By Daniel Jacob


As we enter into the Age of Vibrational Medicine, we need to adapt a new working model of the Human Body.  Viewing the body as a marvelous machine has produced some fantastic innovations in health care…….artificial hearts, organ replacement, bionic devices to heal and regulate life, etc.  No one would want to forsake those in a quest for expanded insight.  And I don’t believe we have to.  There will always be scientists and healers who tend toward more “mechanistic” viewpoints……..who forget their patients’ names, preferring to remember them as “the gall bladder, in room 12.”  It’s funny, in a way, and tragic too.  But it does produce FOCUS, and that can be advantageous, at times. 

Do you ever watch the show “Grey’s Anatomy?”   It’s one of my favorites.  The interns in the story plots are studying to be surgeons……who are supposed to be the most mechanistic of all healers.  One character in the plot is a young woman who is clearly a ROBOT……..she thinks and reasons perfectly, when under pressure.  But she also suffers from huge interpersonal nightmares……..and is engaged in a romantic relationship with someone who demands that she COME ALIVE and BE A PERSON, from time to time.  It’s a hoot, really.  The next generation of “E.R.” madness on TV. 

When we do Sound Healing, or any other version of Vibrational Medicine, we are dealing with TONES………a term which can describe musical notes, emotional expression (as in “I don’t like the TONE of this conversation”), colors, or relationship dynamics. 

Vibrational Medicine holds that FIRST we have a tone, an idea…….or a group of tones……called an “Energy Configuration” or a “Pattern” or “Dynamic”………..which eventually has the power to manifest into physical form.  Energy precedes Solid Matter.  Think of vapor, water, and ice.  They are all the same substance, though their manifestations indicate that they all vibrate at different rates.  Nothing is solid, really.  Everything is in motion.  But sometimes the motion is so slow that we don’t see the changes until much later.  That's the whole idea of 3D, you know.  It's like that "10 second delay" on talk radio.  By the time we figure out that nothing is solid, we've already had an experience of it as such. 

Energy doesn’t always NEED to manifest physically, but frequently it does.  You might say that physicality is the “training wheels” of the Multiverse.  We bring things into form so we can see them, study them, feel them, and acknowledge the TONES that are present within them. Other things flow by us, which we merely accept, and they don’t need to manifest HERE………..though they will always manifest SOMEWHERE in the Multiverse.  But in each 3D journey, we only see what we need to see to accomplish what we came there to do.   

WE are MUCH MORE than our physical body.  But we are also that body.  It is ONE FACET of a huge Multidimensional Jewel that we are.  The body, and all other aspects of the 3D universe are crystallizations of all those ideas and themes in life about which we are still confused, or in resistance.  It is our SHADOW, a MIRROR of our growth.


Behind every tone there is an INTENTION….....either conscious or unconscious……..and understanding intentions is the key to harmonizing oneself with the universe.  What we are concerned about is not always what is really bothering us.  And it is sometimes possible for the mind to use some minor inconvenience or concern to deflect attention away from a POWERFUL INTENTION that is unfolding within us.  What the mind and emotions fail to notice the BODY will pick up.  If the intention is important enough, the body will house and showcase it, symbolically, until mind and emotions can catch up.   

The effects of an injury or illness bring many inconveniences, but it they also bring benefits.  Instead of actively pursuing social endeavors, a person is forced to introspect, to read, and to open himself to new courses of study and focus.  At some level, the person who is ill had that INTENTION as part of the outplaying of this next phase of his or her life cycle.  In the Multidimensional Self, he is doing many things, in many places.  But here, in this single universe, he does this.  All of his other “selves”…… other realities…..are benefiting from his efforts here, even as he benefits from theirs, but the human ego often gets discouraged when it notices that something has shifted, leaving behind certain abilities and privileges that once seemed so vital to happiness. 

The Ego likes to keep the “status quo,” but the Soul frequently has other ideas.  We are now moving in realms of Soul, which is heating things up in all parts of our experience.  While the Ego longs for “freedom,” the Soul keeps focused on the underlying INTENTION……….in some cases, to slow a person down and get him to begin focusing inward.  When those kinds of “mandates” happen, it sometimes comes in the form of trauma, injury, illness…………..and, in some cases, the injury or illness IS the medicine.   It produces an effect, which is in line with the underlying intention……….(slow down and become more aware, to name one)……..or the reshaping of tonal awareness from a limited spectrum (musical notes and scales) to a more expanded one (heart tones, emotion, and spiritual expansion).  When the intention if realized, the physical often changes……..unless other intentions are also in play. 

What I am trying to convey here is so vast, and potentially so complicated…….that I hesitate to get too involved at any one sitting.  These things have to kind of wash over a person, like cool water.  I go by the adage of:  “If you’re so smart, why can’t you make it simple?”  

In short…….at whatever level we encounter Vibrational Medicine……..we need to begin thinking “outside the box,” if we’re ever going to make any headway.  An old saying, and a good one, said……..”If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”

This goes way beyond Positive Thinking.  It moves into an field of study called Conceptual Reframing.  

Have you ever seen a holographic painting?  You look at it one way, and you see a picture.  Then, by looking at the image from another direction, another angle…….the picture changes……..allowing you to see something entirely new and different.  This, too, is part of Vibrational Medicine. 

Yes......there are a host of modalities to assist us as we shape and change our Vibratory Frequencies:  Drumming, Chant, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, Hands-On Bodywork..... but the end product is NOT the modality.  It's the INTENSION.  And it is also the INTENDER. 

More will be shared about this as we expand this sector on the site.  Your input and/or questions are welcome. 




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