Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"The Eye of the I"

My Dear Friends,
It could easily be said that there is more to every picture than can ever meet the eye.  This is the wonder and glory of the Multiverse.  Yet that eye....that singular "I"...which beheld the laying down of the foundations of the world......truly bears witness to it ALL.......every bit of it.  It is the Eye of the "I" which resides in each and every one of YOU.  There is none other.  And there is no separation, even though there often appears to be.   

It's all happening NOW, somewhere in the Multidimensional Self.  This is not an experiential truth, in the way most of you have come to know experience.  It is Transentient Knowingness---a State of Surety which is the Next Level of Being after a person has been completely convinced. 

Oddly enough, the attainment of this confidence does not require ALL the facts, concerning any one area of knowledge, let alone ALL areas of knowledge.....even though they are there for the having.  In the life of each individual, it simply "takes what it takes" in order to reach this place inside.....where Innate Interconnectness of Being fills in all the necessary "blanks" from that point on.....concluding each life purpose in every way it could or should be concluded.   

It is here, in this place, where heart and soul climb willingly into a Oneself Limousine, sleek and luxuriant, and a voice from the Inner Core speaks the words: "Home, James........"

It is here, in this place, where the "rest of yourself" stands jubilantly waiting when the limousine pulls up the drive, and carries its precious cargo back home from whence everything began.

Each phantasm of imagination.........each preponderance of possibility.......LONGS to perform for you, to dance and sing and demonstrate for you the infinite wealth of knowledge and ability that stands waiting for you (and AS you) within the Oneself of All That Is. 

Do not rush your journey Home!  "It takes what it takes" is a very personal and intimate equation.  Let it work its own miracles.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  This equation is designed to operate on its own, free from egoic interference.  One Dear Friend said this in our presence yesterday, and we feel compelled to say it again to you now!

Indeed, when your designated time arrives......the heart of the Magical Child inside will often cry out:  "Oh.....really?  Can't I have just five minutes more?!" 

THIS is when you know that you have truly ENGAGED with life......truly BECOME ONE with a portion of All That Is.  And what that child's heart does not yet realize........what it does not yet remember is:

    To fully engage with any portion of the Oneself, to become ONE with all life, everywhere. 

When this happens, your journey is done.  Your assignment is complete.  Whether the Child Self negotiates five minutes, five years, or five decades more.......the assignment is complete, in every way it can every way it NEEDS to be. 

The Eye of the "I" is watching.  It sees far more than it can ever appreciate alone.  THIS is why you fragment.  It knows far more than it can ever fully articulate.  THIS is why you sing........why your heart MUST grow wings and take to the sky!  Over and over and over again..........  Therein lies the mystery.  Therein lies the joy.  

We are always here.    


<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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