Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Being Together, Birthing Together"

My Dear Friends,

Now comes yet another time of great awakening on your planet.  As the energy rises, so do each of your signature vibrations--thereby determining which types of perceptual "software" you allow yourself to utilize at any given time. 

Imagine that you are logged onto a great NETWORK of resources (we speak now in computer analogy again). There are "programs" and "sites" waiting to be accessed there, but many of them are safety-sealed, so that individuals cannot access them personally until their body energy reaches a certain "pitch" in the vibratory scale.  This is all laid out, according to each Individual Life Itinerary, for the purpose of holding back spiritual awakening (illumination) until the appointed time.    

Everyone differs, according to his (or her) Spiritual Gifts and Experiential Goals in this lifetime--and it behooves all of you to honor these blueprints and the timing of each birth, rather than using a person's manifest skills and knowledge as criteria for deciding whether he is "spiritual" or not.  All are spiritual.  And all are wise, wonderful, and magical beings.  Some are merely sleeping.  They are enjoying their Vacations in Limitation, and are not quite ready to come home just yet.  So be it. 


Our purpose for writing today is to invite you to begin developing local Birthing Centers--in and around your homes or businesses--where spiritual awakening (rebirth) can occur.  You might think of them as "Labor Rooms" for a New Humanity.  Let their style and decor reflect your local heart and your personal vision, and let there be an abundance of evidence that real human beings gather there, not just the Spiritual Elite.

Out of the ashes of a crumbling Old Paradigm--characterized by forgetfulness, separation, control, and manipulation--a New Paradigm is about to bloom.  Its foundations go back as far as human history can recall.  And you, who are alive and awake at this time, are being given the opportunity to perform a service of being "midwives for the New Paradigm, and hospice workers for the Old."

People need places to gather at this important time.  They need places that are informal, comfortable, tolerant, loving, accepting, and as close to FREE OF CHARGE as possible.  If funds need to be collected for basic expenses, so be it.  But we would encourage you to allow such contributions to be voluntary, lest you deprive yourselves of a host of gifted members, who have been grounding themselves by hiding behind a facade called "I don't have the money."  Do not require them to drop their "game" too soon, in order to get in the door.  They will learn soon enough to live without it.

These Centers would be distinguished from Workshops, Seminars, Conclaves and the like--because the focus moves around the room to each individual.........creating a space where each viewpoint can be shared, rather than expositing on some set agenda for training or education. 

The goal of this sharing would NOT be to examine or correct each other.  That kind of activity, worthy though it may be, belongs at another type of gathering.  In a Spiritual Birthing Circle, the goal is simply to allow each one, in turn, to express how he or she is doing in that moment.  What lessons were learned since the last meeting, and what new insights are coming to light?  This is the soil out of which beautiful powers can bloom.  In this way, each one present can focus in on those issues and ideas which most stimulate an expansion of energy and personal growth.   

Each "Come Unity" Gathering is like a spread of Tarot Cards, wherein each "card" carries a unique and personal message.  As in a Tarot Reading, it could be said of these Group Meetings that no one arrives there by accident, even as there are no cards chosen in a Tarot Spread that are not subject to clear guidance from deep within all of those who participate in the reading.   

Can you imagine the velocity of energy that could be generated, if each person in a Circle Meetings begins to step beyond the barriers of "me" and "you" for a set amount of time--using the same suspension of disbelief that is employed when you are watching a motion picture or a stage play?  The "pitch" and expansion of those meetings would be astronomical!  


Out of the Unity of Me, comes the Complexity of We.  In the beginning, an infant cannot fathom the idea that his mother, father, sister, brother.........OTHER........ are not just parts of himself.  This is why he cries so vehemently at times.  If he calls, and they do not answer, it feels horrible.  Would you not cry if you commanded your arm or leg to move and it did not?  Would you not panic?  This is what BIRTH and growth is like to the consciousness of an infant.  

From that initial Connection grows Fragmentation, the dance of filtered perceptions.  There is "me" and there is "other."  There are details, insights, and an intensity of intimacy--even if that intimacy only involves being locked in a human body--feeling every impulse, every hunger, every need that exists therein.  With Fragmentation comes Variance.  Each viewpoint is perfect, and each personal experience of life is as unique as a snowflake in winter.

We have oft spoken about your Vacation in Limitation , here in your 3D Game.  And that process is timed, right down to the nanosecond!  Though it is very good, and quite satisfying to be of service, when the Master of the Game calls you to come is NOT NICE to fool with Mother Nature or Father Sky while the Game is afoot!  In other words:  Don't try to "fix" what is not broken! 

The Source of those problems and challenges that you see all around you is NOT a lack of information, nor is it a lack of resource.  It is all a Game, and the Players of the Game KNOW what they are doing.  It may not always appear so, at times, but please........don't merely believe your eyes.  Go deeper.  All Limitations, within the Grand Game, flow from issues or objections you have with one or both of the two Basic Premises of Reconnection:

                                    1.  It's all YOU.  (The Oneness Factor)     

                                    2.  It's all TRUE.  (The Multidimensionality Factor)

The density of those WALLS in your 3D Experience are formed by your objections to or agreement with these concepts.  Do not be ashamed.  Everybody's doing it, in his or her own way.  Play along.  Be clear.  Be honest.  Most of all, BE YOURSELF. You'll be surprised how fun this Game can be!    

REBIRTH occurs, when a person's inner alarm goes off, thereby signaling to his Reconnection Guides to begin their process of quickening body, mind, and emotions back home to Multiversal Awareness.  One of the contingent elements for sounding that alarm would be a nurturing and readily available Birthing Community, where new thoughts can be sorted out, and new emotions can be uncovered, bringing a sunlight of conscious awareness in to help them bloom.


The Birthing Community can be a powerful place for each of you to begin The Great Work.  Even the simplest Birthing Community is like a "nesting place" for the human spirit.  It becomes a sacred space, where "remembering" can occur.  People gather, they share, they emote, and the tones that are created will tend to activate dormant energy "programs" that are present in your personality, and in your resource center of consciousness. 

We encourage you to consider this process as one of your highest priorities, not just for service to an ailing humanity, but also as a prime growth element for your own soul.  And as you do, we would also like to include some suggestions, to make the process unfold more smoothly:

The concepts we have included here are basic, but they can instantly and powerfully impact your life and your local Spiritual Community.  You might say that Birthing Together is the HEART of that Community.  To the degree that you are able, try and keep the whole process as free from advertisement and commercial promotion as possible.  Share what it is you do, by all means........and share opportunities for growth that are available.  But make sure that is it crystal clear, in your own mind, why you are there.  You are there to find YOU.  Make these groups a celebration of your joy and your life. Do this, first and foremost, and you'll never be sorry or bored.                                     

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob

April 25, 2005    


James O'Dea.

From the movie "City of Angels"

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