The Venus Transit:  What a RUSH!!!


One of the most important things that any of us can do, during this time of powerful changes on the Earth, is to purposefully GROUND our experiences of these transitions into our consciousness and circles of influence.  This is our greatest gift, and personal service to the planet.  

To me, the idea of "grounding" an event involves mixing and mingling what is happening with my own life cycle and familiar surroundings.  In other words, my "ground" would be how the event affects me.  If the newspapers tell me that Visitors from Mars are landing on Earth, I can get excited and attentive.  When they show me a picture of ships landing on the White House Lawn, things get even more exciting.  But when I see a picture of those same ships, hovering over my own house and back yard, the experience truly comes to life!  

We ushered in the Venus Transit with a powerful Workshop, led by myself and Fellow Channel Tricia Nobbs from Alberta, Canada.  It was a high-flyer to be sure.  Tricia is a powerful being, and the Masters/Teachers who come through her had much to say to us, in preparation for what was to happen.  We chanted, we sang, we shared the Language of Light...........and we opened our hearts for what was yet to come.  

Following the weekend's Workshop and Readings.......Tricia, Nina, and Myself took off for Chehala (The Northwest 3D Site of the Crystal City).   On the map, this is called The Brothers Wilderness, near Mt. Jupiter in the Olympic Mountains.  Those of you not familiar with The Crystal City click HERE.    As I said earlier, those "space ships" (or other spiritual contacts) become REAL when you picture them in familiar surroundings.  The visualization and expansion of Venus Energy at my own Crystal City Site was quite compelling, indeed.   

Mid-Afternoon on Monday (June 7) we dipped our hands in a natural fountain, flowing from the mountain, and anointed our Chakras before we began our ceremony.  Pictures will follow soon.  Most prominent Masters in attendance were host Guides from the Reconnections (Belteshazzar, Carion, Li Chang), as well as Tricia's Key Guides Master Sananda, Thoth, and Lady Isis.  As it turns out, Isis played prominent in these activities.  There was singing, chanting, personal meditation--followed by shouts of "Chehala Selah!" echoing through the canyon.  If nothing else, we certainly rattled the sensibilities of the wildlife!  Party time in the Crystal City.    

At 11pm on Monday night (during the course of the transit).......we all laid down in a star shape on the floor of our cottage at Harmony Hills Retreat Center.  This center will be the site of the Reconnections Autumn Conclave in September.  All three heads were touching at the crown.  As Isis came in, Tricia channeled about a sacred "key" that was held by Osiris, just for this transition.  As many of you may know, there are several dimensions and time periods which are uniting for the Grand Celebration and Unfoldment that is now happening on Planet Earth.  Though they may not have seen it exactly as we do here, ancient civilizations as far back as Atlantis and Ancient Egypt were aware of what is now becoming reality for us.  

As Isis began to speak, I entered into the Osiris Aspect and gave an order to take the Key and open a Sacred Vault, revealing whatever secret was contained therein.  Every Reconnecting Human has connections into these divine aspects.  As we believe, we receive.  Tricia was host and channel for this experience, and I the co-participant.  Nina held the energy for the Group Whole, as a Witness, which is something she has learned to do well over these last 13 years.

Inside the vault, as visualized through Isis' words and Tricia's narration--was a huge CHALICE, adorned with many sacred symbols.  As we all logged into the vision, and gazed into its shiny reflection, the Chalice changed into a Cherub.  In etheric attendance were a host of Gods, Goddesses, Archetypes--symbols of all types of religions and cultures, far and wide.  Also present were a sea of human faces, gathered in a kind of town square.  I told someone yesterday that it was very much like what happens when they elect a Pope in Vatican City. 

The Cherub became a living, breathing GOLDEN CHILD........and he/she began assimilating all the energy of these Holy Representatives of so many points of view and modes of worship.  The Child grew and grew.............until there was nothing left but this wondrous Shining Child Presence.  It brought to mind some quotes from "The Star Children" series of articles, wherein I say this about our Children of the New Earth:  

"TRULY, IF THERE EVER CAME UPON THIS PLANET A PERSON who could be considered a "Star Child," it would have to be Jesus who is called Christ. A bright and beautiful star actually hovered over the place of his birth some 2000 years ago. In the scriptures, he is referred to as God's "only begotten son."

