The Gift of Receptivity

"He's looking for someone called 'Obi-Wan Kenobe.'  He says he has a message to give him."

  ~ Luke Skywalker to Uncle Owen, in the first "Star Wars" Movie....on initial encounter of R2-D2

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  Being at the Right Place at the Right Time --People with this Life Orientation are Free Spirits.  They need to be ready to move at a moment's notice.  They arrive somewhere, receive their "transmission," and then they're off again.....so they can deliver the message or tone to its rightful owner.  

Traits and Characteristics of The Gift of Transposition--A summation on this gift--its strength and weaknesses (when practiced out of balance).  This is a work in progress.  Your own contributions are welcome.   

Definition:  Bridge Gifts:   That which connects 3D Reality with the rest of the Multiverse (5 Bridge Tones).   

Key Distinction:  There is a difference between performing an activity (which we all do) and having that area of life be the Core Motivation for your life purpose.  Each individual may perform these listed activities--but each performs it from a different root motivation. By determining, through trial and error, what turns you on the most, you can determine the appropriate priorities and community involvements that will best serve you and your unfolding universe.  

"About Channeling:  Daniel's Introduction the Art and Science of Channeling.  Useful for Transposers, who spend their lives scanning the universe for signs of life elsewhere.  

  The Importance of Staying AVAILABLE:  "Either you follow your spirit without hesitation, or you'll end up following your hesitation without Spirit."  ~Savizar, Extraterrestrial Earth Mission.

Jodie Foster as Ellie Arroway in "Contact"

  Receptivity to the Inner Realms:  Four Primary Modalities

  • Clairvoyance:  Inner Sight, also known as "second sight."  Remote Viewing.

  • Clairaudience:  Inner Hearing.  Sensitivity to tones.

  • Clairsentience:  Other Miscellaneous Inner Sense Mechanisms---tasting, smelling, inner touch.

  • Claircognizance:  Clear Knowing.  By-passes all other modalities and receives a direct implantation of definition, description, and meaning.  Confidence is a high point with this modality.   

  "Your Inner Life:"   The Reconnections' Transmission on going inward, and bringing through your Core Self, to share with the world. 

  City of Angels (the Movie):  A very interesting portrayal of Angelic Presence, and how these Beings interact with humans in today's world.  Not necessarily academic, but very inspiring.   

Dr. Maggie Rice:  "When my office wants to get hold of me, they usually beep me."

Seth (an Angel):  "You've definitely been beeped."   

  Spiritual Pregnancy ("I'm carrying something in my belly!"):  Signs and Symptoms: 

  • Restlessness and Anxiety.

  • Feelings of Depression (putting an internal lid on something you feel or perceive)

  • Shifting hormonal and immune systems (due to the energetic cargo they are carrying)

  • Body Aches, Pains, Twitches, Energy Surges, or Numbness at specific locales.

  • Variations in breathing patterns--depending on what lives within.

  • Recurrent Feelings or Images, within or without.  A feeling of being "called" to go somewhere or do something.   

  • Unusual Emotions (unlike your regular patterns)

  • Impulses to go somewhere specific, or be with someone you normally would ignore.

  • An unusual appearance of physical body fat.  Before they awaken, and get "downloaded," some Transposers put on physical body weight, due to the non-descript tones of energy they carry.

  • A clear sense of being "driven" through their life process.

  • A need to stay "on the move."  A desire for and love of travel.   

Richard Dreyfuss as Roy Neary, in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

  "The Living Language of Light:  A powerful linguistic tool for the Transposer.  This way of communicating clears the channel from superfluous mental influences, allowing for a "clean" reception and transmission of Source Codes.   

  "Crystal Cities"--Localized Transposition Centers. They serve the same purpose in physical space as those with the Gift of Transposition.  They capture tones that are being transmitted through the Planetary Arc of Source Energy, and they also broadcast out what is being processed at their geographical location.

  Voice Dialogue:  A powerful technique, often used at the Conclaves, in which a person learns how to process his (or her) Inner "Selves," in order to integrate and understand both cognitive and intuitive waves of awareness that pass through him at any given time. 

  "Take Me To My Leader!"  Transposers are fiercely loyal.  Once they find a leader who seems worthy of their gifts---someone who can understand and interpret them---they tend to return often........bringing messages and information from faraway places.  Though they have the ability to decode many of their internal messages, it takes a lot out of them do that. They usually prefer to have someone else do the interpreting. 


  Being Midwife to a Transposer, or other Pregnant Being:  An important excerpt, from the Reconnections, which describes "Midwifery 101."  Some Points to Consider:   

  • Always state your impressions about what they are carrying as a question.  Do not tell them what they are seeing/feeling.  Ask them---based on your own inner impressions.  Let them verify, based on their bodily sensation.  If the energy doesn't MOVE when you give your interpretation....chances are you are a bit "off" in your download. 

  • Spend time with them doing something other than "birthing."  Avoid hot lights, and smoke-filled rooms (figuratively speaking).   If there are no impressions available, but your Transposer bears signs of someone who is "carrying," you can avoid lots of "performance anxiety" in both of you by just hanging out together, focusing on other things.  Often, sense impressions of internalized messages or tones will come forth freely while other activities or focuses are running. 

  • Be gentle.  Be a friend.  Show proper respect for the Transposer's (seeming) obliviousness to the energy that he or she carries within.  That seeming ignorance is what enables a Transposer to carry powerful (even caustic) tones within them, for long periods, without being burned. 

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