to the ego, and we resist it furiously for as long as we can.  Meanwhile, our children are always willing to “take over the family business,” should we lose our nerve, or hesitate too long.  

As written in my biography, I am a Spiritual Channel.  The things I write will, most often, come from sources that exist “outside the box” of normal human experience.  If people believe what is said here, it usually is because they are in touch with some of these same sources.  Indeed, there is a common TONE that is being shared, all across the world—in those who are exploring and writing about Universal Oneness and Multidimensional Connection with All That Is. 

Our Star Children live, move, and breathe within constant influence of that tone.  Many of them don’t realize what they are doing, or why.  They just do it because it is all they know.  Maybe one day the majority of the world will follow their example.  Until then, we will have plenty of opportunity to scratch our heads, and expand our intellects, trying to understand the incredible way these kids conduct business.

My own Spiritual Guides, The Reconnections, once said:  “The only healing needed, in any situation, is complete awareness.”  If life seems confusing, it is because we have failed to go beyond our small-story way of thinking, so we can view life from an expanded point of view.  We can medicate, meditate, and complicate our lives with ridiculous attempts at controlling destiny—or we can stand in awe, gazing steadily into the mirrors that are before us, owning what is there—and be transformed.

¹ A.D.H.D.,  Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.





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