For some time now, the physiological channel has been expounding upon various design templates for a new, heart-centered design for society.  He has described THE IMAGINE NATION, with its descriptions of a user-friendly environment for awakening Star Children, and he has spoken at length (in the Discussion Forums) about new ways of relating to each other in love--ways which feature minimal amounts of constraint and expectation, and maximal availability for loving, spontaneous connection and learning.  

We have added much to fuel these speculations, which are nicely archived in the RELATIONSHIPS SECTOR.  But mainly, we have wanted to stand back and simply listen to all of the conversation--both his unfolding human viewpoint and your responses to those--so that we can discern your collective level of resistance to some of the changes that lie ahead for humanity.    

As we listen, it is very apparent that humankind has a long way to go before you are ready to let go of your control mechanisms, and ease your way into Multiversal Connection.  And friends, the anxiety that surrounds you now is due largely to your internal comprehension that there is s imply not time to go the "long way".......there is not sufficient time to dawdle and complain.  

The waves of transformation are crashing upon your planet as we speak.  Old thoughts, old actions, old ways of doing things are no longer working.  Families are falling apart, businesses are failing, and world government is on the brink of internal, if not external combustion.   

In the midst of all this confusion, our counsel to you is to simply let it all happen.  "Let it be," as the song says.  By saying this, we are not suggesting that you all roll over and give up.  This is not our intention. Rather, we would suggest that you continue to visualize and theorize about how it all might feel and look ( a process we like to call "Imagineering") so that your neuro-systems can begin to attune themselves to a new vibration.   

Do not waste time figuring how to get from HERE to THERE, if you know what we mean.  Creation is NOT sequential.  It only appears that way.  Concentrate fully on your idealized state, what it would be like, and take no thought about how it will manifest.  

The primary obstacle to bringing about social renaissance appears to be the negativity you carry in your individual and collective psyche--the memories and hesitancies, the fears and resentments that have been programmed there to anchor you into your current limitation.   It feels impossible, as you imagine how to shift from your present attitudes and hang-ups to the kind of openness that would be needed to shift into the New Paradigm of love and allowance that you might desire.  But that is illusion.  You do not move from HERE to THERE in the Multiverse.  Everything is already here and now.  It is the same multi-faced HERE that it always was.  You were simply dreaming about moving from point "A" to point "B."  And soon your dream will be over.  

We ask you now to simply "keep your eye on the ball"..........keep your mind and heart IN THE MOMENT........holding a space within yourself for the formation of THE NEW WAY.  When your consciousness expands to the required pitch that is necessary to support those attitudes and actions, your 3D image will automatically shift, right with it--as will your entire universe.  It will be chocked full of new "evidence" to sustain and validate the existence of the New Way.  Like attracts like.  In the Multiverse, it's all there.  So.... begin focusing on what you LIKE, and a rendition of that reality will begin to manifest around you. 

<end transmission>