"Touching the Void"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


There are places in consciousness where clear comprehension of the "Other Side" simply goes away.  We stand on the edge of infinity, with no images, no expectations, no sense of CONTINUITY.  Everything just stops. 

There are sleep states where, upon awakening, one has a sense of having slept for a thousand years.  No dreams, no restless tossing and turning in the night.  Only stillness.

A VOID is an empty space.  Yet it can only be recognized as such when seen in connection to something that is now, that once was, or  soon will be no more.  In literature, we read about "peering into the Void," or "standing on the brink of an Abyss."   And it certainly seems that BOTH SIDES of this experience.....To BE or not to BE.......must be present before EITHER side can be understood. 


"Trying to save myself, but myself keeps slipping away...."

~Nine Inch Nails

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When our New Kids speak of "The Void," their usage of the term often carries a mixture of freedom and isolation.  They want to be belong in this world, but many of them find they cannot engage here without giving up who they truly are inside.  This mixture of MAGIC and TRAGEDY, seen in the eyes of our Next Generation, is both a warning about our collective future, and a reflection to past generations---who, at some point, let go of their own dreams and authenticity in order to attain security and standing in the world.  In a sense, their struggle to "belong" is a little piece of our own.


FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Nothing is ever lost in the Multiverse.  A human soul is the MEETING PLACE where everything and nothing come to mix and mingle---a place where BEING and NOT BEING can be pondered and understood (if only for a moment!).

Humanity's fear and loathing of individual and collective annihilation can be a powerful fertility agent for creativity and social evolution.  Threat of pestilence gives birth to new medicines and modes of healing . Threat of economic or social turmoil forces people to let go of unnecessary material atachments and cleave only to those parts of life which can truly sustain us and increase our ability to live together in harmony and efficiency.

The passing of friends and loved ones, during this highly charged time in human history, is sad and unnerving.  But it only stands to reason that fewer and fewer souls have the capability to exist at this level of vibration.  The higher the velocity goes, the less CONTROL we're allowed to exercise at the Ego Level.  Our sense of personal well-being, as this occurs, will be entirely dependent on how confident we are that our Expanded Self will be handling things from here on. 



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