Having Trouble with Finances?

The Recons were speaking to someone recently, in a channeling session, who was mentioning that she had trouble paying the rent.  She was living in a small place in a desert area of the U.S. when she really longed to be near water. 

When she said "I can't pay the rent this month........" they told her "The reason you can't pay rent is because YOU DON'T WANT TO BE THERE."  Then they added:  "If you've gotten the message that you need to be "near water," then THAT'S the place where your Magical Manifesting Mind has sent your rent money."  Imagine receiving the inner message "Go to Florida."  Your mind soars, but your body stays put (in Podunk, Idaho, or wherever).  Somewhere, on a beach in Miami, this big wad of cash comes wafting down on the head of some sunbather, with a label on it:  "_________'s rent money for this month."  The sunbather pockets the cash, and that person back in Podunk wonders why Metaphysics doesn't work.     

At this recent pitch of planetary vibration, we need to remain on the "cutting edge" of where our consciousness is focused.  We need to travel light, be ready to move when our spirit moves us, and stay alert.  And if we're having trouble "supporting ourselves," it's not because money is scarce.  It simply means that we've lost touch with what we truly WANT..........what our inner voice is CRYING OUT...........because we choose to remain stuck in hesitation and doubt. 

If you must hesitate, then do it with watchfulness.  Be aware that you are dragging your feet---and, when you are ready to leap, be sure to re-locate where your spirit has moved during the time of hesitation.  Some will get a message, hesitate, and then try to make that original leap that was recommended with the first message.  It doesn't work that way.  Just like a championship surfer, we must always be attentive to the wave that is before us.  If we choose to pass on it, another wave will come along in due time.  But the first one will usually be already gone.  So guides simply say:  "Deal with that, get up, and move on."  


"If you don't follow your spirit without hesitation, then you'll end up following your hesitation without spirit."

(and sometimes without rent money)

                                                                                                                                                          ~Savizar, ET Earth Mission

It's all here.  It's all now.  It's all YOU.