Channeling Your Multidimensional Self


By Daniel Jacob

I discovered Voice Dialogue in the Summer of 1984, following the death of my father.  Needless to say, it was a challenging time in my life.  Mom had died suddenly, in December of '83.....stressed out by Dad's deteriorating physical condition.  I flew down to help arrange for her funeral, and then stayed on to care for him in his last days.  It was a meaningful time, a precious time, but it was also very intense.  Through the usage of this tool, and with the help of Dr. Michael Zinn, I discovered a wellspring of peace and understanding which has endured for many years. 

The basic process is the brainchild of two Psychologists, Hal and Sidra Stone.  Under their wise tutelage, Voice Dialogue has become internationally known and practiced.  In fact, it is a popular addendum to the practice of Rebirthing, which has also gone international.  I regularly use both tools in private sessions and in group processes at our Reconnections Conclaves.  Hal and Sidra's books "Embracing Our Selves" and "Embracing Each Other" have been landmark additions to the world of Psychology and Self Actualization.  I heartily recommend them. 

At its core, Voice Dialogue is a system of processing the inner self.........or, shall I say SELVES.  Some Hypno-therapists might compare its format to what they call "Conference Room Technique."  A typical session begins with the placement of three or more chairs at the front of a room.   The client begins by sitting in the center chair, and he is guided through the process by a Facilitator, who occupies a chair directly across from him.  In group sessions, the audience would be behind the Facilitator, though more intense personal work is usually done in private.  I have done lots of sessions on the telephone as well.  All one needs is a hand-held phone, and room to lay out chairs for the session.   


Hal and Sidra began their process with the assumption that humans are multi-faceted in their inner nature.  In my office, I have a beautiful tapestry that is mounted on the wall.  It looks like a kind of quilt, is burgundy in its hue, and has many different "patches" that are tastefully sewn together.  I often use it as an illustration of what Multiplicity is all about.  We are ONE, but we are also MANY...the Unity of a Complexity.

Voice Dialogue gives people a space in which to examine this Multiplicity, within a safe and supportive atmosphere.  The middle chair in the process represents the Watcher-Knower Self.  And, if nothing else ever comes of a session, the installation and initiation of the Watcher-Knower would be enough.  This part of us, quite-literally, can save our ass.......time and time again. 


The original premise behind Hal and Sidra's Voice Dialogue Technique, as I understand it, is their ongoing research into the fundamental framework for human personality--the chipping off of individuated "selves" from our Core Consciousness, and the deputizing of them around tasks of self-preservation and development.  Additionally, there seems to be a strong emphasis on protection and preservation of the Vulnerable Child Aspect--which, from the very beginning of life, is continuously exposed to disruptive and challenging stimuli. 

Each "Self" or Soul Fragment is like the manager of a department, in a huge retail store.  He or she (for they do have gender and personality) spends his/her lifetime focusing entirely on some "task" which is assigned by the Core to keep a person safe and help him flourish in the world.  Though there are many fragments that get initiated, over time, there are only a few that seem to "stick" when it comes to sustaining life and developing a storefront personality that can survive in the world.  There are critical selves, nurturing selves, people-pleasers, clowns, connivers, and con artists.  Some of them were carried in with the Soul, when it began inhabiting the body, and others are chipped off and initiated as the needs arise. 

In my experience, Psychologists generally tend to center their work around a person's present lifetime, or reality context.  Many believe that most of the problems we grapple with, as adults, originate in childhood--and their general goal is to examine the bumps and grinds of childhood to unravel the tangled knots we discover within the adult psyche.  When I began adapting Voice Dialogue to my own work, I expanded this premise to include overlaps that can and do occur with other life contexts, as well.  This can create a place of learning where one becomes aware of hosting that occurs, during one's period of personal unfoldment.  While energies are being hosted, they can also be interviewed--sometimes providing incredible insights into Multiversal Life and Awareness.

I don't always see children as blank slates, nor do I view a person's 3D life as a single painting.  In the Reconnections form of Voice Dialogue, Psychology frequently turns into Alchemy, mixing and mingling consciousness so that a person gains maximal understanding of how vast and wonderful the human experiment truly can be!      


The Recons have spoken at length, in "Form Egos and Entities" about various systems for examining and classifying the spiritual anatomy of humanity.  Let us take a look at yet another way to approach it.  We might easily compare these various conceptual frameworks to "operating systems" that are employed in the world of computers.  With that analogy in mind, let us examine our "Inner Net" that connects the various operating "parts" of our human personality. 

