The Venus Transit:  What an Event!

June 8, 2004

By Tricia Nobbs, with Daniel Jacob

My good friend Tricia has just returned from a tour of Workshops in British Columbia.  When we finished our group activations with Isis, at the Crystal City, she headed up North to take her message to many interested folk within her native territory.  As of today, she is just getting her breath back, and was able to tell me a bit about what she gathered in the ethers. 

Tricia said to me:  "You have a gift of words, Daniel."  I replied back to her:  "Well, you have a gift of worlds, dear......." and we both laughed.  I'm happy to keep y'all informed about what's happening, from different points of view, as we watch this glorious Venus Surge go rippling across the pond of our Collective Being. 

At this point, Trish reported that she sees us being activated in three Distinct Stages: 

I.  Level One:  (June 8)  BALANCING THE GOD/GODDESS    (6+8=14=5 Freedom through Change)

At this level, we seem to be bringing together that which was torn asunder long before man truly came       upon the scene.  We may be speaking about the Lilith Energy, or we may be going back further.  In Trish's work, the primary force doing the processing is ISIS, who is also known as "The Mother Goddess" among those who are called "Divine Feminine."   This activation, which was typified in the ceremony of Isis/Osiris on the evening of June 8, is also seen and studied as the merge of Jesus/Magdalene and several other reunions of the Divine Masculine and Feminine in spirit literature.   

II.  Level Two:  (June 22)  AWAKENING THE HEART AND SOUL AS ONE HEALING UNIT   (6+4=10=1, New Beginnings)

The Heart and Soul Energy--Opalescent in color, Gold, Silver.........emanating COMPASSION. 

The Soul represents the interface between humanity and divinity--especially a human individual with God/Goddess/All That Is.  (Who you are in relationship to the Expanded Self)

The Heart represents the interface between one individual and the rest of humanity.  (Who you are in relationship to the everyone and everything on the 3D Plane) 

III.  Level Three:  (July 13)  RESTORATION OF THE COSMIC TRIAD (7+4=11=2, Resurrected Son of Man)

The Re-Unification of God (Father/Mother) -- Christ (the Bridge) --and the Individual (Paradise Restored)

This is where we stand now.   But the Energy continues on.............

I find all of this amazing, in the light of some of The Reconnections most recent words to us: 

"As the Venus Energy expands, the vibratory pitch of your planet will rise.  When your vibration reaches a certain level, and you remain physically intact, pre-designed software programs will begin to install themselves, and begin working within your consciousness.  As we said in the above passages, it is sourced from a balanced mixture of "mind and emotion," though it may not seem so.  For many of you, the expression of emotion seems quite foreign.  In fact, it's downright scary!  The opening up of these energy bodies will make some of you feel as though you're cracking up.  In truth, you are being reborn--pecking your way out of the ancient, primordial "egg."  You're not cracking up, you're breaking out!"


DJ, 7/18/04

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