Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Up Against the Wall"

My Dear Friends,
As your energy bodies begin to stabilize following these recent planetary infusions, it seems fitting for us to explain a bit about what's happening on the inside, so you can begin constructing a mental framework which encompasses the New You that is now being formed and fashioned here in 3D. 

Each time the expanded energies enter your space, with force, they are backing you up against a wall.......and "frisking" you for beliefs and life programming which hold you in limitation and stunt your growth and personal expansion.  Examples of such beliefs might include:  I can't,  I don't know, it's impossible, I don't care, etc.   These statements, chanted deep within your sub and unconscious mind, represent LOCKS on the doors of the MIND PRISON where you live in 3D.  They also serve as protection (scar tissue) for emotional splinters that are lodged in your psyche---splinters which tend to fester, until they are located, integrated, and harmonized within you.         

As we speak this, our mind turns to a scene in the movie "Good Will Hunting," where the boy's therapist is confronting him about a deep core belief he holds in his heart.  As you can see from the film clip, his teacher will not let up until the boy allows in a new belief which will heal his sorrow.  The resistance seen in the boy as he is confronted, is very similar to what we see in you during these times of high activation.  Note the healing that comes when the scar is finally broken open, and love is allowed to flow in to nurture and heal the internal wound.  To see a clip of this scene, click HERE.

With each new "round" of confrontation, the vibrations go deeper and become more compelling.  Beliefs which once protected you, and seemed to hold you invulnerable (and numb), are gently but firmly being overcome by expanded tones of power and freedom. 

When your heart says "I can't," the energies will respond with: "No, but WE can."

When your heart says: "I don't care," the energy will counter with "We care."

When your heart says: "It's impossible," a voice within you will repeat  "Go for what you want anyway."   

Emotional Shelters and Internal Armoring were made necessary by your (former) belief in SEPARATION.  You felt alone and vulnerable, in a moment of time, so you put up a shield.  Once the shield was up, it seemed easier just to leave it that way.  But after awhile, your arm gets tired, and the shield gets weak.  The whole ritual begins to feel out of place.   

What is that famous saying you sea-farers use?  "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."   

And so the infusions continue.  Little by little, your house of pain and captivity is being belief at a time.  And we are here to help you make sense of it all. 

As the Counselor said to Will Hunting:  "It's not your fault."  But it is your creation.  All of it.  You created this Vacation in Limitation, and now you're creating an Ascension back to your former power and remembrance.  It's all you.  There is no other.  But you are so much more than you think you are!  More than you could ever imagine or comprehend in 3D Consciousness.  

And "Yes," you say.........."I know."   But do you?  Do you really know?

We shall see, My Friends.  We shall see.  We love you dearly.  We are always here.          


<end transmission>

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Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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