In one of their first transmissions to me, The Reconnections said:

"You are so much more than you think you are. It is most important that one begins to look at everything previously considered "self" and realize that the totality of that represents only a tiny portion of you---a little piece of yourself that was "chipped off" to enter this World of Form." 

They went on, in other transmissions, to inform us that we are an entire universe of beings, objects, symbols, and conceptual themes.  Furthermore, this universe is but one sub-section of the Multiverse---which is an infinite array of possible/probable universes, all of which represent aspects of the original self.  We are, indeed, holographic and expanded beings!    


In an effort to crystallize our understanding around this monumental insight, we will now take some time to explore a part of the equation which is most familiar and comfortable for us---namely, the Primary Self.  Psychologists, who sometimes refer to this part as our "Core Self," tell us that it consists of all the genetic codes and family traits that were infused into us as we arrived into physical life through that gateway called "mother and father."  Additionally, there were forces which acted upon that genetic "package," forming and fashioning it further to become the personality we are today.  Among these are decisions, feelings, and conclusions which we, ourselves, have drawn about life and about being human.  

The Reconnections refer to this level of self as "First Person" Oneness.  It consists of all those themes and issues with which we (as souls) have had the most trouble.  That is why these particular traits and characteristics are held so close to us.  We needed to identify with them fully, in order to release our rejection of their essence (as part of the Oneself), and return to a state of total allowing.  For a more detailed description of how we created that karmic agenda, and how physical universes are formed, see my article called "How Universes are Formed"

We might think of the Primary Operating Self as a social "clique" of subordinate selves which has developed within the Core of an individual--a focus group of influences that currently dominate the organizational process for his human persona. Like "cronies" in the Senate and House of Representatives of the U.S., these selves have managed to keep their offices and committee assignments because their approaches and connections in politics have passed the test of time.

There are many, many "selves" which have sprang into being since we've been on this Earth (speaking in a linear sense).  Each one would LOVE to have some "face time" with the President or Unified Core Self.  Unfortunately, the pervasive presence of the Primary Selves can be a tough hurdle to get past, if a lesser "self" wishes to enter the Oval Office, and make some changes in the way that person faces life.       


A Disowned Self is an aspect of ourselves which has been forgotten, or pushed away, so that we can focus on being something else.  It was like a single sperm cell that just wasn't strong enough to find and enter the egg and fertilize it. 

Since every aspect of the Oneself is its own universe, there is of work for "castaways" to do.  Still, deep down, they realize they are "orphans," and they frequently wander the backstreets of consciousness, hoping and praying for another chance at being noticed and integrated into the mainstream once again.  

If we are ever to move beyond languishing in this (or any other) universe, we must take a good look at our true feelings about these frags, and make some changes in our perceptions of them.  In another transmission, not listed on this site, the Guides tell us that everyone around us--especially those people who awaken strong feelings in us--is symbolic of a lifetime that we have lived (or are living) within another dimension.  These levels of self are referred to as "Second Person" Oneness, for the current universe.  In other words, each of them is ME---a Fragment of ME who walks, talks, thinks, feels, and functions as I see these present people do.  It's all very metaphorical, and creates quite a Hall of Mirrors, doesn't it? 

Can we now understand why the Golden Rule carries so much importance?  "Love your neighbor as yourself."  It's very literal, isn't it?  The Initiation of a Reconnection Path brings about an end to karma.  If it's all ME, and if I recognize and experience it as such, then who is there left to demand justice or call what I am doing a sin?

When we do Shadow Work, we are speaking about re-introducing our Primary Operating Selves to these "Shadow Selves," who hope to join them at the ROUND TABLE of Oneness, which is now being built at the Oneself Core.  As we integrate the New Paradigm into our Primary Operating System, an alchemical change begins to take place.  Our mode of operation EXPANDS, and our personality softens.  In order to bring this about, we must be aware of all the hidden "players" that exist within our psyche.  And this, my friends, is where Voice Dialogue comes in.


We mentioned earlier that there are (at least) three chairs laid out, at the front of the room, so that a Voice Dialogue Client can do his or her work.  The center chair is considered HOME BASE, where the Watcher-Knower Aspect of Self lives.  The session begins there and it ends there.  The Session Facilitator sits directly opposite this position.

The other two (or more) seats are available for journeys into the various polarity relationships that exist inside of the individual.  For every Primary Self that is functioning within a human persona, there is a polar opposite self to balance it.  Most opposites for Primaries are disowned, or somewhat suppressed.  They are like "Minority Leaders" in Congress.  Some of them are renegades and considered outcast. 

