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"How Universes Are Formed"

My Dear Friends:

We speak to you now about how universes come into being.  We speak in linear terminology--though, at the most expanded levels, everything happens within one Multiversal NOW.  We do this for your edification, and to establish congruity between more solidified bases of reality and potentialities which also exist, all around you.  

To begin, we offer a visualization:

We sit alone at the side of a great and flowing river. Around us there are slaps and washes of waves, billowing from what seems like an endless sea of energy. This is the STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. As you stand upon the bank (which is your physical universe), you cast our eye around the stream, to see what's (also) there.  Suddenly, something catches your eye, and you go to investigate.......

And that, My Friends is how it happens. When you go fishing in the Stream of Consciousness---YOU'RE the one who gets hooked!


There is, indeed, a level of reality that corresponds to the one in the little story above. It is a place of high potential---on the dividing line between Spirit and Form. It is within you, even as you are within it. It is portrayed as a body of water because water has always been an excellent symbol for potentiated spirit. It is still tangible and visible, but it can be shaped and reformed very easily. It is a LIQUID asset which is quite easy to channel!

The waters found in the Stream of Consciousness flow as pure possibility. Although the observer is highlighted, in the story, as standing on the shore (symbolizing tangible, physical reality), there are aspects of him or her which are also bobbing there in the waters as well---alternative themes and issues---available for perusal at any time. The Stream of Consciousness is but one "outlet" of information and data that makes up the Multiverse. And each of you, as a core energy, is represented there.

The aspects of Oneness that live within the Stream are as fish in a great sea. We swim happily in, around, and even through each other. There is great consonance of element and harmony of being.  It is also a place where Separation and Limitation can also occur at any moment.  Basically, all are parts of a unified ONESELF. Each could pass through the other without a second thought. For most, it matters not that they are different in shape or form.  They are there because they are there, and that's all there is to it.  That's all you need to know.

Yet, to some of you......various distinctions suddenly seem more noticeable and disturbing than others. They MATTER, do you see?  And, at that point,  a Confrontation Dance begins.  Two (or more) aspects of the Oneself will say to each other:  "YOU!  You there!  You do not belong here. You are not part of ME!"

He might then begin a process of exorcism, or casting out of his object of contention into some "other" place (which is Illusion, because there is no "other place" that exists outside of Oneness).  A bubble reality forms around these two, sending waves and ripples into the Stream.  These waves may attract a crowd of onlookers who want to know what all the commotion about. To the degree that these "onlookers" (rubber-neckers, if you will) become INVESTED in one side of the polarization or another, they also can be HOOKED into the confront. At some point, all will become "vicarious participants" in the Dance.


The Stream of Consciousness can only function properly as an atmosphere of Oneness and acceptance. Although all the creatures in the water are visible and distinct, they each are CONNECTED at the most basic level, and they perceive with clarity, rather than the murkiness of projected judgment and/or mistrust.

Too much agitation in the waters makes for an unhealthy and disruptive atmosphere. Therefore, we have ordained a Security System that, at first sign of conflict and dissociation from Oneness, will COPY (as on a computer screen) fragments of the original Dancers---exporting those essences to a denser state of existence, where they can complete the Dance. 

All others who gather around the bubble, are as active in their participation as those who are in states of confront. Onlookers cheer and fret, like crowds at a prize-fight or wrestling match. At some point, their internal process will produce enough of a ripple that they, too, are COPIED and HIGHLIGHTED into the bubble---often manifested as sub-participants (fragments) of the original TWO who began the process in the first place.


For purposes of this discussion, we define your Causal Body as the BUBBLE into which all of these images are contained. It's DIMENSIONAL SPACE is the length and circumference of all beings and objects required to complete the Dance. The Causal Body is most closely administrated through the experience of EMOTION.

Emotions are produced when there is an perception of DIFFERENCE between two (or more) objects in a context of reality. When the gaze of an observer moves back and forth between multiple objects of focus, the sweep of his gaze will produce a flux of energy (e-motion), which is like a brushstroke made on canvas by a painter. The more differences perceived within a context of reality, the more brushstrokes have been added to the picture at hand.

E-motion is "energy in motion." It is a rise that is given to someone who looks upon something or someone that is present within his immediate territory. Oddly enough, the actual energetic result of getting a rise out of something is usually a fall! In other words, the entity who begins emoting experiences a decrease in the speed of his vibratory field. After all, if you are really TURNED ON by something (either positively or negatively), you're going to SLOW DOWN and take a look at it, aren't you?  You may even STOP to discuss the situation or seek to change it.

The FALL in energy which accompanies the conception and development of a CAUSAL BODY is the same kind of fall that was/is experienced by the universe in which we are all reading this. In truth, our little context of interaction here is a kind of bubble that is produced by the Oneself Being we all are.

At another level of our Oneness, we are happily swimming back in the Stream of Consciousness---bathed in neutrality and acceptance---available to whoever or whatever wants to have their way with us. After all, it's all US, right?????

But here, in our Causal Bubble, we are producing a painting of great magnitude and significance. In fact, it is so significant that many thousand (or even millions) of fishies are gathered around our bowl---gazing through the glass to see what we will do NEXT in our little polarity dance.

Just another happy day here by the Steam of Consciousness. Go ahead, cast your line........the water's FULL of possibilities and each one fries up to be really tasty.

<end transmission>


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Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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