The Politics of Oneness

Touch the People

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

I'm continuing to watch with great interest as Politicians and Journalists in our nation's capital hold their noses and flail their arms---in allergic reaction to the sizeable dose of FOLK MAGIC that has been injected into Washington Politics during this election. 

Barack Obama began it, when he spoke a "magic word" to begin his campaign 20 months ago.  It is a word that has opened many doors for him.  That word is "CHANGE."  I suspect that he didn't fully realize, when he began using this "magic word," what effect it was going to have on his opposition, as well as the World of Politics in general. 

Along comes Sara Palin.  A "Hockey Mom" with an attitude.  Palin seems the very antithesis of everything we'd expect a Vice President to be.  Yet people go crazy for her, just like they did for Obama when he did his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

"Promising.........but not enough experience."  That's the consensus on both of them.  Yet Washington certainly seems chock full of "experience," doesn't it?  There are crusty old warriors there who have been in office for decades.  How's THAT been working for us?  What that place really lacks is ENERGY....and CONNECTION TO WHERE PEOPLE LIVE.  Obama began speaking about this, in golden tones, and people began nodding furiously.  He may not have been "in service" for long, but he sure seems to know what "service" we need.  


As Sara Palin enters the picture, she carries with her an IMAGE of "regular folks."  If you look beyond the Alaska Distinctives (moose hunting, etc), there is a clear embodiment of "small town folk wisdom" which seems to want to flow from her.  Unfortunately, she is being tripped up by her desperate need to be accepted by the "inner circle," and continuous bombardment of left-brained inquisition, by those who long to establish that "she isn't what we're used to seeing in Washington."  Well yes, I dare say.  Folk Wisdom doesn't come to Washington to replace Logic.  It comes to BALANCE IT, before our excess "headiness" destroys us.  Logic and Experience must make room for Intuition and Innovation.  Neither can afford to be defeated by the other.  That's what's gotten us into this mess we're in now.

There is much attention being paid to whether or not Sara Palin is qualified to become President, should McCain die in office.  What people tend to miss is the fact that the U.S. Presidency is ALREADY DEAD, and it needs a touch of the Goddess to kiss it back life again.   Is Palin that Goddess?  It's hard to tell.  The MAGIC is obviously there, judging by people's reactions, but it's being eaten up by her desire to prove she deserves to be where she is. 

Senator Obama has been called "uppity," because he speaks well, and has a grand intellectual grasp of the situation at hand.  What he's failing to do is emotionally CONNECT with folks in a down-to-earth, homespun way.  Governor Palin does that naturally.  But she is looked down upon because she isn't a LAWYER at heart, and her ways are not the ways of the Washington Power Brokers.  She is currently being brainwashed by Campaign Handlers, being encouraged to bullshit her way through interviews, and losing the very MAGIC which brought her into power.   

It's very possible that John McCain DID choose Sara Palin so he could put lipstick on a pig.  But the "pig" in question is not Palin.  The "Pig" consists of a jumbled political system which desperately needs CHANGE.  Is Sara up to that?  Will the Powers That Be allow her to bring it?  Or is she going to settle for merely being lipstick?  From what I can see now, the essential Palin is being eclipsed by the "handlers" who are trying to get her elected.........handlers who are still steeped in "Bush-ian" Methodology.  If she doesn't break out of that tight grip before the election, perhaps the real Palin will emerge later on. 

There's ENERGY on the move, and MAGIC IS afoot.  CHANGE is permeating both parties, and our world as a whole  The next sacred entry word to be spoken is the magic word "PEOPLE."  We're not dealing with national "spending units" anymore.  We're dealing with HUMAN BEINGS.  Spirit Masters, who are beginning to awaken. Obama senses this, but needs to find a way to TOUCH those people.  Palin needs simply to hold onto her humanity as she moves through the Republican "Spin Factory," so she can begin doing HER work in her own way.  There are big futures ahead for both these gifted players  No matter who wins in November the FOLK MAGIC needs to stay alive.  Therein lies America's great hope for recovery, beyond the dark days of George W. Bush.            



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