The exclusivity of that statement has sparked much controversy over the last 2000 years. Is Christianity the only way? This conflict between the “one” and the “many” is one of the world problems that the Star Children come to heal. They are many beings, yet their consciousness (when fully awakened) becomes a Collective Oneself. They teach us that we are more than a creed, more than a national identity. Each of us is precious, and each of us is a piece of the Infinite.

The birthing of our Star Children is a process that is full of divine intent. Their lives and spiritual gifts may be varied, but their consciousness is united, and their collective soul essence is locked on target. They are here to lead us into the Fourth Dimension. And they are surely equipped to do this - energetically, intellectually, and emotionally - coming forth from a “Father/Mother” Energy that loves us all as though we were an “only child.”

The birthing of our Star Children is a process that is full of divine intent. Their lives and spiritual gifts may be varied, but their consciousness is united, and their collective soul essence is locked on target. They are here to lead us into the Fourth Dimension. And they are surely equipped to do this - energetically, intellectually, and emotionally - coming forth from a “Father/Mother” Energy that loves us all as though we were an “only child.”

The vision and agenda of this Golden Child has yet to be fully revealed.  We are getting glimpses of it, but the Time of the Children is not yet fully come.  That is what's next.  These next 8 years will be filled with the awakening of our Next Generation.  With his/her transformation and assimilation of Divine Resource and Essence, the Golden Child faded into our hearts and I found myself reaching my hand towards the ceiling and the planetary alignments that were going on above us.  Tricia began chanting in the Language of Light as all three of us held up our hands.  I sang and chanted in my own Spirit Language as well.  (I'm getting rather adept at it, actually!)   

It was as though a sacred fire came down and consumed us.  There was no pain, simply a glowing, a leaping of flame from hand to hand, and down into our bodies......and I had clear knowledge that something old was being consumed by something new that had just been born.  Tricia commented later how gentle the whole experience seemed (they are not always this gentle for her). 

I am not necessarily an overly 'experiential' type of guy.  My revelations and ecstatic visions come slowly, and I handle them with moderation, and just a pinch of skepticism.  If my accountant heard me say that he would laugh!  In his world, I'm about as outlandish as a person can get!  I guess everything is relative, eh?  Just as with the Crystal City..........these types of cognitions (the fire, the Child, the Chalice).......are REALITIES of a different vibration, which I can either choose to focus upon or not.  There are some who simply must have "experiences"--because of a karmic contract--and they must perceive, and they must participate.  They are a mirror for us all.  This event was a purposeful choice, and a great privilege.  As I said, it was a rush!         

Tricia is a Shamanic Being, as is my friend Antron Bay.  Both are passionate, and they allow themselves to be fully encompassed in whatever they are doing.  Over the years, I have regularly played the role of Samwise Gamje, reaching down into the fires of Mt. Doom, to pull Antron up from being consumed by his ardor, and his awesome dance with the Ring of Power!   I consider this a privilege!  I also count it as a reflection.  I also consider my experience with Tricia a grand prviledge as well!  Her viewpoint and channeled connections made this Venus Transit very special for us, indeed.  Dear Nina had a heart big enough to hold it all!  Spirit has ordained that we be "Color Announcers for the Reconnection of All That Is."  So be it!

Morning came, and we arose to a brand new day.  The Mountains of Chehala were out in full array--no clouds, no fog.  It was beauty, grandeur, and blue skies--a grand and glorious morning, which perfectly matched what we knew happened the night before.  Another quick visit to the Crystal City was followed by a brief closing ceremony at Port Gamble.  Remember that great graveyard where we witnessed the Lunar Eclipse at Harmonic Concordance?  Tricia loved it, and so do we.  Only her lovely white pants kept Tricia from being initiated into a roll down the grassy knoll at the cemetary.  Maybe next time........<s>.   

It was (and is) a powerful time for us, this Venus Transit.  I would love to hear more of how things felt for each of you.  Please feel free to write me, and I will post some of the highlights to the Web Site and also to our Discussion Forum. Of course, I will keep your confidentiality as well, if you ask me to do so.  This 8-year window, which Spirit has just opened, is about to bring a breath of fresh air for all of us.  Breathe deep.  Breathe free.  Breathe FULLY, in your now.  Together, we will get there.  In fact, on many levels of reality---we have already arrived.

Daniel Jacob.  June 9, 2004.

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