Individual and Small Group


In-Person or Online (E-mail or ICQ)


Now available, by appointment.  These individual and small group experiences are ideal for newly awakening students, as well as those who seem to deepen their already established path.  Daniel will custom design a program that will address your questions, personal development, and individual goals.

Introductory and Advanced Metaphysics

  Channeling and Automatic Writing 

Overview of Divination Skills

Hands-On Energy Activation and Balancing

Personal Shadow Work

New Paradigm Relationships

Principles of Manifestation

Meditation and Visualization

Business Development--Coaching and Designing a Personal Vision for a life as a Spiritual Healer/Teacher.

Massage for Couples and Lay Persons (who want to help and nurture those they love and care about!)

Training sessions (called "Pods") are two hours in length, and can be clustered in whatever frequency that works for everyone concerned.   We recommend a commitment of four to ten initial sessions, the cost of which can be shared by up to 5 persons.  Trainings are diversified, and include lecture, group discussion, and practical exercises for sharpening intuitive skills.  If desired, we can offer assistance in matching people to partner with you in the Tutoring Experience.  Ask about online Video Conferencing.  

Investment:  $75 per hour.  Best results come with 2 hour session.  

Tuition may be shared by up to five individuals, bringing the per person/per session cost for a group of 5 (for example) to $30 each.

Includes hand-outs, and some homework outside of group.  Field trips may also be arranged.        

Call for more information, or to arrange your Program:

Daniel or Shawna:  (425) 827-1452

We accept Visa or Master Card through the Reconnections Office

or, you can use your Pay Pal Account Online  (all types of cards accepted):  

             Hour Session  

Per Unit (15 Minutes)

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