From my view, Reconnections Voice Dialogue is a form of Conscious Channeling.  Traditional Psychologists might balk at the use of this term, as many feel that Channeling has a very bad "rep."  I don't.  I believe that Conscious Channeling constitutes the future of Psychological Adaptation during these highly charged times.  I also believe that a Voice Dialogue Facilitator can only be as strong as his or her ability to contain and accept ALL of the possible "encounters" that his client(s) might experience, during the sessions.  As a person who has channeled for over 15 years, and done Voice Dialogue off and on for 22 years, I feel fairly comfortable dealing with what comes up in these sessions.  However, I do not consider myself a Therapist.  I am an Energy Trainer, and that is what we're doing here.  We're learning how to work with Energy.  We're not here to fix "broken people" (that's a misnomer anyway), nor do we wish to make diagnoses about behavior.  Our focus in these sessions is expanding awareness and honing our skills at exercising certain Gifts of Spirit.      

In the Conclaves, we begin our journey with a few exercises in Conscious Channeling among the participants.  Not only is this a great ice-breaker, but it also gets people used to going inside and pulling forth insights that may be of help to themselves and others.  Of course, as the Reconnections teach us, there really are no "others."  In your universe, there is only YOU and YOUR MIRRORS. 

We open a Voice Dialogue Session with light conversation between the Facilitator and the Client.  We encourage folks not to be too up tight or analytical.  What we're trying to achieve is a basic recognition of who the "main players" are in this person's Inner Constellation.  We observe body language, posture, and vocal inflection in order to determine when one "self" leaves the conversation and another enters.  If we are experienced, we can easily recognize personality shifts when they occur.

When any "Self" appears to be a MAJOR PLAYER in whatever life drama we are wishing to explore, the Facilitator will ask the Watcher Self if he is interested in opening up a dialogue with this Self so that key information can be obtained.  If the prospect feels right, the client closes his eyes and takes a big breath.  When he feels ready, the client moves from the center chair into one of the adjunct chairs, which becomes HOME BASE for the Self being interviewed.

The process of shifting selves is fairly easy.  Once the client arrives at the side chair, he (or she) takes another breath and clears his mind.  Meanwhile, it is the Facilitator who holds the space of Watcher-Knower while focus is being invested in the candidate Self. 

When the client is ready, he says "Hello".........and the Facilitator begins a conversation with the Self that is sitting in that chair.  Any of you who have been to channeling sessions before will recognize the MAGIC that this process can bring.  Though most clients only achieve a light trance state, when doing this work, that degree of focus is perfectly adequate to discover may things!  The client says or does, within reason, whatever that comes to mind.  Most Selves, especially Disowned Selves, realize that this constitutes a chance for a meeting with The President, so many of them are on their best and most cooperative behavior.  There are some exceptions to this rule, of course.   

When doing the work of Facilitator, it is crucial that we do not question or argue with Selves who are being interviewed.  The idea here is to create a SAFE SPACE, where folks can feel comfortable learning about themselves, and reconnecting their inner being.  Questions are asked, such as:  "How long have you been with __________(the name of the client in the chair)?" or, perhaps "What was going on in _______'s life when you came aboard?" 

Asking a question in this way introduces into the session that the Client and the Fragment (Self) being interviewed are distinct beings.....though they are also component parts of a Greater Oneness.  Some Frags accept this right away, and some will say:  "I've been here his whole life."  Some Frags even demand to sit in the center chair when they are interviewed.  But then, a Frag might also report an exact time period when he came aboard, or became active.  As the interview progresses, the Facilitator watches for patterns of denial or forgetfulness, and makes note of them.  They often will open doors later in the session for exploration of other, Shadow Selves, that may bring some vital information that creates an expansion of sorts.

Each journey into a Self is concluded with a deep breath, and a migration back to the Watcher Self Position.  At that point, the Facilitator usually questions the Watcher about how the body feels, after having explored this Self.  In many cases, considerable changes can happen in the body.  It's amazing. 

After having explored one "side" of a polarity configuration, it is often helpful to explore the opposing "side"....whatever Disowned Self that may also carry relevant views and information that affects our overall understanding of this person's life flow.  This carries the possibility of balance for the psyche and expandion for the overall consciousness. Often, however, this won't be allowed to happen, as the Primary Selves may be too deeply entrenched, or prejudiced against the opposition. They exercise considerable INFLUENCE over decisions about who or what is allowed to speak, in the name of this person. 

