Once Were Demons

 by Russ Njust

Long ago, demons were akin to humans. They were elementals who had served and worked with humanity for aeons of time, but who gradually became transfigured by human misconceptions and lack of reverence for life. Being a part of human creations, they too had once been aware of the innocence of life. Carrying our burdens, they felt betrayed by love and became bent on holding love at bay at all costs. They had no individual soul, but shared the souls of others, or rode the currents of the elements, seeking sometimes desperately for a home.
They occupied his body. He clearly felt their presence and tried to cope as best he could. They whispered to him at times to fear what they called dangerous situations and people that could not be trusted. He learned to tolerate them, but he was grieved by his inability to free himself of their dominance. As the years past they became strange companions, and respected one another’s domain, as long as their own needs were met.
Many lives they sought him out and each time they found a way to persuade him to do things against his will. Wars were fought, battles were won, people were betrayed and they died over and over again. In some lives he ruled, trying to do the best of what he believed, or, other lives he spent in prayer and lived the life of solitude and poverty. He realized each time however, that they were there, because he knew their secrets. He had known them in ages long past, where he commanded the elements at his will and he had made them his slaves. Now the tides were turned and he had become the slave. The irony even amused him at times.
As time moved forward, he knew life would call for all things to return home to their true natures. It was a law of renewal that nothing could escape. The elements were restless in their fear of judgment and damnation. He knew they would do anything to keep their occupant under their will or die trying. The great war of dark and light had begun, as the prophesies of old had foretold.
Yet he was weary of the journey. His feet were battered and bloodied and his heart was heavy with the memories. He had seen much on his earthly sojourn…much that he wished to forget and much that he held like a precious gem within his heart of hearts.
In this life, he had gazed into the great light of love and was returning to that place of innocence, determined to get there or die. Love had sent him an angel, who watched over him day and night. She was his love light on the darkened path, and together they traversed the stars. He loved her deeply, and his elementals in turn feared her greatly, for powerful was her love.
What he feared himself, deepest down, were the vague haunting memories of his own misuse of will. He had grown afraid to trust his own judgment and the powerful knowledge he kept secret deep within the vaults of his soul. And now, the elementals would not let him go, for they were hiding beneath the shadow of his light. Knowing his power, they were secretly hoping he would protect them, when the time came for their release.
It was such a night, like many others, when darkness fell like a refuge over his mind that redemption drew near. The anxiety of the elementals grew intense, and they gnawed at his bowels with a feverish intensity. He was in great pain and discomfort, and he drifted into the space between waking and dreams. His angel was holding him, helping him, consoling him to let the light into the dungeons of his memories.
And so the dead did rise up, crawling out of their shallow graves, as the memories of dark underground places and hideous torture engulfed him. He found himself dragged into a room filled with the implements of torture, with golden masks and gem-lain amulets, crystal sceptres and trinkets used in the black arts. Now he was the victim, tied to a cold stone, unable to move, as creatures amused themselves by gnawing at his bowels, pulling things out and devouring them with delight.
He was near death, when the angel again appeared above him, imploring him to bring in the light…bring in the light. As he reached out in agony, their hearts merged and suddenly seeing himself through her eyes, bent down and held his own head, consoling and filled with deep love. And behold, he was now holding the head of Christ, removed from the cross. He become at that instant, every soul that had ever mourned over the passing of a loved one killed in the great battle between light and dark. He felt the Sacred Mother within his heart, bringing the souls home, carrying them in the arms of love, as she had done on the day of the crucifixion of Christ.
And he walked then with himself in his arms, out into the dark night. The graves were opened, and the souls of the dead lay strewn as far as the eye could see. The night sky revealed a multitude of stars that seemed to come nearer and nearer. Before he could fathom what was happening, clusters of stars came down across the dark terrain and lo, they were as an army of angels, dressed in light and colours so beautiful, that they sparkled like gems. Each one carefully picked up a soul and lovingly carried it beyond the reach of his eyes.
Before long, the angel and he were left alone to sit and ponder the coming dawn, and all that it would bring. He felt a loving arm around his shoulder. He shuddered in the night chill, thinking to himself, wondering if he was truly worthy of this love, after everything he had seen and done. This would be his last battle, and instinctively he knew that surrender was the only option.
In the silence of that moment he knew in his heart that the demons would be released of their burdens and find peace at last. They had served humans well, these guardians of the gates. The night sky was hushed, as stars blinked and danced in the cosmic deep. He looked toward the horizon and the abandoned graves, remembering with a deep sense of reverence, the once were demons of his soul.

Copyright, 2006, by Russ Njust.  All Rights Reserved. 

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