Tricia Nobbs

Healer, Channel, Language of Light Practitioner




Tricia Nobbs is a Conscious Channel for Many Ascended Masters: Isis, Sananda, Thoth, Mother Mary and many more.   She uses sound, chant, and spoken messages to infuse their essence, activating many soul bodies in the process.  She has been a Practitioner of the Language of Light for over ten years.  She comes with a wealth of knowledge and a deep connection to the process of Global Transformation that is going on at this time.    

Tricia is also a good friend, and was great blessing to us when we welcomed in the Venus Transit together in June of 2004.  Then, a year later, she wowed us again with her adept channeling and toning from Master Thoth, in her Workshop "Being The Light." 

Her Workshops and Sessions are strong with the Oneness Vibration, coupled with a keen understanding of the levels of focus and heart opening that is required to make contact with some of the most expanded concepts available. 

Special Message from ZEUS, through Tricia........on "The Language of Light."  (click here)

These sounds, chants, and messages come from Tricia's personal experience with the teachings of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, as well as a Violet Flame Crystal within a Temple in Atlantis.  These lessons do not come from books.  They come directly from the Masters' Energy in Oneness.  Her messages are expanding daily. 

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