The goal of Voice Dialogue Facilitation, as in Rebirthing, is to create a SAFE SPACE for an individual to unfold.  Conscious Channeling is every bit as powerful as Conscious Breathwork.  Anything that is introduced will have an activating effect on the person who participates, even if he or she only gets a little bit of it.  Change happens over time, when a person is ready.  I usually function according to the belief that people are the way they are for a reason.  The Primary Operating System they bring in with them has worked thus far, even if it seems to be functioning at a less than efficient level, and change can only occur to the degree that those powerful Leadership Selves become converted to the need for inclusion of additional viewpoints and resources.


When we do Voice Dialogue within a group, we do it AS A GROUP.  The person who occupies that center chair is not just speaking for himself.  He is speaking as a ONESELF REPRESENTATIVE for all those present.  At Reconnections, we don't believe in "objectivity."  People are not objects.  They are holographic parts of a Oneself Whole.  We consider these sessions a form of Open-Heart Mergery.  Even though there appears to be one person holding the "scalpel," in a session, we openly concede that EVERYONE THERE is up on that operating table, and we all process what we hear according to that premise. 

When I do Voice Dialogue privately, I consider myself to be ONE with the client in those chairs.  We are not separate, nor would I want us to be.  Granted, we will both process what we hear in different ways.  That is the benefit of being "two" dancing as one.  When the channeling begins, I do my best to keep things on track---to downplay morbid introspection, and focus simply on the facts and feelings that present themselves. 

This technique has been known, even in Psychology, to attach a turbo engine to ordinary therapy.  Doing Voice Dialogue in a comfortable and cooperative attitude (where both participants feel motivated) can literally knock years off a person's process of inner exploration.  When the concept of it is upgraded to Personal Alchemy, and the root premises of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality get installed--the energy is potentiated even more.

I have found this stuff to be pure gold.  It is the Wave of the Future!  Once upon a time, humanity thought the Earth was flat.  If you tried to explain it differently, people just shook their heads at you and said you were crazy.  Then, Columbus sailed to find a "New World" for himself.   Presently, much of humanity thinks of the Earth as one single, objective, "mass reality."   We all live upon it (i.e. we share it), and where that one Earth goes, everyone must ride along.  Spirit now establishes for us that such a concept is every bit as archaic and limited as when we believed that the Earth is flat.  For more info on that, see "What's Ahead for the Planet Earth." 

In the Multiplicity Transmissions, the Reconnections tell us: 

"No discussion about Multiplicity would be complete without some exploration of a psychological condition that has been called "Multiple Personality Disorder," or "M.P.D."   In the manifestation of this condition, an individual will begin to speak or act under the control of "another entity" besides the "self" he has always known.  Frequently, in the most extreme cases, the "switch" will take place subconsciously, leaving the patient confused and frightened.  There may be a lapse of time, during which she will have no memory of what has transpired.

Those who work with these individuals have noted that their condition was usually precipitated by some traumatic event, during which the patient managed to "chip off" a portion of his psyche and deputize it  to perform some task (usually related to self-protection, or creative expression of difficult feeling or desire).  Those who seek treatment have done so because their lives and relationships have been seriously affected by this "switching,"  and they are dismayed by the sense of confusion that follows.

My Dear Friends, this diagnosis will soon apply to every person who dwells upon the planet!  And, when more of the truth about these issues is finally known and understood, those who have been "suffering" from these experiences will be sought out as experts--pioneers, who have blazed a trail before you all, and their counsel and guidance will become valuable indeed.  

It was once said that "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."  And Friends, your minds are about to get a whole lot bigger!  The borderlines that you have used, to separate "here" from "there," and "them" from "me" are beginning to fade.  Your Planet's Ozone is thinning, your Veil of Forgetfulness has noticeable holes in it, and your body's Immune System is opening, allowing more and more "exotic energies" to come and go within you.  

You aren't in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!  And soon your illusion of separateness must finally give way to full recognition of your vast, expansive Oneness with everything and everyone.  This will call forth a new dawn of Telepathy, Telempathy, Telekenesis, and Inter-dimensional Transport.  It will seem terrible and wonderful, all at the same time!  What you will need most will be a well-oiled sense of humor.  And there will be much laughing, indeed."  <end excerpt>

I heartily concur!  We are only scratching the surface of our collective understanding of all this.  Our introduction of Computer Technology is a start.  In his ground-breaking book "Psycho-Cybernetics," Maxwell Maltz initiated us into the realization that we didn't just invent computers from nothing.  We actually remembered that technology by noticing how our inner consciousness mechanism works. The Reconnections have further expanded on this. 

Anyone with questions about Voice Dialogue is welcome to call or write me on the subject.  You know how I love to talk over this stuff! 


Copyright, 2005-2012, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc. 
















Copyright, 2005, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.