"A Thorn in the Soul"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

Most of us come into this universe bearing gifts and obvious abilities.

Along with carrying a huge grandeur of spirit, a goody portion of us contract for various "hit men and women" to purposely beat us down and repress our innate powers for a time, so we can experience a kind of "vacation in limitation..."  

It was once written: "We are not human beings who have spiritual experiences... We are really spiritual beings who are having a human experience..." 

Whether repression is accomplished through physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, early in life---or we are simply tethered by adverse circumstances---it seems that our Inner Genius (the Genie in us) opts to GO TO SLEEP for a season... so our confused and vulnerable Ego Self can see what it's like to be mortal, and record those human experiences for all to share...

Through many years of interact with evolving souls around the world, I have come to the conclusion that the original "point of slumber" for each person is brought about by the presence of a "Thorn in the Soul".......a recognizable limitation belief about self which throws our spirit consciousness off track... From that moment on, we become entranced with a separationist 3D World System---its concerns, desires, strategies and frustrations....and we turn away from the gentle wisdom which only an open, innocent heart can recognize...

At the time of our "awakening," an inner alarm bell starts to ring...signaling to our sub and unconscious mind that our "vacation in limitation" is coming to a close... We are approached by "Host Guides" or "Spirit Teachers," whose task it will be to assist us (like mid-wives) as we re-gather the wisdom and creative energy we laid aside when we came into human form...And we will REMEMBER where our thorn is, and we will let it go, once and for all.

Now is that time of re-awakening... From every corner of our world, orphan energies and abilities approach---pressing their noses against the windows of our souls.  Will we recognize them? Will we remember? Will we hear the music they send forth and OPEN OUR DOORS so they can join us once more on this grand journey?

One of the most pervasive "thorns" man has taken on, deep in his heart of hearts, is the belief in "evil"..........the belief that, at our core, we are untrustworthy, inadequate, or bad. The beginning of separation ALWAYS involves an initial separation from OURSELF in secret guilt and shame. Often the embedded thorn is TONAL in nature, because we are infants when it arrives. Following that will come assignments of blame and suspicion onto others---bringing with it fear, envy, resentment and strife.

The Heart of the New Paradigm is a belief that everything and everyone is part of the same ONE BEING. And, if this be true, the activation energy such a belief carries must either annhilate or amplify the presence of our "thorn".......producing all manner of positivity or negativity......depending on where it is embedded, where our mind is at, and how the venom has spread through our lives...

The only way someone can begin projecting shadows outward is if somewhere, sometime, somehow a shadow found its way into his soul and stuck there......carrying with it a message of: "YOU ARE BAD. YOU ARE EVIL. You are tainted, inadequate, or wrong..." Once that "thorn" sinks in, a festering begins... And with that, our vibratory pitch begins to drop..

What may seem "evil" to us, in a moment of time, is merely colored by the presence of this festering thorn, which is our belief in "evil" as a separated state..... first within SELF, then turned outward towards others..

Our natural state is INNOCENCE... Which is why nearly every suspect who gets arrested, on any charge, will protest that he or she is INNOCENT... In our own minds, we are ALL innocent......and we are ALL ONE, until the venom from that "thorn" poisons our perceptions... Then, in spasms of toxic fear, paranoia, enmity or lust......there is no limit to what we might do........and feel extremely justified about doing it, too.

We must pull out this thorn, release judgment, forgive our "Original Sin" (whatever that appeared to be)...!!! "


From the movie "Good Will Hunting" (starring Matt Damon and Robin Williams)

Then slowly........over time......we will watch our world begin to heal... How could it not?  It's a beautiful world... And we are beautiful beings living upon it....

Upon hearing this, there are those who might say: "It can't be that simple......."

But I have lived a fair number of years on this Earth... I have suffered some, loved much, learned my fair share.......... and I have slowly come to embrace that: "It can't be that hard, either..."

The real power in this bright New Age dwells in one immutable truth: "As you think it, as you speak it, as you truly feel and believe it, so it shall be for you............." But ONLY you. Everyone has this same creative power. And with it comes a choice.

But first......in the blessed light of trust, safety, mercy and genuine human regard......we must assist each other in finding these "thorns" and pulling them out, once and for all. It won't happen before it's time, and it can't be stopped when that bell rings. So be ready. Be alert. Our time of remembrance is at hand. In fact, I think there'll be MANY hands involved in this remembrance. And I'm surely grateful I have now found yours.




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