War or Anti-War?


 My Dear Political Dissident,

Your letters, columns, and articles seem to invite a comment or two, so here goes.   
You are too brilliant to be spending your energy in approaching this current crisis like a refugee from out of the 60s.  I have seen and appreciated the purity of your intent.  You have both substance and power.  As I write you now, I hold you in the utmost respect.  This planet needs you.  Your students and close friends need you.  And I need you!  So stay with me on this, okay?     
It goes without saying that what is being presented to us by the news and various politicians is pure insanity.  That is why we must choose not to swallow it, on any level.  For us to move into a polarity state against the Bush Administration, Sadaam Hussein, or anyone else...........is to give credence and energy to something that nowhere near approaches what is really going on.  It also puts our nervous system into a huge state of resistance, which is the opposite of where it needs to be during this crucial time.   
What we are upset about is NOT what is bothering us!   And it is only a mere shadow of what is going on.  I am not suggesting this in order to deny reality, per se.  What I am denying is this tiny "shell" of reality, stuffed with a lie , that is being served to us as the cause for what we all feel. 

Our planet teeters on the brink of a major paradigm shift.  We're not just talking about a crumbling of the American Dream, or the collapse of financial markets, or even the start of World War III.  It's much bigger than even that.  It borders on a shift so profound, that we just might find Isaac Newton dropping his famous apple, only to find that it "falls" UP this time!


Such an "adjustment" to our reality is so unthinkable, so unnerving, that most folks wish not to even address it.  We're talking about a total re-arrangement of religion as we know it, the arrival of time/no-time (4D Access and Integration), hard evidence about ETs, as well as documented records of Earth's long-standing dealings with them, instant cures for diseases we thought would dog us for 20 or 30 more years, and Inter-Dimensional Communication and Transport.  And that is just the beginning.  We are not ready to hear it, and most of us are earnestly trying to close our ears to what is coming in to them.   

But even that isn't an option.  The vibratory patterns of the planet are so high, that any attempt at denial of the imminence of change could produce the equivalent of a *stroke* in the Mass Mind. 

Therefore.........perhaps subconsciously, perhaps intuitively.......to let off steam..........the "controlling factors" of this planet, have begun orchestrating a huge RUCKUS, a diversion of sorts..............something that is fearsome and which seems futile..........but which still resembles a category of experience that we can comprehend and get fired up about.  And, yes!   Blood pressures are rising!  And yes, armies are gathering in many places of the world.  But then what???????

This is what we all have to work out.  It's more a matter of personal choice than many realize.  We are all creating this FROM WITHIN.  This is the place where brilliant minds like yours must begin to focus *outside the box,* where the BIG STUFF is beginning to move into position.  We're not just talking about Weapons of Mass Destruction.  We're talking about the elimination of "mass" altogether--in order to make way for something else--some new way of being.  I suspect it shall be an abbreviation of sorts, that happens on a very wide scale.  

Our Planetary Tale, which once took a whole book to tell, is about to be reduced to 2500 words or less.  Which words would YOU choose to keep? 

Does any of this make sense to you?   If so, please explain it to me!  And I agree with you, I do.  These are hard, hard times.  But I would be much less than honest if I didn't view these threats of war and demonstrations for peace as just another way to blow off gathering nervous energy.  We are absolutely capable of more than that, and we all know it. 


Humanity is trying every way we can to EXPRESS OURSELVES..........to EXORCIZE THIS THING that is upon us, worldwide.........and we don't even know what it is that we want to get rid of!  But we're beating our heads anyway, aren't we?  After all, it's better than watching them blow apart, like ripe melons. 
Enough for now.  I need a beer!  (And I don't even like beer)  Talk to me, if you care to.  It's time we all got some inner homework done.    
Your Friend,
Daniel Jacob.