"What on Earth is Happening to Me?"

"Normal enough to know I'm weird.....but too damn weird to do anything about it!"

Questions and Answers about Global Acceleration Syndrome

My Dear Friends,

We would now like to speak to you about this phenomenon known as "Global Acceleration Syndrome" (G.A.S. for short!).   Though not an officially recognized medical term (it was coined by our Channel), it is the "non-diagnosis" that truly begs for a diagnosis.  Many of the symptoms of G.A.S. represent bona fide medical conditions.  If you find yourself troubled by any of them, we encourage you to seek appropriate medical care, receive treatment, and get on with your life. 

That's a great expression, is it not?  "Get on with your life."  It implies that you came from somewhere, you arrived here, and you are continuing on to somewhere else.  Linearity.  Past-Present-Future.  It's the name of the Game here in 3D.  At least, it is until that Game begins to wind down.  And that, My Friends, is why we send this transmission. 

Your "Earth Experiment" is just about complete.  As a species, you have expanded to the total extent that you need to---in ways that we cannot even list here.  Having completed that journey, you are now ready to return HOME.  Just as you cannot manifest in one universe all the ways you have expanded to date (we speak in linear speech), so it is also true that you cannot manifest in only one universe all the details of your return home!  Each of you must simply TRUST that it is happening, believing fully the testimony of your soul in this regard. 

The primary determinant that you are dealing with Global Acceleration Syndrome would be the fact that your physicians and healers of the moment cannot explain what is going on with you, and have no cure for it.  No matter what you try, you cannot get relief.  And just about the time that your doctor reaches for his pad to write you that prescription for anti-depressants or mood stabilizers--casting a familiar "fish eye" in your direction, suggesting that you just might be a little crazy---you have the blessed option to jubilantly declare within your soul: 

"I'm not crazy, I've just got G.A.S.!" 

It takes what it takes.  A person cannot (and will not) arrive at the above conclusion until he has become fully satisfied that worldly ways and worldly wisdom no longer have anything to offer his process.  Once a person has been declared "beyond help," by traditional sources, he or she becomes ready to deal with life in a Meta-Human way.  That's what the word "Meta" means, you know.  It means "beyond."


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As many have predicted, Planet Earth reels and rocks with a Magnetic Shift of Grand Proportions.  This "dress rehearsal" is happening on the Inner Planes, and most of those who have trained and conditioned themselves to experience and absorb these vibrations are taking on GLOBAL ACCELERATION SYMPTOMS at an unprecedented scale.  Many who have already done that to the max are now beginning to take their entire perceptual universe on Astral Journeys

Fatigue, Spaciness, Depression, and Body Aches and Pains are at an all-time high among sentient beings.  Even our animals are complaining, in their own unique ways!   Indeed, some of them have elected to come along on this journey too. 


"Anyone seen any ET's recently? I've asked my inner Voice about them ... and the answer was immediate. I heard a laughing Voice say the only alien present was me!  

~Judith Bailey



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