Was there always just the two of us?

Do you remember just before taking form?

When we decided, to run the gauntlet of terror and pain apart?


Thus began the hard knock life for us,

Born unprepared;

For some, suffering becomes their badge,

For the others, self-respect and honour became our flags.


It is hoped that on such a journey, we would come face to face with the One,

Who would walk us through the many dark nights of the body and soul.

Hidden from us notwithstanding, the presence of the Other was still;

A soothing balm to our cuts and bruises


The angels warned us before we left.

They cried out in horror and came up with a myriad of reasons as to why not;

‘Don’t do this’, ‘wait a millennia’, ‘rebuild your torn minds’,

‘Rewrite your DNA!’, ‘Haven’t you suffered enough?’.

They begged us to listen, citing all the times when we had come Home;

Our hearts shattered and our eyes filled with horror at what we had felt and seen.


But not all raised their voices in a clamour.

There were those who remained silent.

These had faced Culmination with the same stoic determination.

And they would say nothing to detract us from our course.


And like Monkey, we were irrepressible.

We reassured our angelic counterparts,

We calmed their fluttering hearts,

And then we reminded them of who we were.


‘You’ll forget’, they cried out as we drifted to the Staging Area.

‘You won’t know who you are when you arrive on that third rock from the Sun’.

‘Never’, the masculine of God called back to them,

‘I’ll be drawing my wings on the form that I’ll be renting’.

‘Just so you can recognise me’, he whispered tenderly to his feminine half.

She winked suggestively at him and then their journey began.



Kessie A. Amponsah

Copyright, 2006

All Rights Reserved.