A Rebirthing Session is done on the floor, on a cot, or a table.  There are two kinds:  Dry Rebirthing and Wet Rebirthing.  The latter is done in a pool or hot tub.  It involves breathing in connected breaths--where you don't go all the way "in" or let the breath all the way "out."

There are various forms of Breath Release during the sessions, depending upon how ready the participant is to expand into full experience of the energy. 

My first experience involved me "spacing out" at the end, which is a common first experience.  I literally left my body and "went somewhere."  Before that, however, I felt some wonderful vibrations throughout my whole body, which I later learned are reactions of the body to the new energy as it is released. 

Later, I found exultation in my sessions such as I could never have dreamed possible.  After my third session, I said to my Rebirther:  "This is better than sex."  He just smiled.   Nowadays, I just see it as another form of meta-sexuality, which is where we are all headed!