Another Transmission from The Reconnections..........

"Voices in My Head"

My Dear Friends,

If you were to stop and consider the amount of time we have spent conversing with you about the concept "It's all me," it may seem baffling to you now that we would emphasize that there are times when one is required to differentiate indigenous parts of your 3D persona from aspects of the Oneself which are currently being "hosted" from other contexts in the Multiverse.

Some of you, admirably, have managed to create a vibratory essence that literally shimmers with love, oneness, hospitality, and compassion.  Because of this, you have become a focal point in the Multiverse---a GATHERING PLACE, if you will.  We foretold that this would happen and it IS happening.  

What you can expect from this is an occasional sense of confusion, within your 3D self, about which "voices" in your head represent communications from your ROOT ESSENCE in this life and which messages are originating from "visitors" who have arrived from some other dimension. 

Some energies are "invited" as guests and some come as a surprise.  ALL are contracted to be there or they couldn't get in.  The brighter and warmer your life force, the more "crowds" you will attract to come and be with you on this journey.  This can account for the special feeling of "depression" that sometimes comes over you, as if the world is closing in.  Indeed......not only is the world closing in, but a sizeable portion of the Multiverse as well! 

Be wise.  Be humble.  Know that nothing happens in your life by mistake.  The goal here will be learning how to differentiate between internal messages coming from these (temporary) visitors, and those which naturally arise from your very own ROOT ESSENCE. 

Now is a time on Planet Earth when the dictum "Know Thyself" is very useful advice!  We are ALL ONE, that is true.  But you have chosen to come into a (seemingly) separate, 3D universe.  This means that SOME parts of you are firmly invested here, with tasks to complete.  Others are simply tourists, and tourists can sometimes go through a whole host of emotions as they experience what it's like to be human.  Be tolerant, be hospitable--- but be discerning as well.  It will make your life so much easier!  <end transmission>   



"Multidimensional ME"

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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