With Daniel Jacob


We are now offering personalized programs of Consultation and Training in the Intuitive Arts, with internationally-known Channel, Bio-Energy Bodyworker, Writer, Rebirther, Metaphysical Teacher, Counselor, and All-Around Spiritual Seeker DANIEL JACOB.


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Conscious Channeling

Divination and Dowsing

Automatic and Visionary Writing

Conscious Breathwork (Rebirthing)

Bio-Energy Bodywork

Voice Dialogue (Channeling Your Multidimensional Self)

Healing/Rehab Center Administration and Development

Conscious Community

Other Topics, as they arise


Training in the Intuitive Arts is a Spirit-led Activity.  Sessions are priced on a sliding scale, based on individual need, personal potential, and the guidance of Spirit.  For more information, contact Nina Florenz at (425) 820-1203 or e-mail:

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